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Fairchild publishing Company, 1915 - 172 pàgines

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Pàgina 27 - ... four threads plaited four times and four sides of two threads twisted.
Pàgina 45 - The full grades are fair, middling fair, good middling, middling, low middling, good ordinary and ordinary. The half grades are designated by the prefix "strict.
Pàgina 164 - The set of yarn found in every fabric woven on the loom and running lengthwise, parallel to the selvage, and interwoven with the weft, the two forming the various weaves according to the methods of intersection. The warp is stretched in parallel lines in the loom and certain parts of it are alternately raised and depressed at every pick, allowing the shuttle to pass between with the weft. The warp can be of the same size as the weft or of higher or lower count.
Pàgina 59 - It differs from lace in that while embroidery always requires a ground to work on, which is essential part of the needlework, lace has no such ground or if it is built up on any ground (like the needle lace on a pricked pattern) it is not part of the fabric. The largest part of the embroidery now in use is produced by machinery. EMBROIDERY CLOTH: A fabric used as a foundation for embroidery. EMBROIDERY COTTON: A combed, slack twist, mercerized cotton yarn made in a variety of sizes and plies.
Pàgina 81 - Signifies wool in its natural state, as it comes from the sheep's back with all the grease and other impurities attached to it.
Pàgina 143 - The cocoons are then sent to the reelers or filatures. A number of cocoons, greater or less, according to the size of thread desired, are placed in a basin of hot water, which softens the gum. After the outside fibers are removed, so that the ends run free...
Pàgina 128 - Romains. English and American examples include Galsworthy's Forsyte Saga, Anthony Powell's The Music of Time, and Upton Sinclair's Lanny Budd series. JGW Romanticism (1) In the ARTS generally and in PHILOSOPHY, an overwhelming international tendency which swept across Western Europe and Russia at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, in reaction against earlier NEO-CLASSICISM, MECHANISM, and RATIONALISM. Arising in an age of social and internal revolutions, involving a new model...
Pàgina 106 - A very strong, stout, smooth coton fabric, made with one set of warp and two sets of filling, of the same yarn, spun two picks on the face and one pick on the back, thfi former combined with alternate warp ends, forming a modified satin weave.
Pàgina 72 - G. is made by hand with the use of needles or small, flat shuttles, the different colored yarns reaching only as far as there Is call for them in the design, instead of extending from selvage to selvage. The fabric is free of all nap or nubs and the pattern is shown in its completeness, but reversed, on the back.
Pàgina 28 - BUOYANCY with an eye at the point where the bunt jigger is clapped on. Fr: Couillard; Ger: Bauchbeschlag ; Bauchseising ; Bukbandsel. BUNTING. A fabric made of long staple coarse English wool in an open and plain weave having two-ply warp and single weft. It dyes with brilliant effects and is used for making flags. It is usually supplied in bolts of 40 yds. with a width of 18 in. and a weight of about 5Vi Ibs.

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