Imatges de pÓgina

Charges and Dues payable by Shipping to the Corporation, for preserving and improving the Port.

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Rexister, trailing to

from or sailing on


Pilotage Foreign vessels not privileged.

58. 6.d. per 3s. 84. per 25. 91d. per 10. 11d. per ?

Foreign vessels privileged

28. 94d. per 18. 101d. per 18. 11d. per 11d. per foot. 18. 1012. foot:

foot, British veseels from Foreign ports . ditto - ditto

. ditto

ditto Colliers and coasters

18. 101d. per 11d. per foot. 11d. per foot. 54d. per foot.

foot. Vessels in distress, seeking refuge, or

calling for orders, exempt froin dues. DURDAL.K. Tommige Dudy. – Sailing vessels, 6d. per ton sey, Alderney, Sark, Man, the Shetland Islands, s. d. register tornare.

and Orkneys, carrying passengers and their Steim Vesels, 11d. per ton, registered tonnage.

lu gage exclusively

0 0 2 Ballast. - British vessels, ls. 20. per ton, on quantity delivered All steam vessels from any port in Great Britain) on head.

employed on the river Ty, carrying passengers Foreign vessels, inore on quantity delivered on board. and their luggage exclusisely, and sets trading Prase!: taking Hego- British and Foreign, under 50 tons from the harbour, or carrying passengers to any rexistry, 5. per vessel.

port within the precincts

0 0 1 Britis and Foreign, 50 and under 100 tons registry 10s. All steam strasels carrying goods and passengers to pay the per vel.

same rates as sailing vensels. British and Foreign, above 100 tons registry 20*. per vessel. All sexsels from any part of the river Tay, not exceeding 30

tons register, with stones, and baving no other goods on board, Pilotage,

and delivering their cargoes in the precincts of the said harbour

to pay 28, each voyage in name of tonnage dues, and is for Vessels

Vessels not


every yo tons, or part of 40 tons, addit mal. with

All vessels from any part of the river Tay with sand, and hasing



having no other goods on board, to pay ls. for each trip in name

of tonnage dues. Registered Tonnage,


It shall be in the option of the trustees to charge either the un ving from or

or from a

tonnage dues on the voyage inwards, or on the rate outwards,

Port in sailing on

at the rates specified in the above schedule, and if the charke the U. a Foreign

be made on the voyage out wires, there shall be deducted fruin a Foreign


it the amount of the dues that may have been previously paid Voyage.

on the voyage inwards, but if such vessels sail in ballast, they

shall be charged with dues on the inward voyage only. € 8. d. £ 8. d. £ 8. d. All vessels launched within the barbour of Hundee, or pre30 and under 40

0 12 0 0 9 0 0 6 0 cincts thereof, to pay half dues on the voyage outwards, if 50

0 15 0 0 11 3 0 7 6 sailing in ballast; but if loaded in whole or in part, or taking 90


0 18 0 0 13 6 0 9 0 passengers, to pay full dues. 60


1 1 0 0 15 9 0 10 6 All vessels to be permitted to enter the harbour of Dundee 70


1 4 0 0 18 0 0 12 0 for afety, by payment of one half of the tonnage dues: but if 90

1 7 0 1 0 3 0 13 6 sech ves els shall remain in the harbour, or any of the docks, 100

1 10 0 1 2 6 0 13 0 beyond the space of 21 days, or shall take goods on board 100


1 13 0 1 4 9 0 16 6 (stores for their own use excepted), or break bulk, they shall 110

1 16 0 1 7 0 0 18 0

be liable in the full tonnage dues. 1


1 19 01 9 3 0 19 6 All vessels remaining in harbour to pay, after 2 months, 110

2 2 0 1 11 61 1 1 1d. per register ton per month in advance, when they are 1.50

2 5 0 1 13 9 1 2 6 lying in any of the tide-harbours, and 144 per ton when lying 1.5 160 2 8 0 1 16 01 40

in any of the docks.
2 11 0 1 18 3 1 5 6

Fach vessel, with the exception after-mentioned, entering 173 2010)

2 14 0 2 0 6 1 7 0 the harbour and loading or unloading goods or ballast within 225

2 1. 0 2 2 918 6 the same, or performing both operations, before leaving the 2:15


3 0 0 2 5 0 1 10 harbour, to pay, in name of plank-money (whether a plank le 250)


3 3 0 4 7 3 1 11 6 used or not) as follows:475 310 3 6 0 2 9 6 1 13 0

£ 6. d. 100 325 3 9 0 2 11 9 1 11 6 Vessels not exceeding 20 tons

O 10 350

3 12 0 2 14 0 1 16 0 Vessels exceeding 20 tons and not exceeding 500 16 39) 375 3 13 0 2 16 31.17 6


1000 2 0 400 3 18 0 2 15 6 1 19 0


1.500 26 400 and upwaris 4 1 0 3 0 9 2 0 6


2017 0 3 0

2.0 O 3 6 N. B. - Stearn vesels do not at present come within 15 mile


30) 0 1 0 of the çuaye. No distinction between coasting and foreign


330) 04 6 trade as to tonnage duty.


400 0 5 6 400 tons and upwards

0 6 6 DUNDRE. - Tonnage Rales and Duties. Per Register Ton. All regeels loaded with lime, coals, or manure only, and dis

£ $

d. charging their cargoes within the precinctă of the harbour, to For all vessels navigating to the southward of the

the cast ward of the Rood Yards, or to the westward of the trepic of Capricorn

0 1 6 Magdalen Yard, to pay one-half of the dues in the above Between the equator and the tropie of Capricorn - 0 1

schedule. Between the tropic of Cancer and the equator 0 1 Vessels with fish of any kind for curing, per ton register, To and from any prort in North America, Green

or admeasurement, 2d. Tand, Davis' Straits fisheries, and all within the

Eremptions. Straits of Giraltar

• 0 0 8 All ressels leaving the harbour for the purpose of taking on To and from any port in Europe to the north of

board ballast in any part of the River Tay, and returning to Drontheim, in Norway, and to or from the

the aid harbour, or precincts thereof, with ballast, shall not Azores, Madeira, or Teneritte Islands, and the

be liable in shore dues for such return. Wist const of Africa, ! etween the tropic of Cancer

Any vessel sailing from the port of Dundee, and put back by and the Straits of Gibraltar

0 0 7 stress of weather, or any other cause, without having accom20 and from any purt on the coast of Europe, be

plished her voyage, shall not be liable in additional dues for twen Gilirallar and Ironheim, in Norway,

such retur including both these ports, and all ports in the

Vesels partly loaded with coals, líme, or manure, or in hal. Baltic

0 0 5 To or from any port in Great Britain or Ireland,

last, but having dunnage deals, or stow-wood on board, which

have been used as such, and are intended to be uploaded: or luding the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Al

having gouds on board, which are neither to be landıxl nor rederney, Sark, Man, the Shetland Islands, and

shipped into any other vessel within the harlour or precinets, Orkner

0 0 3 shall be charged the same dues as vessels wholly loaded with All Fessels loaded with coals, lime, or manure only,

coals, lime, or manure. from any part in Great Britain, &c., excepting

All vessels arriving in ballast for the purpose of being reSortland

0 0 2 All ve sels loaded with coals, lime, or manure only,

pairerl in the graving-dock, or on the patent slip, and depart

ing in ballast, shall be exempted from tonnage dues, provided froin ny part in Scotland

0 0 13 such vessels enter for the dock or slip immediately on arrival, All vessels employed in the River Tay, carrying

and sail within 1 month after leaving such graving-rock or goods and entering the precincts of the port or

patent slip; otherwise to be charged id. per register ton per hart ur of Duncle

0 0 11 month in advance, when they are lying in any of the tideAll steun vesels from any port in Great Britain or

harbours, and 14d. per ton when lying in any of the dorks. Ireland, including the Islands of Guernsey, Jer

Vessels with cargoes, arriving for the express purpose of


being repaired in the graving-dock, or on the patent slip, shall entitled, besides these dues, to bo. for each day, or part of i no: be liable in shore dues, provided they neither take od day, in name of river fees. on boru (store for their own use excepted) nor break ulk, When pilots enter the river on board vessels bound for except to lighten

for getting into the dock, or upon the ship, 1 plares above Lunder, the river or sea pilotsee, including the and that y re load . hariour, shall be payable in full by such vessels when moored

All ve vells loadiny or unloading Rods within the precincts or ott Carolina Koa is. of the harbour of Dutie, to the east wand of the Rood Yards, All vessels boarded between 3 miles and 6 miles beyond the and the westward of the Magdalen Hard, shall be exempted Buoy of Tay, to pay 108, 6d. additional for distance-niones; froin payment of plank-money.

and vessels boardex 6 miles beyond said Buoy of Tay, to pay Au vesels not carryink passengers arriving in the harbour in 154. of distance-money. ballast, and departing agun in ballast, shall be sulje t only in In case of dispute, the distance to be ascertained by the haif dues; but if such vessels, after arising in ballast, shall bearings of the different beadlands when the vessel take in cargoes, or parts of cargoes, before their departure, boarded. Whey shall be liable in full dues. Table of Rates for Pilota licensed by the Trustees of the

Tay Light Duties (local).
Harbour of Dundee.

The " Fratemity of Masters and Seamen of Dundee, incor. For ressels to or from foreign, boarled at the distance of not porated by Royal Charter,” possess the right, by charter, to more than 3 miles outward of the Fairway Buos of Tay, levs, inter alia, the following dues on vessels arriving within the or at ans point between that distance and the said buoy, and Firth of Tay, being the whole charges presently made in re. from thence to and including the harbour of Dundee, $s. 6d. spect of said right; and those for and in name of the expense per fut, vcording to the draught of water.

of erection and maintenance of 4 lighthouse's owned exclusively For vesals to or from foreig, boarte between the Fairway by raid fraternity, 2 of which are situated on the north side and Buoy of Tay and the buoy on the Elbow-end, marked No. 3, 2 on the south side of said Firth, and of certain buoys placed and from thence to and including the harbour of Dundee, in the Fairway thereof in 23. 64. pur foot.

On every British ship coming within the entrance of the Porvose's to or from foreign, boardedi between the Elbox. Firth of Tay, whether with cargo on board or in ballast, or end Buov, No. 3, and Broughty Castle, and from thence to and driven therewithin by stress of weather or otherwise, at the including the harbour of Dundee, 18. 3d. per fool.

rate of 18. for every 10 tons register ; under 10 tons, charged All coating vessels boarderl at the respective distances above at the same ratio. mentionel, to pay a follows: viz. vessals boarded not more On every foreign ship, privileged, the same rate of dues than 3 miles outward of the Fairway Buoy of Tay, to pay when in either of the above situations, but the Truty House 38. per foor; between the Fairway Buoy of Tay and the makes good an equal amount to the sud incorporation, in Elbow-end Buoy, No 3, 2. per foot; and between ihe Elbow. consequence of the half charge being only made on foreign ves. end Buy and Broughty Castle, to and including the harbour, sels so privileged. 1s. per foot.

Op every foreign ship, unprivileged, situated as ahore, the All vesels, whether foreign or coasting boarded above rate of charge is 23. for every 10 tons register; under 10 tons Broughty Castle, to and including the larbour, la, per foot. charged at this ratio.

In the event of vessel, having to stop in Carolina Roads for No dues are levied on British ships, nor on foreign vessels want of water in the harbour, or otherwise, the master of the privileged or otherwise, leaving the Tay on their outward voy. vesel shall have it in his option either to dispeise with the age, whether iaden or in balast, excepting in the case of new services of the pilot, or detain him on board till the vessel can ships, built within the ports of Dundee and Perth respeively, enter the harlour. In the former case the pilot shall be en. which pay the above dues on Brush shipping when on titled to full pilotage dues; in the latter, the pilot shall be their first voyage, whether foreign or coasting. EXETER.- RIVER Exr.

Harbour Dues.

Canal Dues.



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One halfpenny per ves. All vessels entering and 4d. per ton, pay. As per annexed rate, Vessels coasting, or in the sel, pravidel she pro. passing through the ca. able to the lord established under act foreign traie, are liable to ce above l'owder. nal, not otherwise, if less of the manor. 6 Geo. 4. c. 123, but the same charges, except ham, payable to mu. than 10 tons burthen, 58.

amended under sanc. pilotge. nicipal corporation each; if 100), and less

tion of the Trinity Vessels taking shelter only, bs prescription. than 110 tons, Ed. poT

Board of 6th May, are not liable to any ton; if above 110 tons,


charges beyond pilotage. 9d. per ton each, up and down.

RIVER TRION. One penny per ton for

As per annexed rate, Vessels coasting, or in the Every British réssel,

established under act foreign trade, are liable and 2d. per ton

6 Gea. 4.c. 12, but to the same charges, er.! foreign, and not pri

annendel under samle. cept pilotage. vileged as British

tion of the Trinity Vessels taking shelter only Sixpence upon every

Board of 6th May,

are not

liable to Viss not belonging


charge beyond pilotage. to the port. Rates of Pilotige for Vrstels in and over Brmouth Dar, to the

Cousters. Mooring in the Bight at Ermoul, and out again over the Bar.

All vesseis carried up from the Bight, at Exmouth, to the

Sands, 48.8d.; back, 29. 4d. extra.
Inwards. Outwards.

All vessels under ino tons, carried up to Topsham quay 148.; back, 78. extra.

All vessels under 100 tons, carried up to 'Turf, 9s. 1d.; £ .. d.

. d.

back, 18. 8d. estra. Coasters. If above per retir:

All vessels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Topslam, per W tons, and noi esceeding 80 tons o 24

ton, 2d. ; hack, ld. extra,

0 1 2 All vessels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Turf, per ton, RO


0 2 8 0 1 4 90

1 d.; back, ld. extra. 10)

0 3 0 0 1 6 1) 125 0 3 8 0 1 10

Ships from Foreign perts. 13

0 4 0 0 2 0

All vessels carried up from the Bight, at Exmouth, to the 150 175 0 4 8 0 2 4

Sands, 45. Ad.; back, 21. 4d. extra. 175


05 0 0 2 6 All vessels under 100 tons, carried up to Topsham quay 200

0 6 4 0 3 2

149.; back, 78, extra. 250

0 7 8 0 3 10

All vessels under 100 tons, carried up to Turf, 96. 12.; 300

08 1 0

back, 1.. 8d. extra. Ships from Freign Parts.

All sessels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Topsham quay If above, per register or measure.

(Britishi, per ton.) 24.; back, id, extra. ment.

Al vessels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Topshain quay 64 tons, and not exceeling so tons o

0 2 2

(foreign, per ton,)?.; back, 114, extra.
0 5 0 0 2' 6

All vesels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Turf, (British 130

0 6 4 0 3 2 10

per ton,) 1 d.;' back, H. extra. 20) 0 7 0 0 3 6

All vessels upwards of 100 tons, carried up to Turf, (foreign, 40

08 4 0 2

per ton) 17d. back, ld. extra.

09 0 04 6 300

Pilots to provide a boat and crew to assist over the bar to a 010 4 0 5 2

mooring birth, ict wluch they shall be paid, over and above Per foot draught of

the pilotage, 28. 6d. for each man ar oar employed for that witter.

purpose. Foreign vessels, not privileged as British, one-fourth extra. FLERTWOOD.

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On Foreigo
On Vessels in the Foreign

On Vessels in the Coasting


Wire Harbour Dues
Wire Lights
Watney Light
Pilotage in wards
Itto outwards -

Loading or Loading or Taking Refuge Loading or Taking Refuge
Unloading. Unloading.


Rate per Ton. Kate per Ton. Rate per Tor. Rata per Ton. Rate per Ton.

Id. 3d. *3d.

11 .

*30. per ann. 1. per ann. 30. per ann. 3d. per ant. 14. per Voyage.

38. disto, id per Vorwe. Frorn 28. 6d. to 58. per foot, according to distance. From 11. 6d. to 38. per foot, accord.

ing to distance. 45. per foot.

2. per foot. • Vesels wholly in ballast are exempt from Wyre Light duties.

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If or about to be If or about to be Ballast is put on board pas not exceeding and not exceedl. any VEST, frim 300 tons, 2d. ton, ing 300 tons, 1 d. alongside the quay, above 300 ions, fl. ton; above 300 tons, at 9d. per ton, and per ton. free.

in the harlout, Nil.


afloat, at 1s. per ton.

These charges are If passing, 2d. per

If passing, 11d. per not regulated by any ton per annum. ton per annum. authority whatever. Nil.


l'pon vessels taking

coasting vessels. un conting penels, taking

refuge only.


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Definition of limits. From the Dodman to the Lizard and N.B. No master of a vessel is compelled to take a pilot within vice ters, and to and frorn and into and out of all ports and this district, except going or coming out of any port within places within those limits.

a line drawn from the Manacles to the Dodinan. Rates of Pilotage, for pilding Ships within the Falmouth Distrid.

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Kaoyage and beaconage

On alien ships:

d. if under 100 rons, per ship

6 100 and under 200 .

2009 and upwards

3 0
British sin, from foreien or coastwise :
if 40 tons and under 45, per slip

0 1 0

0 1 4 100

0 2 0 20) and opwards

02 6 On all Brush vects from or to foreign parts,

Payable each voyage to Trinity House, or coilst wise, laden:

Hull, and the authority is derived doin under 20) 1013, jer vessel

0 2 0 them.
and an additional fd. for every 10 tons.
Poreign vesels, in or cut-laden:

Foreign vessels entitled to reciprocity under 63 tons, per revel

011 o are charged the same as British; but 65 and under 1.35

0 14 0 the difference is afterwards claimed of 135 170

0 17 O goverument by the Trinity House, Hull. 170 180

1 0 0

1 1 0

1 2 0
and for every additional 10 tons

0 1 0 On alien vessels taking on board goods for

Payable to the Trinity House, Huil, foreign parts, per ship

6 13 4 under their authority. On importing goods

1 0 0 Vessels entitled to reciprocity are ex

ernpt; but the charge is after wands

claimed of government.
All vessels arriving from foreign parts, with cargoes, These we are received under the au-
are subject to sea pilotage up to Hul, of from 28.6d thority of the pilot office at Hull; but
to 58. per foot, depending on the place where the their authority for lesying them we do
pilot is taken on board.

not know.
British vessels and foreign vessels entitled to
reciprocity, loading outwards for forrim
parts, are charger wth pilotage of, per foot 0 4 0
out in ballast

on foreign vesseis not entitled to reciprocity,
with goods,

0 5 0 in Lallast

0 3 4

A fine


Nature of Dues.


Under what Authority.

Vessels drawing less than 6 feet water are not liable.

A further pilotage on vessels proceeding from A receiver (not in the custom-house) Hull to Gainsborough, or departing from thence to is appointed, under the authority of the foreign parts:

pilot office at Hull, to collect these rates. On British Sessels : not exceerling 6 feet

per foot 0 3 6 6 feet and not exceeding 8 feet

0 40 8 feet and not exceeding 10 feet

0 4 6 10 feet and upwards

coast wise, if piloted

0 2 6
Foreign vessels :
not exceeding 6 feet

per foot 0 4 4
6 feet and not exceeding & feet

0 5 0 8 feet and not exceedink 10 feet

0 5 1 10 feet, and upwards

0 6 3 On British or foreign vessels passing Dovor Harbour : Payable on foreign and British vessels 20 to 300 tons, per ton

001, from foreign parts each voyage, and on

coast wise once a year, under the autho

rity of 9 Geo. 4.c.31. British ships and foreign ships entitled to reciprocity : Payable each voyage on passing Ramsunder 300 tons, per ton

0 0 2 gate, except on coasting vessels, which above 300 tons,

0 0 0 pay once a year, under the authority of Foreign ships not entitled to reciprocity :

52 Geo. 3.c. 74. under 340 tons, per ton

0 0 4 above 300 tons,

0 0 1

Dover harbour

Ramsgate harbour

Dues payable to the Harbour Commissioners on all Vessels, whether British or Foreign, entering the Harbour, whether for Refuge

or to discharge their Cargoes in whole or in part, or in Ballast, Vessels, Coasting or Foreign,

Vessels taking Refuge. delivering whole or part of cargo.


Authority. Sixpence per ton register. No charge, except in using the No charge. No charge. 11 Geo. 4., sess. 1530.

docks and quays; in such case
6d. per ton register.

Pilotage on all Vessels entering the Harbour, whether in Ballast, or with Cargoes, to discharge came in whole or part, or for Refuge.

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Per Reg. Ton.

Rates of Duty


Harbour Rates.

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Poreign Trade,

d. Per Ton. Harbour dues on vessels inwards with

7 Harl vur dues on vessels outwards with cargos

7 Harbour dues ont Vessels inwards in Dallast

34 Harlar dues on vessels outwards in ballast

3) Coasting Trade. Harbour dues on vesel trad

Inwards ing between Glasgow and

outwarda the Crais of Alla Barber dues on vessels to OT inwards

3 frosna pirts beyond theCraig of la, sithi full cargues

outwards 3 Harbour dues on vive o or from porta beyond the rain oulwards

inwards of Alise, with part cargoes

From 6d. to 58. pe Anchorage on vessels generally

vesel, acourcing to sire, in wunds

and ontward Charge for ba'last

To je Pilotage into and out of the harbour

nik. Pin froen xed to this port) (British)

inwards Pite Le frat this port to see Brit sh ships)


23 vels still under for las lo pay

Olisin more than British sips. Vissels taking refuge

pil. Creek of Dumbarton. Vesels of all descriptions


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CLAR 1. ---To or from any port

or place in the river or Frith of Forth to the westward of St. Abb's Hed and Fitness, excepting veuets commg or going through the Forth and

Clyde Canal, not exceeding. CLASS 4. Toa from any other port or place in Scotland, and to or from Newcastle and the River Tyne in England, of any other port or place in England to the north of the River Tyne,

not exceeding CLASS 3. – To or from any port or place in Great Britain or Ireland, excepting these in classe's first and second, not exceedling CLASS 4. - 'To or from any port

or place in Europe excepting thime in the cias,

not exceeding CLAR 5. - To or from other

parts of the world, not exceed.

Forth, extending from Stirling to Fife. d. 8.
ness on the north side, and Thunbar on
the south; iikewise by the Crinan canal
w nor from all ports and places in the
Highlands, situated betwixt West Loch
Tarbert on the south, and the north end
of the Isle of Skye, including Skye, Mull,
Coll, Tine, Islay, Jura, and other islands
betwixt these and the mainland

13 Class 4. To or from any place situated

betwixt the Mulls of Galloway and St David's head on the British side of St. George's cliannel, including the Isle of Man, and, on the lish side, frum Tu kar along the past and north coasts of the island to Turry; anul from the Mull of Kintyte to l'ape Wrath, including all the Hebridex; also by the Forth and Cinde Canal to or from plans betwixt Fifeness and Kinnaird's Head, and betwixt Dunbar and Flamborough Head

2 2 Clasa 5. To or from all places in Ireland

extending froin Torty along the west and south coasts of the skind to Tuskar; and in England and Wales, betwixt the Land's End and St. Dasid's lead; also in Scotland, lietwixt Cape Wrath and Kinnaird's Head, including the Orkney and Shetland Islands Ukewise to or from places north of Flamborough Head navigating otherwise than by the canals. 3 S Class 6. TC or froin all places on the east

and south coast of England extending
from Flamborough Head to the Land's

End, including Scilly Islands -
Class 7. To or from any port or places

in Europe, or island in the European seas Class %. To or from any port or place in

the British province of Canada, New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfondland,
Iceland, the Greenland and Davis' Strait
fisheries, and all parts or places on the
south coast of the Mediterranean Sea 5

Class 9. To or from all ports or places in
the United States of America, West
In lies, and east coast of America, north
of the river Amazon; also the west coast
of Africa, from the Straits of Gibraltar
to the equator, including the islands of
these coasts.


5 Class 10. To or from any port, place, or

island lying it in the River Amazon and Cape Florn in South America, and between the equator and Cape of Good Hope on the west coast of Africa

6 6 Class 11. To or from all ports, places, or

Islands south and east of the Cape of Good Hope and west of Cape Horn Class 12. All vessels navigating under foreign flags pay dowule the foreguing rates, corresponding to their respective Voyages

Class 13. All vessels, British or foreign, arriving at or depart. ing from the port of Greenock in Lillast, and all steain-packets employed solely in carrying passengers, to be charged only molety of the rates, corresponding to their voyages.

Class 14. Whenever any vessel propelled by steam, whether employed in carrying goods, partly goals and passengers, or pasaniers soles, hi have entered inwards and cleared outwurds so frequently as to have paid 13s. 1d. per ton of port charges, viz. of harbour rates, police dues, anchorage, and water mones, inclusive, as chargeable to shipping, or when any lang vessel shall have entered inwards and cleared outwards so often as to have paid 68. 8d. per ton, including the abuve enumerated dues, such vessels shall be exempt from further payment of port charges, during whatreet part of 12 cur. rent months may be unexpired frosn the date of making payment of first portion of said 1.38. Id, or 6. od., as the case mile. Owners or masters of either description of shipping, wishing to save trcalle, may bave a clearance of 12 months by paying at the Harbour Dues Once 1.38. 1d. per ton for Steamers, and 6. d. par ton for sailing vessels. The sims arising from vessels ampounding as before mentioned wil fall to be a located in mong the different truts interested.

Class 15. All vessels not bound to or from the port of Greeneck, but taking shelter in either of the harbours thereut, to opa', in addition to the anchorage dues, 1 d. per ton.

Class 16. All vessels at clearing outwards shal pay the inte applicable to the most distant port of their intended voyage.

Class 17. All vesseis outward bound for foreign ports from any uther port in the river or channel, coming to anchor in the rolstead of this harbour for stores only, shall be exempt froin harbour dues.

Class 13. All vessels outward bound for foreign ports from any other port in the river our channel, touching at the quars of ihis har for s'ores merely, and not taking in any carico here, shall be admitted on payment of 11d. per ton of ha.bour 110.

Class 19. All vessels outward bound for foreign ports, partly laden at any other port or ports in the river or channel, and taking on bad goois from this port, not exceeding one third of a full cargo, shall pay 3d. per ton of hartour dues

Class 20. All vessels coming into the port of Greenock to lay up for any space not exceeding days, shall on arrival pay 4d. per ton, and on drpurture pay the like sum of .. peren

Class 21. All vexels xischarning a cargo or part cargo of Time, or limestone, or flintsome, to be charged inwards as if arrising in ballast.

Class 24. All lighters from and for Glasgow and interme diate places are chargeable with harbour dues, when with

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A voyage shall comprehend an arrival at and departure from the pier or its boundaries, " ? that a vessel paying tonnage dues atts arrival shall not pay these dues at its departure, and vice tead.

All resaris performing more than 10 voyages in one year shall pay the above rate and dues for each of the first lo voy. Aes only, and for each of the remaining voyages within the year, if the remaining voyages shall not exceed 10, they shall pay only half dues; and for all voyages above 100 in the year ike shell pay only one fourth 08.

All seasek performing more than one voyage in one day shall only be charged (or me sosage that day.

The charges at Granton are not levied under any Board,

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Class 1. All British vessels, of every de. ription, arriving at or departing from the Port of Greenock to or from GROW, or any of the interinediate ports on the

rivir Clyde. Class 2. To or from any place inside of the

Cambrae Head; also from or to all places ou the Furth and (hude Canal, west of Grangen att, including the Union and

ottur eina leading into it Clau 3. To or from all places between

the Cuml rae on the north and the Muils of Galloway and Kintyre on the south, indrding Lochryan, Lochfine, kc, in

these limits; also by the Forth and Clyde | Canal to or from places on the Firth of

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