Imatges de pÓgina

vine Aflitance in the Composition of the following Work, and the innumerable other Mercies which thou haft vouchsafed to bestow on thy unworthy Servant; he findeth himself under the greatest obligations to offer up this his System (containing the Principles of thy facred Worship, according to thy revealed Word) unto thy great and glorious Name, humbly beseeching thee to accept his unfeigned, tho’unworthy Sacrifice of Praife, and Thanksgiving for the fame ; and hoping it may prove agreeable to thee, through Jesus Christ, thy only Son our Lord and Saviour,

Thy Servant, O Lord, hath explained the Verity of our reasonable Service; for thy Kingdom is a Kingdom of Truth, in which none can enter, but those who love the Truth as it is in Christ, and have experienced its Efficacy within themfelves, which is the Kingdom of God established in their Souls.

Thou knowest. the. Design of thy Servant, which the Edfication of Mankind; to win them for thee his Lord and Master'; and may it please thee to that - Purpose, to bless his feeble tho' earnest Attempts. He hath endeavoured to conduct his

fellow fellow Creatures to the supreme and Eternal Good in Christ Jesus, the only faithful Saviour, in whom the Soul can find eternal Confolation: But as our best Deeds in this Life are all imperfect and polluted with Sin; and we only know and are sanctified in Part, 'till the splendor of heavenly Perfection shall difpel all Vapours of Ignorance and Imperfection; so also is thy Servant persuaded, and doth confess it before thee, that this, as well as all his other Works, is not without its Faults, been composed with the Frailties to which human Nature is subject, tho' with a fincere Intention to the Glory of thy Name, the Edfication of thy Church ; and to promote (in Expectation of thy divine Blessing) the eternal Salvation of his fellow Creatures.

O merciful Father, forgive thou his Sins, cleanse hiin from secret Faults, by the Sacrifice of thy only Son ; forgive those Errors, which through the Imperfection of his Under ding may appear in this his Performance.

May it please thy divine Majesty, favourably to receive from the Hand and Heart of thy, uworthy Servant, this Work (which he in and for thy Name and thro' thy Affistance hath thus laboured;) let it be crowned with thy Approbation.


Pour down thy heavenly Blessing upon it; take it under thy powerful Protection; defend it against the 'Attacks of Satan and the Enemies of thy Truth, that by the Co-operation of thy Spirit, it may

be prosperous and successful, answering the desired End, proposed in the writing and publishing of it; namely, the Glory of thy Name," the Propagation of the Gospel in this and other places; the Illumination and Repentance of many (hit herto) ignorant and ungodly Sinners; the Increase of the Knowledge, Faith, Hope, and Sanctification of thy Flock.

And while our heedless Youth is generally wandering as in a Wilderness, with little or no Instruction in thy pure Doctrine, may this Work, O gracicus God ! be an Instrument in thy Hand to convince both Parents and Children of their Duty, to the Praise of thy Name, and the Comfort and Sal tion of their immortal Souls.

Let it be crowned with thy Blessing, O merciful God! who hath promised to establish the Work of thy Servants. * Thy Servant doth present it to thy


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Throne, even as he trusteth that he hath received it from thee; let it answer the End proposed, that is the Praise of thy Name, the Joy and Welfare of his Soul, as well as the Souls of others.

O gracious Lord! have Pity of thy Church, increase in us true Religion; let all

your Servants more and more tabout to reform and take Heed to their Ministry to fulfil it; take Heed to their felves, and to the Flocks over which the Holy Ghost had made them Overseers, let them fo ftudy and preach, fo-pray and converse among their People, that they may both fave themselves and them that hear them; let them frequently and industriously improve their Time and Talents for Christ; let them prudently contrive, zealously and unanimously execute their holy Contrivances for the Advancement of thy Kingdom, and Interest of Christ in the Souls of their People : O mighty God, exhort also the Members of thy Church, to assist us with Prayers and all holy. Endeavours in that Work; let thein consider, as blessed an Opportunity that very Season of Mercy they have now, as their Souls can desire; give them hungry Appetites to the Word of Grace ; open thou their Eyes that they



behold wonderous Things out of thy Law; fanctifie them through thy Truth; thy Wordis Truth: Let their whole Spirits and Souls, and Bodies, be preserved Blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Chrift

O God, do good in thy good Pleasure unto Zion; build thou the Walls of Jerufalem; make all thy Servants stedfast unmovable, always abounding in the Works of the Lord, for as much, as we know, that our Labour is 'not in vain in the Lord, who is worthy to receive, all Praise and Glory for ever, Amen.


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