Duologues from the Classics

Shaun McKenna
Bloomsbury Academic, 2004 - 215 pàgines
Duologues from the Classics contains a collection of speeches for men and women from the Greek, Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century repertoires, designed to complement LAMDA Graded Examinations in Acting at Advanced Level. The selections vary in content, tone and style and are accompanied by a brief biography for each playwright. The compilation will provide any performer with opportunities for exploring some of the most significant playwrights in the classical repertoire.

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Sobre l'autor (2004)

Shaun McKenna is a prolific and versatile playwright/lyricist, equally at home writing for stage or screen. His award-winning theatre and TV work includes both original projects and adaptations, ranging from the stage version of The Lord Of The Rings to such primetime ITV dramas as The Crooked Man, Like Father Like Son and Heartbeat. He has adapted three novels by thriller writer Peter James for the stage and there are plans for more. Shaun is a core writer for Home Front, the BBC’s epic First World War series and his many BBC radio adaptations include The Forsytes, Marnie and The Complete Smiley based on John Le Carré’s spy novels. More information at www.shaunmckenna.net

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