Imatges de pàgina

To suck, to suck, the very blood to suck !

Boy. And that is but unwholesome food, they say. Pist. Touch her soft mouth, and march.[Turns off to R. Bard. Farewell, hostess. [Turns off, R.-Kisses her.

Nym. I cannot kiss ; that's the humour of it; but adieu.

[Turns off, R. Pist. Let housewifery appear! keep close, I thee

command. Quick. Farewell; adieu. [Exeunt Nym, BARDOLPH, and Pistol, R., and

Mrs. QUICKLY into the Tavern, D. in P. Boy. As young as I am, I have observed these three swashers. For Bardolph,-he is white-livered and redfaced : by the means whereof, 'a faces it out, but fights not. For Pistol, he hath a killing tongue, and a quiet sword; by the means whereof, 'a breaks words, and keeps whole weapons. For Nym,--he hath heard, that men of few words are the best men; and therefore he scorns to say his prayers, lest 'a should be thought a coward; but his few bad words are matched with as few good deeds; for 'à never broke any man's head but his own: and that was against a post, when he was drunk. They will steal any thing, and call it-purchase. They would have me as familiar with men's pockets as their gloves or their handkerchiefs ; which makes much against my manhood, if I should take from another's pocket to put into mine ; for it is plain pocketing up of wrongs. I must leave them, and seek some better service: their villany goes against my weak stomach, and therefore I must cast it up.

[Exit, R.

SCENE III.- The Palace of the King of France.

Flourish of Drums and Trumpets. Enter, L., the King of FRANCE, (the DayPHIN, the

CONSTABLE of France, and BURGUNDY cross behind to R.) BOURBON, Lords, and Guards.

Fr. K. Thus come the English with full power upon And more than carefully it us concerns, To answer royally in our defences : Therefore the dukes of Berry and of Bretagne, Of Brabant, and of Orleans, shall make forth,

us ;

And you, prince Dauphin,—with all swift despatch,
To line, and new repair, our towns of war,
With men of courage, and with means defendant ;
For England his approaches makes as fierce,
As waters to the sucking of a gulf.
It fits us then to be as provident
As fear may teach us, out of late examples
Left by the fatal and neglected English,
Upon our fields.

Dau. My most redoubted father,
It is most meet we ar us 'gainst the foe;
But let us do it with no show of fear;
No, with no more, than if we heard that England
Were busied with a Whitsun morrice-dance:
For, my good liege, she is so idly king'd,
Her sceptre so fantastically borne
By a vain, giddy, shallow, humorous youth,
That fear attends her not.

Const. (L.) O peace, prince Dauphin !
You are too much mistaken in this king ;
And you shall find, his vanities fore-spent
Were but the outside of the Roman Brutus,
Covering discretion with a coat of folly.

Dau. Well, tis not so, my lord high constable;
But, though we think it so, it is no matter :
In cases of defence, 'tis best to weigh
The enemy more mighty than he seems;
So, the proportions of defence are fillid.

Fr. K. Think we king Harry strong ;
And, princes, look you strongly arm to meet him.
The kindred of him hath been flesh'd upon us;
And he is bred out of that bloody strain,
That haunted us in our familiar paths :
Witness our too-much memorable shame,
When Cressy battle fatally was struck,
And all our princes captived, by the hand
Of that black name, Edward, black prince of Wales;
Whiles that his mountain sire,-on mountain standing,
Up in the air, crown'd with the golden sun,-
Saw his heroical seed, and smiled to see him
Mangle the work of nature, and deface
The patterns that by Heaven, and by French fathers,
Had twenty years been made. This is a stem
of that victorious stock; and let us fear
The native mightiness and fate of him.

Enter Montjoy, L. Mont. Embassadors from Henry, king of England, Do crave admittance to your majesty. Fr. K. We'll give them present audience. Go, and bring them.

[Exit MONTJOY. You see, this chase is hotly follow'd, friends.

Dau. Turn head, and stop pursuit; for coward dogs Must spend their mouths, when what they seem to

Runs far before them. Good my sovereign,
Take up the English short; and let them know
Of what a monarchy you are the head :
Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin,
As self-neglecting.
Enter, L., MONTJOY, Two English Lords, and Exeter,

with Pedigree.
Fr. King. From our brother England ?

Exe. From him; and thus he greets your majesty.
He wills you, in the awful name of Heaven,
That you divest yourself, and lay apart,
The borrow'd glories, that,
By law of nature, and of nations ’long
To him, and to his heirs ; namely, the crown,
And all wide-stretched honours that pertain,
By custom and the ordinance of times,
Unto the crown of France. That you may know,
'Tis no sinister, nor no awkward claim,
Pick'd from the worm-holes of long-vanish'd days,
Nor from the dust of old oblivion raked,

[MontJoy presents a pedigree
He sends you this most memorable line:
Willing you overlook his pedigree:
And, when you find him evenly derived
From his most famed of famous ancestors,
Edward the Third, he bids you then resign
Your crown and kingdom, indirectly held
From him the native and true challenger.

Fr. King. Or else what follows?

Ere. Bloody constraint; for if you hide the crown
E'en in your hearts, there will he rake for it:
And therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
In thunder, and in earthquake, like a Jove ;
That, if requiring fail, he may compel :-
This is his claim, his threat’ning, and my message;

Unless the Dauphin be in presence here,
To whom expressly I bring greeting, too.

Fr. King. For us, we will consider of this further :
To-morrow shall you bear our full intent
Baek to our brother England.

[MONTJOY takes pedigree Dau. For the Dauphin, I stand here for him.-What to him from England ?

Exe. Scorn and defiance ; slight regard, contempt,
And any thing that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at :
Thus says my king :-and, if your father's highness
Do not, in grant of all demands at large,
Sweeten the bitter mock you sent his majesty,
He'll call you to so hot an answer for it,
That caves and womby vaultages of France
Shall chide your trespass, and return your mock,
In second accent of his ordinance.

Dau. Say, if my father render fair reply,
It is against my will ; for I desire
Nothing but odds with England ; to that end,
As matching to his youth and vanity,
I did present him with those Paris, balls.

Exe. He'll make your Paris Louvre shake for it :
And, be assured, you'll find a difference
Between the promise of his greener days,
And these he masters now:--now, he weighs time
E'en to the utmost grain ;-which you shall read
In your own lusses, if he stay in France.
Fr. King. To-morrow you shall know our mind at

full. Exe. Despatch us with all speed, lest that our king Come here himself to question our delay ; For he is footed in this land already. Fr. King. You shall be soon despatch'd, with fair

conditions : A night is but small breath, and little pause, To answer matters of this consequence.

[Flourish of drums and trumpets. Exeunt, R.



SCENE 1.-Before the Gates of Harfleur. Shouts

alarums-cannon. Enter King HENRY, Exeter, GLOSTER, BEDFORD,

WESTMORELAND, Gower, Lords, Captain, and

Soldiers, L. K. Hen. Once more unto the breach, dear friends,

once more ; Or close the wall up with our English dead !

[Shoutscharge-cannon.- Exeunt, r

Enter BARDOLPH, Nym, Pistol, and Boy, L., pushing

each other. Bard. On, on, on, on, on! to the breach! to the

breach ! Nyn. 'Pray thee, lieutenant, stay : the knocks are too hot; and, for mine own part, I have not a case of lives. The humour of it is too hot, that is the very plain song of it.

[Flourish. Pist. The plain song is most just; for humours do

abound; Knocks go and come; Heaven's vassals drop and die; And sword and shield, In bloody field, Doth win immortal fame.

[Flourish. Boy. 'Would I were in an ale-house in London! I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety. Pist. I would, I'm sure.

Enter Fluellen, L. Flu. Up to the preach, you dogs! Avaunt, you cullions !

[Drives them all off, R. Enter Gower, L. S. E. Gon. Captain Fluellen, you must come presently to the mines; the duke of Gloster would speak with you.

Flu. To the mines! Tell you the duke, it is not so good to come to the mines; for, look you, the mines is not according to the disciplines of the war; the coicavities of it is not sufficient; for, look you, th'athves sary (you may discuss unto the duke, look you,) n digt himself four yards under the countermines : 1

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