Imatges de pÓgina

of this old word to Whimie, and interprets it (incurvare) to bend or

make crooked.
A Whittie, a coarse hlanket or mantle worn by the poorest fort.
To Wis or Wijl, to know, to judge rightly of a thing.
A Wittol, a cuckold jealous and uneasy under his wife's transgressions,

but not having spirit enough to restrain them.
Woe-begone, overwhelmed with sorrow. Spen.
A Wold, a down, an open hilly country.
Wood or Wode, mad, frantick.
Wreak, revenge: Wreakful, revengeful.
Wrizied, wrinkled.


Yarı, ready, nimble, quick.
Ycleped, called, named.

A Zang, a merry Andrew, a Jack-pudding. Ital. Zané.


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