Tales of a Grandfather: History of Scotland, Volum 6

Ticknor and Fields, 1861

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Pàgina 271 - Heaven ! of woes like ours, And let us, let us weep no more." The dismal scene was o'er and past, The lover's mournful hearse retired The maid drew back her languid head, And, sighing forth his name, expired.
Pàgina 121 - Walpole, paints an indifference yet more ominous to the public cause than the general panic : — " The common people in town at least know how to be afraid ; but we are such uncommon people here...
Pàgina 124 - Having continued for some time to manoeuvre in this way, those of the inhabitants of Manchester who were attached to the house of Stuart, took arms, and flew to the assistance of Dickson, to rescue him from the fury of the mob ; so that he soon had five or six hundred .men to aid him, who dispersed the crowd in a very short time.
Pàgina 81 - In honor's bed he lay, man, His life, but not his courage, fled, While he had breath to draw, man. '' And Major Bowie, that worthy soul, Was brought down to the ground, man ; His horse being shot, it was his lot, For to get mony a wound, man.
Pàgina 121 - The common people in town at least know how to be afraid : but we are such uncommon people here as to have no more sense of danger than if the battle had been fought when and where the battle of Cannae was.
Pàgina 276 - We were entertained with the usual hospitality by Mr. Macdonald, and his lady Flora Macdonald, a name that will be mentioned in history, and, if courage and fidelity be virtues, mentioned with honour.
Pàgina 73 - ... wound on his right arm, that his sword dropped out of his hand; and at the same time several others coming about him while he was thus dreadfully entangled with that cruel weapon, he was dragged off from his horse. The moment he fell, another Highlander...
Pàgina 126 - Some Romish priests were apprehended : The militia of London and Middlesex were kept in readiness to march : Double watches were posted at the city gates, and signals of alarm appointed. The volunteers of the city were incorporated into a regiment : The practitioners of the law, headed by the judges, weavers of Spitalfields and other communities, engaged in associations ; and even the managers of the theatres offered to raise a body of their dependents for the service of the government.
Pàgina 139 - The only prisoner they took was the Duke of Cumberland's footman, who declared, that his master would have been killed, if the pistol, with which a Highlander took aim at his head, had not missed fire.
Pàgina 141 - ... between the cavalry appeared like a paved street through the river, the heads of the Highlanders being generally all that was seen above the water. By means of this contrivance, our army passed the Esk in an hour's time, without losing a single man ; and a few girls, determined to share the fortune of their lovers, were the only persons who were carried away by the rapidity of the stream. Fires were kindled to dry our people as soon as they quitted the water ; and the bagpipers having commenced...

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