Calendar of Treasury Papers, 1556-7--[1728]: 1556-7

Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1868

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Pàgina 671 - December 1855, he stated to the Lords of the Treasury that although " the Records, State Papers, and Documents in his charge constitute the most " complete and perfect series of their kind in the civilized world," and although " they are of the greatest value in a historical and constitutional " point of view, yet they are comparatively useless to the public, from the " want of proper Calendars and Indexes.
Pàgina 537 - Elizabeth under the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies.
Pàgina 674 - State, grants of money and pensions, appointments to offices, remissions of fines and duties, &c., are calendared in this volume. They illustrate civil and military events, financial and other matters, the administration in Ireland and the Colonies, &c., and afford information nowhere else recorded. CALENDAR OF THE CAREW PAPERS, preserved in the Lambeth Library. Edited by JS BREWER, MA, Professor of English Literature, King's College, London ; and WILLIAM BULLEN, Esq.

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