Handbook on the History of Mathematics Education

Alexander Karp, Gert Schubring
Springer Science & Business Media, 25 de gen. 2014 - 634 pàgines
The first international handbook of the history of mathematics education. One of the main trends in contemporary research in mathematics education is an evaluation of what has been done (or not done) in the past in an attempt to understand the current state of affairs as part of a long and continuous process. A great portion of the research in mathematics education remains inaccessible to the vast majority of scholars—at the very least due to a language barrier, since research in the history of mathematics education in different countries can often be read only by people who know the languages of those countries. An historical overview, however brief, has become an indelible part of nearly every dissertation, and nearly every scholarly article. There is a need for a comprehensive and systematic work that will aid researchers from around the world in tracking down the necessary information concerning historical developments in their own countries as well as abroad. It is also essential to bring together and systematize the past developments in research methodology: this will aid researchers in their efforts. Both of these are addressed by this handbook.

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Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Premodern Period
Modern Period
Part V History of Teaching Mathematical Subjects in School
Part VI Issues and Processes Across Borders
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Sobre l'autor (2014)

Alexander Karp is a professor of mathematics education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics education from Herzen Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia, and also holds a degree from the same university in history and education. Currently, his scholarly interests span several areas, including the history of mathematics education, gifted education, mathematics teacher education, and the theory of mathematical problem solving. He is the managing editor of the International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education and the author of over one hundred publications, including over twenty books. Gert Schubring is a retired member of the Institut für Didaktik der Mathematik, a research institute at Bielefeld University, and at present is visiting professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). His research interests focus on the history of mathematics and the sciences in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and their systemic interrelation with social-cultural systems. One of his specializations is history of mathematics education. He has published several books, among which is Conflicts between Generalization, Rigor and Intuition: Number Concepts Underlying the Development of Analysis in 17th–19th Century France and Germany (New York, 2005). He is Chief-Editor of the International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education.

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