Divine Timing

Trafford Publishing, 4 de des. 2003
I take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions from the very first chapter when I describe the uncertain and often turbulent childhood of my brother Ronnie and me. This story is of an unmatched, unrivalled and loving bond between siblings and shows the adversity we came through together at key moments of our lives. I felt that it was necessary in the early stages of the book to show the reader certain aspects of our upbringing in order for the 'bigger picture' to emerge later. Ronnie went on to become actively involved in amateur dramatics and was well known and loved by theatre audiences of Aberdeen, Scotland. Tragically he became seriously ill at the age of 45 and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Though we never knew it at the time, doctors gave him only weeks to live. However, on hearing the word 'terminal' I wasted no time in deciding to help Ronnie. That's when I discovered Reiki and my spiritual path in life. My story goes on to describe Ronnie's case history and the methods of healing, which he received through me. Though Ronnie enjoyed a period of remission and lived for a further two years, his life was indeed cut short. Yet my story does not end there. Reiki transformed my life in countless ways. I have detailed the many insights and realisations I had regarding death and the afterlife during the time Ronnie was receiving his therapies and since his passing. My finding will hopefully leave the reader with the thought that there is no such thing as separation at death and that there is most definitely more to experience after this life. As it did with me. ... Carol Vigneault Leslie Visit the author's own website by clicking here!

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