Cousins, Volum 1

H. Holt and Company, 1879 - 513 pàgines

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Pàgina 140 - Discretion of speech is more than eloquence; and to speak agreeably to him with whom we deal is more than to speak in good words or in good order.
Pàgina 444 - Meantime Heaven bears the grievous wrong, and waits In patient pity till the storm abates ; Applies with gentlest hand the healing balm, Or speaks the ruffled mind into a calm ; Deigning, perhaps, to show the mourner soon T was special mercy that denied the boon.
Pàgina 168 - He sighed as he spoke these last words. He had scarcely finished them, when the door opened, and his aunt appeared, leading in Miss Walton. " My dear," says she, " here is Miss Walton, who has been so kind as to come and inquire for you herself.
Pàgina 502 - Popular Government; Four Essays. I. — Prospects of Popular Government. II. — Nature of Democracy. III.
Pàgina 236 - He that sips often, at last drinks it up. Habits are soon assumed, but when we strive To strip them off, 'tis being flayed alive.
Pàgina 502 - CAKR, of the same college. 12mo. Cloth. $1.50. The biography of a pious and sensitive soul struggling with the questions between religion and modern thought, and leading a life of rare beauty and usefulness in the face of all perplexities. SUMNER'S PROTECTIONISM. The -Ism which Teaches that Waste makes...
Pàgina 182 - SUSPICIONS amongst thoughts are like bats amongst birds— they ever fly by twilight. Certainly they are to be repressed, or at the least well guarded ; for they cloud the mind ; they lose friends ; and they check with business, whereby business cannot go on currently and constantly.
Pàgina 503 - A powerful and picturesque love tale, laid in the mountains of North Carolina. It has been enthusiastically and unanimously praised by the critics.
Pàgina 202 - At first a simple liking and no more ; " He sits considering, * Do I love or not?' " He seems a pleasing object to explore, " As men appear to view a pleasing spot ; ** Then forms a wish that heaven would fix his lot " In that same place, and then begins regret, * That 't is not so— but may the prize be got?

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