The Title to the Poem

Stanford University Press, 1996 - 312 pàgines
A theoretical, critical and historical exploration of the traditions for titling shorter poems by British and American poets, from the beginnings of printing to the present. Ferry approaches the subject by asking the kinds of questions a reader might ask about a poem, which the title purports to answer. There are complex relationships between what titles purport to tell and what they actually tell, and this is true not only of titles so worded that they demand interpretation, but also of those that appear straightforward. The examples are taken from a wide range of British and American poets, but particularly from Jonson, Wordsworth, Browning, Whitman, Hardy, Frost, Williams, Stevens, Auden and Ashbery. The diversity of examples in this book shows ways of reading the title that raise new kinds of questions about all sorts of poems and open new dimensions to the experience of reading particular poems, even very familiar ones.

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The claims of the title
Who says the poem
Who hears the poem
What kind the poem belongs to
What the poem is about
Quotations in the title space
Evasions of the title space
Index of poets cited and poems discussed
General index

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Sobre l'autor (1996)

Anne Ferry has taught at Hunter, Wellesley, and Boston Colleges and at Harvard University.

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