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For the Lord himself jhall descend from Heaven with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God, and the Dead in Chrift shall rise first; that is to say, that our Lord Jesus shall be ma

nifested with unspeakable Glory, when he, by the ! tremendous Trumpet of his Angel, shall rend the

universal Vault, and pierce the Dormitories of the Dead, when all shall hear his Voice, and hearing shall awake, and awaking shall come forth.

Q. What will be the second Property of it?

A. It will be exact and critical, Rom ii. 16. In the Day when God shall judge the Secrets of Men by Jesus Chrift, according to my Gospel. And Matt. xii. 36. But I say unto you, That every Idle Word that Men hall Speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judg

Q. What will be the third Property of it?

A. It will be an universal Judgment, Rev. xx. 12. And I saw the Dead, small and great, fand before God, and the Books were opened. And 2 Cor. V. 10.

Q. How is this a Part of Christ's Exaltation ?

A. He now acts in the fullness of his kingly Power, condemning the ungodly World, and the rebellious Angels, to Chains of Darkness, and, Dungeons of Despair ; investing the Righteous with the Inheritance of Heaven, Matt. XXV. 34. Then fall the King say unto them on his right Hand,, Come, ye Biefed of my

Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World. And this will roll away the Reproach of the Enemies against him and his People, Rev. i. 7. Behold, he cometh with Clouds, and every Eye shall see him, and they also which pierced hiin. And then shall be seen the Difference between the Righteous and the Wicked, between him that serveth God, and him that serveth him not, Mal. iii. 18. When he Mall say unto them on the left Hand, Depart from me, ye, Cursed, into everlasting Fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels, Matt, xxiv. 14. And these fall go


away into everlasridg Punishment; but the Righteous into Life eternal, Verse 46.

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The 52d Question of the HEIDELBERG

CATECHISM. Q. WHAT Confolation does the returning of our

Saviour to judge the Quick and the Dead, bring to us?

" A. That in all my Afflictions and Persecutions, “ I expect with Joy the very fame from Heaven (who

presented himself beforehand for my Sake at the « Tribunal of God, and turned off all the Curse “ from me) as a Judge, to Sentence all his and "mine Enemies to eternal Damnation ; but who,

the contrary, is to receive me and all the Elect “ into celestial Joy, and everlasting Glory.”

Q. What learn we hence ?

Ā. ist, That Believers shall not be cast in Judge ment, Rom. viii. 1. There is therefore now no Condemnation to them that are in Chrif Jesus. 2dly, The deplorable State of Christ's Enemies, Luke xix. 27. But those mine Enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and say him before me.

Q. What then ought every one to do?

A. To give all Diligence to be found of him in Peace, 2 Pet.iii. 14. Wherefore, beloved, feeing that ye look for such Things, be diligent, that ye may be found of him in Peace.

Of GOD the Holy Ghost.

The 53d Question of the HEIDELBERG

CATECHISM. Q. WHAT do you believe of the Holy Ghof? A. ii, That he is with the Father

« and the Son, the true and coeternal God. 2dly, “ That he is also given me, that by a true Faith he “ may make me a Partaker of Jesus Christ and all “ his Benefits, that he may comfort me, and abide « with me for ever.”

Q. Is the Holy Ghost only a Property or Strength in God?

A. No. He is the Third Person in the Trinity, the same in Substance, equal in Power and Glory with the Father and Son, the true and eternal God, Afts v. 3, 4. Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine Heart to lie to the Holy Ghost ? Thou hast not lied unto Men, but unto God. 2 Cor. iii. 17. Now the Lord is that Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. And therefore we are baptised in his Name, Matt. xxviii. 19.

Q. But how doth it appear that he is God?

A. Because he has the same Excellencies with God, such as his Names, Properties, Works and Glory.

Q. What Names are given unto him?

Ā. Not only God, Aas v. 3, 4. God of Israel, 2 Sam. xxiii. 2, 3. but alfo Jehovah, Jef. vi. 3. AEXS

xxviii. 25.

Q. What are his Properties, as mentioned in Scripture?

1. Omnipresence, Pf.cxxxix. Omniscience, 1 Cor. . ii. 10. Omnipotence, Fef. xi. 2. Eternity, Gen. i. 2.

Q. What are his Works?

A. The Creation, Pf. xxxiii. 6. The Reftoration of the City and Temple, Zach. iv. 6. The Incarnation or Chrift, Luke i. 35. Chriff's Unction, Jes. Ixi. 1. Pf. xlv. 8. The Resurrection from the Dead, Rom. viii. 11.

Q. What Operations and Government in and over the Church, are attributed to him?

A. The Operation in the Prophets, Num. xi. 25. 2 Pet. i. 20, 21. The Qualification of the Apoftles, Afts ii. 1, 13. The sending of the Ministers, Aits ix. 15. The Inftruction of the People of God, Neh. ix. 20.


Q. Are

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Q. Are there any more?

Ā. Yes. He illuminates and regenerates Sinners & he inspires them with Prayer, and leads them in the Truth; enables them to their Duty, and fits them., for Heaven, Pf. cxix. 18. Pf. cxliii. 10. John iïi. 3. Rom, viii. 14.

Q. What Glory are we obliged to give him? À, To be obedient unto him, PJ. xcv. 7. Topray to him for his Bleffings, Matt. xxviii

. 19. And, T. subject ourselves wholly unto him, I Cor. iii, 16.

Q. Do not the true Believers receive him as their Sanctificator?

A. Yes; for by his Operation only we get a true Faith, I Cor. xii. 9. By him we must be fanctified, 2 Thef. ii. 13. And by Faith he makes us Partakers of Jesus Christ, and all his Benefits, Heb. iii. 14. So that he dwells in our Heart, Eph. iii. 17,

Q: What does the Holy Ghohl farther to promote e47 Sanctification ?

A.' He consoles, us in all our Adversity and Crosses, strengthening our Faith; he filleth us with the Love of God, Rom. v. 3. 5. He assures us of our Adoption. Rom. viii. 16. 17. And even also of an happy Iffue. 1 Cor. X. 13. God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above what ye are able ; but will with the Temptation also make a way to escape,

be able to bear it.
e. How does he finish our Sanctification?

A. He abides for ever with me, namely, to sustain and preserve me from falling off, John xiv. 16. Yea, he has sealed me unto the Day of Redemption, Eph. iv. 30.

Q. What do you infer from bence ?

Ā. That the Catechist hath pointed out unto his Disciple the strongest Means, and has shewn the furest Way to a certain Consolation by which also the Purity and Strength of our reformed Doctrine appears. Q. And what do you learn now from it. ?

A. That

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that ye may

1. That we without the Operation of the Holy Ghost cannot be Partakers of Jesus Chrift, or of his Benefits; and we ought consequently to be very forry for our Want of the Spirit, by whom only we can be regenerated and fanctified ;' yea, without his inlightening and fanctifying Influence, we can never hope to see God in an everlasting Glory, Heb. xii. Therefore we ought to endeavour, with the greatest Supplication and Humiliation before his Throne, to pray for his Operation in us, whereby we may be illuminated in our Understanding, to know the wonderful Things of God's Law, and the glorious Mysteries of his Gospel ; and be fanctified in our Will both Soul and Body, to live wholily before tliatsupreme Being, according to his Word, in a true Communion with Jesus Chrift; upon which we may, with all faithful Believers be affured, that the Holy Ghost will preserve us unto the Day of Redemption. Ibe 54th Queftion of the HEIDELBERG


O WHAT do you believe concerning the Holy

A. That the Son of God has chosen to himself « out of all Mankind, for Life eternal, a Church; is« which from " the Beginning to the End of the " World, he gathers, defends, and maintains by his “ Spirit and Word, in the Unity of the true Faith; " and that I am a living Member of that Church, « -and shall continue such eternally."

Q. What do you mean by the Church?

A. All those which God out of his meer good Pleafure from all Eternity hath elected, and by his Word and Spirit called out of their miserable State of Nature, to the Communion of God and Chrift, and them, which will be called to everlasting Life. Q. How are they called in the Scripture ? K 2

A. The

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