Postured for Power Team Edition

Xulon Press, 2004 - 164 pàgines
Few books directly addressing Kingdom teams have been written. In the first Postured for Power, Andrew T. Arroyo helped us to position ourselves to lead in God?s power. Now, with Postured for Power Team Edition, he guides our teams in a similar fashion. Based on 1 Peter 5:5?11, five spiritual postures are critical for team power: humility, relinquishment, separation, defense, and resolution. Over the course of thirty days, this book calls our teams to make many important spiritual adjustments so we might be postured for power. Each adjustment is fast-paced and provocative. You will have trouble reading only one a day!If you serve on a team, this book is for you. Ministry, business, sports, military, education?any team that desires Kingdom power can benefit from spiritual adjustments. God has made available the power your team needs; now you must posture yourself to handle it!

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Acknowledgments and Authors Note
The Power of One?
Posture of Humility Days 15
Posture of Relinquishment Days 611
Posture of Separation Days 1217
Posture of Defense Days 1821
Posture of Resolution Days 2225
Final Push Days 2630

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