Imatges de pÓgina

1 Guard. Cæsar hath sent— Char. Too slow a messenger.

[Applying the Asp,

O, come apace, despatch; I partly feel thee.

1 Guard. Approach, ho! All's not well: Cæsar's beguil'd.

2 Guard. There's Dolabella, sent from Cæsar: call him.

1 Guard. What work is here!—Charmian, is this well done?

Char. It is well done, and fitting for a princess Descended of so many royal kings.

Ah, soldier!

Enter Dolabella.

Dol. How goes it here?

2 Guard. All dead.

Dol. Cæsar, thy thoughts

Touch their effects in this: Thyself art coming
To see perform'd the dreaded act, which thou
So sought'st to hinder.

Enter CESAR and Train.

Dol. O, sir, you are too sure an augurer; That you did fear, is done.

Oct. Krav'st at the last:


She leveled at our purposes, and, being royal,
Took her own way.—The manner of their deaths?
I do not see them bleed.

Dol. Who was last with them?

1 Guard. A simple countryman, that brought her figs;

This was his basket.

Oct. Poisoned, then.

Dol. Here, on her breast,

There is a vent of blood, and something blown:

The like is on her arm.

1 Guard. This is an aspick's trail;

[Pointing to the Floor.

And these fig-leaves have slime

upon them, such As the aspick leaves upon the caves of Nile. Oct. Most probable,

That so she dy'd: for her physician tells me,
She hath pursu'd conclusions infinite
Of easy ways to die.—Take up her bed;
And bear her women from the monument:—
She shall be bury'd by her Antony:
No grave upon the earth shall clip in it
A pair so famous. High events as these
Strike those that make them: and their story is
No less in pity, than his glory, which
Brought them to be lamented. Our army shall,
In solemn show, attend this funeral;
And then to Rome. Come, Dolabella, see
High order in this great solemnity.






The Mountaineers, 2s 6d
Inkle and Yarico, 2s 6d.
Poor Gentleman, 2s 6d

The Jew, a Comedy, 28 6d
West Indian, 2s 6d
Wheel of Fortune, 2s 6d

Who wants a Guinea? 2s 6d John Bull, a Comedy, 2s 6d Ways and Means, 2s CUMBERLAND, Esq.

School for Prejudice, 2s 6d
Il Bondocani; or, the Caliph
Robber, 1s 6d

St. David's Day, is 6d
The Birth Day, a Comedy,

from Kotzebue, 2s
The Jew and the Doctor, a
Farce, is 6d

Lovers' Vows, a Play, 2s 6d
Every one has his Fault, a Co-
medy, 2s 6d

To Marry, or not to Marry, a
Comedy, 2s 6d

First Love, a Comedy, 2s 6d
False Impressions, 2s 6d
Mysterious Husband, 2s 6d

The Cabinet, 2s 6d
The English Fleet, in 1342, an
Historical Comic Opera,

2s 6d

The Will for the Deed, a Co-
medy, 2s
Family Quarrels, 2s 6d


REVISED BY J. P. Shakspeare's Othello, Moor of Venice, now first printed as it is acted at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, 8vo. 2s 6d

Speed the Plough, 25 6d
Zorinski, a Play, 2s 6d
The Way to get Married, 2s 6d
A Cure for the Heart Ache, a
Comedy, 2s 6d

Wives as they were, 2s 6d
Such Things are, 2s 6d
Child of Nature, 2s
Wedding Day, a Comedy in
two Acts, 1s 6d


Shakspeare's King John, ditto,


Shakspeare's Henry VIII. do.



Secrets worth. Knowing, a Co-
medy, 2s 6d

The School of Reform; or,
How to Rule a Husband, a
Comedy, 2s 6d


Lie of the Day, a Comedy, 2s
Highland Reel, 1s 6d
The Farmer, an Opera, is 6d
Modern Antiques, a Farce,
1s 6d

Love in a Camp; or, Patrick
in Prussia, 1s 6d

The Positive Man, 1s 6d
The Poor Soldier, 1s 6d
Wild Oats, a Comedy, 2s 6d
The Castle of Andalusia, an
Opera, 2s 6d

Sprigs of Laurel, is öd
Prisoner at Large, is 6d

The Delinquent, 2s 6d

The Will, a Comedy, 2s 6d

Folly as it Flies, 2s 6d

Life, a Comedy, 2s 6d

Notoriety, a Comedy, 2s 6d
How to grow Rich, 2s 6d
The Rage, a Comedy, 2s 6d
Speculation, a Comedy, 25 6d

Management, a Comedy, 2s 6d The Blind Bargain, 2s 6d

Laugh when you can, 2s 6d

The Dramatist, 2s 6d

Fortune's Fool, 2s 6d

Werter, a Tragedy, 2s

The Honey Moon, a Comedy, by John Tobin, 2s 6d
The Duenna, a Comic Opera, by Mr. Sheridan, 2s 6d
The Heiress, a Comedy, by General Burgoyne, 2s 6d
The Road to Ruin, a Comedy, by Mr. Holcroft, 2s 6d
Deserted Daughter, a Comedy, by ditto, 2s 6d

The Belle's Stratagem, a Comedy, by Mrs. Cowley, 2s 6d
Which is the Man? a Comedy, by ditto, 2s 6d

England Preserv'd, a Tragedy, by Mr. Watson, 2s 6d
The Bank Note, a Comedy, by Mr. Macready, 2s 6d
The Votary of Wealth, a Comedy, by Mr. Holman, 2s 6d
Ramah Droog; or, Wine does Wonders, by J. Cobb, Esq. 2s 6d
Mary, Queen of Scots, a Tragedy, by Hon. Mr. St. John, 2s 6d
The Stranger, a Play, as performed at Drury-Lane, 2s 6d
The Maid of Bristol, a Play, by Mr. Boaden, 2s
Raising the Wind, a Farce, by Mr. Kenney, 1s 6d
Matrimony, a Petit Opera, by ditto, is 6d

Too many Cooks, by ditto, is 6d

The Point of Honour, a Play, by Mr. C. Kemble, 25

What is She? a Comedy, 2s ød

Wife in the Right, a Comedy, by Mrs. Griffith, 2s 6d

Julia; or, the Italian Lover, a Tragedy, by Mr. Jephson, 2s 6d Clementina, a Tragedy, by Kelly, 2s 6d

Doctor and Apothecary, a Farce, is 6d

Smugglers, a Farce, 1s 6d

First Floor, a Farce, 1s 6d

Tit for Tat, a Farce, 1s 6d

Sultan, a Farce, 1s 6d

Match for a Widow, an Opera, 1s 6d

Turnpike Gate, a Farce, by Knight, is 6d

Soldier's Return, a Farce, 1s 6d

Hartford Bridge, a Farce, by Mr. Pearce, 1s 6d

The Midnight Wanderers, an Opera, by ditto, 1s 6d

Netley Abbey, an Opera, by ditto, 1s 6d

Arrived at Portsmouth, a Farce, by ditto, 1s 6d

The Mysteries of the Castle, by Mr. Andrews, 2s 6d

The Irishman in London, a Farce, by Mr. Macready, is od Lock and Key, a Farce, by Mr. Hoare, is 6d

Marian, an Opera, by Mrs. Brookes, is 6d




25 6


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