Imatges de pàgina



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Anchor, a hermit.

| Attornied, supplied by substication or
Abate, to depress, sink, subdue. Ancient, an ensign, or standard-bearer. embassies.
A B C, a catechism.
Angle, a fishing rod.

Audacious, spirited, animated.
Abhor, to protest against.
Anight, in the night,

Audrey, a corruption of' Ethelren
Abjects, debased servile persons. Answer, retaliation.

Augurs, prognostications.
Able, to quality or uphold.
Anthropophagi, cannibals.

Aukward, adverse.
Abortive, issuing before its time. Antick, the fool of the wld play. Aunts, strumpets,
Absolute, complete, perfect.
Antiquity, old age.

Authentic, karned.
Abuse, deception.
Antres, caves and dens.

Awful, reverend,
Abused, deceived.
Appenche, to impeach.

Awless, tuling to produce awe
Aby, to pay dear for, to rue, to suffer. Appeal, to accuse.
Abysm, abyss.
Appeared, made apparent.

Accite, to cite or summon.

Apple-john, an apple that will keep Baccare, stand back, give place Accuse, accusation.

for two years,

Bair, brusliwood.
Achieve, to obtain.

Apply, to attend to, consider. Baldrick, a belt.
Aconitum, wolf's-bane.
Appointment, preparation.

Bale, misery,
Acquittance, requital,
Apprehension, opinion.

Baleful, baneful.
Action, direction by mute signs, charge, Apprehensive, quick of comprehen- Balked, bather or piled up.
or accusation.


Ballase, ballast.
Action-taking, litigious.

Approbation, entry or probation. Bulm, the oil of consecration
Actures, actions.
Approof, approbation, prooi,

Pan, curse
Additions, titles or characters. Approve, to justify, prove, establish. Band, bond.
Address, to prepare, to make ready. Approved, experienced.

Eandog, village-dog.
Addresserl, or addrest, ready. Approvers, those who try.

Bandy, to exchange smartly
Admittance, favour.

Aqua-vitæ, strong waters, probably Bank, to sail itong banks.
Advance, to prefer.


Banning, cursing.
Advertising, attentive.
Arabian birl, the phenix.

B:nquet, a slight repast.
Adversity, contrariety.
Arch, chic,

Bar, barrier.
Advertisement, admonition.
Argentine, silver.

Barbason, the name of a demon.
Advice, consideration, discretion, Argentine, the goddess Diana. Barbe, a kind of veil,
Argier, Algiers.

Earled, warlikely caparisoned.
Advise, to consider, to recollecé. Argosies, ships laden with great Barber-monger, in associate of barbers.
Advised, cool, cautious.


Bare, to shave. Aery or Aiery, a hawk's or eagle's Argument, subject for conversation, Bare, mire, nest,

evidence, proof.

Burful, full of impediments.
Aflect the letter, to practise allitera. Arm, to tuke up in the arms.

Barın, yeast,
Aroint, avaunt, begone.

Barn, or bairn, a child.
Affect, love
A-row, successively.

Barnacles, a shell-lish.
Affection, affectation, imagination. Art, practice as distinguished from Earns, keeps in a barn.
Affectioned, affected.

tlieory; also, theory.

Parren, ignorant.
Affects, affections.

Articulate, to enter into articles. Base, dishonoured.
Affeered, confirmed.
Artificial, ingenious, artful.

Lase, a rustic ganie called prison-base.
Affied, betrothed.
As, as if.

Bases, a kind of loose breeches worn
Alfined, joined by affinity.
Ascaunt, askew, sideways.

by equestrian knights.
Affront, to confront.
Aspect, countenance.

Basilisks, a species of cannon.
Affy, to betroth.
Aspersion, sprinkling.

Basta, 'lis enough.
Aglet-baby, a diminutive being, not As point, completely armed.

Bastard, raisin wine,
exceeding the tag of a point, from Assay, test,

Dat, a club,
Ascapart, a giant.

Bate, strife.
Agnize, acknowledge, confess, vow. Assinego, a male ass.

Bute, to fluiter as a hawk.
A-good, in good earnest.

Astringer, a gentleman falconer. Ballet, an instrument with which
Alm, guess, suspicion.
Assurance, conveyance or deed.

washers used to beat clothes. Airy fame, mere verbnl eulogy Assured, affianced.

Batten, to grow fat.
Aider-liefest, best beloved.

Ales, instigate from Ate, the goddess Battle, army.
Ale, a merry-meeting.

of bloodshed. •

Bawcock, a jolly fellow.
A'life, at life.

Atomies, minute particles visible in Bay, the space between the main
Allow, to approve.

the sun's rays.

beams of a house.
Allowance, approbation.
Attasked, taken to task.

Bay-curtal, a bay docked horse.
Amaze, to perplex.
Attended, waited for.

Bay-window, a bow-window.
Amazonian chin, a beardless chip. Attent, attentive.

Beadsmen, religious persons, main.
Ames-ace, the lowest chance of the Atone, to reconcile.

tained to pray for their benefactor. Attest, attestation.

Beak, the forecastle.
Amiss, misfortune.
Attorney, deputation.

Bear a brain, to perfectly resemble
Amort, dispirited,

Attorneyship, the discretional agency Beard, to defy.
An, C.

of another,

Bearing, demeanouz




Bearing-cloth, a mantle used at chris. (Bow, yoke.

Canary, a dance. tenings. Bolds, erboldens.

Candle wasters, those who sit me Bent, (in lalconry) to Natter. Bollered, bedaubed.

night to drink. Beating, hammering, dwelling upun. Borne in hand, deceived.

Canker, the dog-rose. Beaver, helmet in general.

Bottled-spider, a large bloated spider. Canstick, candlestick. Beck, a salutation made with the head. Boulted, sised.

Cantons, cantos.
Becomed, becoming.

Bowlins or bowlines, tackle of a ship. Canvas, to sift.
Beetle, to hang over the base.
Bollen, swollen.

Canvas-climber, a sailor.
Beliave, to manage.
Bordered, restrained.

Cap, the top, the chief.
Beliests, commands.
Bower, a chamber.

Cap, to salute by taking off the cap. Beholding, viewing with regard. Brace, armour for the arm.

| Capa impressure, hollow mart. Behowl, to howl at. Brach, a hound.

Capitulate, to make head against
Being, abode.
Brack, to salt.

Capocchia, a sot.
Bellame, ancient mother.
Braid, crafty, deceitful.

Capon, metaphor for a ketter.
Be lee'd, becalmed.
Brain's.flow, tears.

Capricious, lascivious.
Pelongings, endowments.

Brake, an instrument of torture; also Captious, capacious. Be-mete, be-measure.

a thicket.

Carack, a ship of great bak Be-moiled, bedraggled, bemired. Brands, a part of the andirons on Caracts, characters, Bending, unequal to the weight. which the wood for the fire was Carbonado, a piece of meat cat craz Benefit, beneficiary.


ways for the gridiron. Bent, utmost degree of any passion, Brasier, a manufacturer of brass ; also, Caru, a sca-chart, perhaps also the Benumbed, inflexible.

a vessel in which charcoal is burnt. compass. Beskrew, may ill befill.

Brare, to dety, also to make fine. Carded, mixed.
Besmirch, to foul or dirty.

Bravely, splendidly, gallanty. Care, inclination.
Best, bravest.
Bravery, linery.

Careires, the motion of a boxe; t Bestowed, stowed away, lodged. Brawl, a kind of dance.

pass the careires, means to of Bestraught, distrncted. Braxing, harsh, grating.

step the bounds of decorun. Beteem, to give, pourout, permit,suffer. Break, to begin.

Carkanet, a necklace.
Bewray, betray.
Break up, to carve.

Carl, clown, boor.
Bezonian, a mean fellow.

Break with, to break the matter to. Carlot, peasant. Bias-cheek, swelling out like the bias Breast, voice.

Carnal, sanguinary. of a bowl.

Braathi, speech, also exercise. Carowses, drinks. Bid, to invite.

Breathing-courtesy, mere verbal com- Carriage, import. Bid the buse, to challenge in a contest. pliment.

Carried, conducted. Bifold, two-fold.

Breeched, fonlly sheatheil, mired. Carry, to prevail over. Biggin, a cap.

Breeching, liable to be logged. Cart, a chariot, Bilberry, the whortleberry.

Breated, inured by constant practice. Case, skin, outward garb. Bilbo, u Spanish blade, made at Bilboa, Brenthe, to utter.

Case of lives, a set of lives. Bilbocs, fetters,

Breed-bate, an exciter of quarrels. Casques, belinets. Bill, articles of accusation.

Bribe-buck, a buck sent as a bribe. Crssock, a llorseman's loose cost. Bill, a weapon, formerly carried by Bridal, the nuptial feast.

Cast, to empty; ako to dismiss, reject.
Bring, to attend or accompany.

Cast, reckoned.
Bin, is.
Brize, the gall, or horse-lly.

Castilian, an opprobrious term.
Bird-bolt, an arrow shot at birds from Brunch, to put on the spit, to trausfis. Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of one-
a cross.bow.
Erock, the badger.

tempt. Bisso?, blind. Brogues, a kind of shoes,

Cast-lips, les off lips. Blank, the white mark in a target. Broken, communicated.

Cast the water, to find out disordens ty Bank and level, mark and aim, (terms Proker, a match-maker, a procuress. inspecting the urine. of gumery.) Broochied, adorned.

Cataian, a liar. Blaze of youth, the spring of early life. Brought, attended.

Catling, a small lutestring, made of cat Blear, to deceive.

Brow of youth, the height of youth. gut.
Blench, to start off, to fly off.
Brown-bill, a battle-axe.

Cavalero.justice, a cant term.
Blant, blended.

Brownist, a follower of Brown, a sec. Cavaleroes, gay fellows. Blind worms, the cæcilia, or slow. tarian,

Caviare, too good for, or above the cra. worm.

Bruising-irons, an allusion to the an. prehension of; so called from : Blood-boliered, dnubed with blood. cient mace.

delicacy made of the roe osts Blown, pulli-d-up, swollen. Bruit, report with clamour.

geons, eaten by the quality. Blows, swells.

Brusl of time, decay of time. Cautel, subtlety. Bloody, sanguine.

Bug, bugbears, false terrors. Cautel or candle, the corner, or piese Blue caps, the Scotch.

Bumbard, a large drinking vessel. of any thing.
Blunt, stupid, insensible.
Bung, a cut-purse.

Cautelous, insidious, cautious.
Blurt, bluried, an expression of con. Buiting, a biru,

Cearment, the wrapping of an embalmtempt. Burgonet, a helmet.

ed body. Board, to accost. Busky, woody.

Cease, decease. Bobl), to trick.

Bull-shatt, an arrow to shoot at shasts Censure, to give an opinion. Bodged, boguled, clumsy.


Centuries, companies of an hundred Bodkin, a small dagger. Buxom, obedient.

men each. Bolted, sifted. By’rlaken, by our lady.

Ceremonious, superstitious. Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in which

Certes, certainly. the meal is bolted.


Cess, measure, tax or subsidy. Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel. Caddis, worsted lace.

Chair, throne. Bombast, the stuffing of clothes. Cade, a barrel.

Chaliced, i. e. flowers, w


caps, Bona-robas, strumpets. Cadent, falling.

calir. Bond, bounden duty. Cage, a prison.

Challenge, the right of refusing ajar Bony or bonny, handsome. Cain-coloured, yellow.

man. Book, paper of conditions. Caitiff, & scoundrel.

Chamber, ancient name for Lopda; Boot, profil, something over and above. Calculate, to foretell.

also, a piece of ordnance.
Bore, demeaned,
Caliver, a musket.

Chamberers, intriguers.
Bore, the calibre of a gun.
Call, to visit.

Champian, an open country,
Bores, stabs.
Callet, a woman, a witch.

Chantry, a small chapel in a cathedral
Bosky, woody.
Calling, appellation.

Character, hand-writing.
Bosom wish, heart's desire.
Calm, qualm.

Charactery, the matter with which
Bots, worms in a horse's stomach Camelot, a place where King Arthur ters are made.
Bourn, Youndary, rivulet.

is supposed to have kept his court. Chares, task-work,



Charge-house, free school
Co-mart, a joint bargain,

Coster-monger, a dealer in costers or
Come of, to pay.

Chariest, most cautious,
Chariness, caution.
Come of will, to succeed.

Cote, to overtake.
Charitable, dear, endearing.
Co-meduled, mingled.

Cotid, quoted, regarded.

Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucester.
Charles-wain, the constellation called Combinate, betrothed.
the bear,
Comfort, to aid.

Couch, to lie with.
Charm your tongue, be silent. Comforting, abetting.

Count, to reckon upon.
Charmer, one who deals in magic. Comina, connection.

Countenance, favour; also, false ap.
Charneco, a sweet wine.
Commission, authority.

pearance, hypocrisy.
Chence, fortune.
Commend, commit.

Counter, a hunting term,
Chary, cautious.
Committed, lain with.

Counter-caster, one who reckons with
Chascs, a term in tennis.

Commodity, sell-interest,
Chaudron, entrails.
Cominonty, a comedy.

Counter-check, a term in chess.
Chcater, for escheatour, an officer in Compact, made up of.

Counterfeit, a portrait.
the Exchequer.
Companies, companions.

Counterpoints, counterpanes.
Checks, probably for ethics,
Compare, comparison.

County, count, carl.
Cheer, countenance.
Comparative, a dealer in comparisons. Couplement, a couple.

Courses, the mains il and foresail.
Cherry.pit, a game with cherrystones. Compussed, round.
Cheveril, soft leather; also, conscience. Compassed cape, a round cape. Court-cupboard, sideboardi.
Chew, to ruminnte, consider.

Compassed window, a bow-window. Court confeci, a spurious nobleman.
Chevet, a chattering bird.
Compassionate, plaintive.

Court holy-water, Ilattery.
Chide, to resound, to echo; also to Compose, 10 come in a composition. Covered, hollow.
scold, be clauorois.
Composture, composition,

Cowed, awed.
Chiding, sound; noisy.

Composition, bargain; also, consis. Cower, to sink down.
Child, a knisht, a hero,


Cowlstafl, at statl' used in carrying a
Child, a female infant.
Competitors, confederates.

Childing, unseasonably pregnant. Compl mente, accomplishments Coy, to soothe
Chopine, a high shoe.
Complexion, humour.

Coord, yielded reluctantly.
Chough, a bird of the daw species. Comply, to complinent.

Coystril, ia coward cock, i poliroon.
Christown, or chrisom, the white cloth Comptible, subunianive.

Cozier, 1 tailor, a botcher.
put on a new baptized child. Conceit, imagination, wit, idea. Crack, dissolution ; also, a boy-child.
Chuck, chicken, a terin of endearment. Conceited, ingenious.

Crimk , windings.
Chuff, rich, avartrious.

Concent, connected harmony. Cranking or crankling, the rush of a
Chopping, jabbering.
Conclusions, experiments.

Cicatrice, the scar oi'n wound. Concupy, concupiscence.

Crants, garlands.
Circummured, walled round. Condolement, sorrow.

Crare, a small trading vessel.
Circumstance, conduct, detuil, circum- Conduct, conductor.

Crasli, to be merry over.
Coney-catchiedi, trickerl.

Craven, a cowardly cock, mean, cow.
Cite, incite.
Coney-intcher, a cheat,

Cital, recital.
Cont ssion, profission

Creatt', compounded, made up of.
Civil, grave, solemn.
Contines, boundless.

Credent, credible.
Civil, human.
Confound, to destroy.

Credit, account, information, credulity
Citurn, a musical instrument. Conject, conjecture.

Cress is, lights set upon a beacon.
Clash-dish, a beggar's dish.
Cousine, will, conspiracy.

Cressive, increasing.
Clamour, a terni in bell-ringing.
Consider, resvurd.

Crest, the summit,
Clap-ill, fall to.
Consigned, Schid.

Crestless, those who have no right to
Chipped i' the clout, hit the white mark. Consist, stand.

armorial boarings.
Clap, to join hands,
Consort, company.

Crewel, worted.
Claw, to flatter.
Conspectuity, sight.

Crisp, curled, winding.
Clean, completely,
Constancy, consistency

Critic, cynic.
Clean kam, awry.
Constantly, certainly.

Critical, censorious.
Contemptible, contemptuous. Crone, a very old woman.
Clearust, purest.
Continuate, uninterrupted

Crossis, money staniped with a cross,
Clepe, to call.
Continue, to spend.

Crow-keeper, a scurecrow.
Clerkly, learned, scholar-like. Continent, containing.

Crownet, last purpose.
Cling, to dry, or shrink up.

Contraction, marriage contract. Crulentious, cruel.
Clinquunt, glittering.
Contrarious, diilirent.

Crusado, a Portuguese coin.
Clipt, embraced.
Contrary, to contradict.

Crush, to drink.
Clour, the white mark at which archers Contrive, to spend, to wear out. Crush a cup, to crack a bottle.
Control, confute.

Cry, a pack of hounds.
Clouted, hobnailed.

Convents, agrees, is convenient, Cry aim, to chicourage.
Coach-sellow, one who draws with a Convented, summoned,

Crystals, the eyes.

Conversion, change of condition. Cul-drawn, alluding to a bear whose
Coasting, conciliatory.
Converse, associate, interchange.

duys are dry.
Codling, an unripe apple.
Convertite, a convert.

Cue, a dicatrical terin, the last word
Cob-loar, a crusty, uneven loaf. Convey, to steal.

of the preceding speech.
Cock, cock-boat
Conveyance, slight of hand, theft.

Cuisses, armour for the thighs.
Cock-and-pye, a vulgar oath. Conveyers, thieves.

Cullion, a paltry filow.
Cockshut-time, twilight.

Conveyed himself, derived his title. Cunning, knowledge.
Cockle, a corn-weed.

Convicted, overpowered, batiled Curb), to bend or truckle.
Cockle-hal, a pilgrim's liat.
Convince, to convict, to subdue.

Curiosity, curiousness, finical delicacy
Codding, amorous.
Convive, to feast.

Curione, scrupulous.
Codpicce, a part of the dress. Copatain hat, a hat with a conicalcrown Curled, ostentatiousiy dressed.
Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie. Cope, encounter, covering.

Currents, Occurrence's.
Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie. Copped, rising to a top or head.

Cursed, under the influence of a malo
Cognizance, badge or token.
Copy, lieme.

Cogging, lying.
Coragio, courage, be of good cheer.

Curst, petulant, ill tempered, crabbed,

Coigne of vantage, convenient corner. Corinth, a brothel.
Coignes, corners.
Corinthian, a wencher.

Cursiness, ill-humour.
Coil, bustle, stir.
Corky, dry, withered.

Curiail, a little cur.
Cold, naked.
Corollary, surpius.

Curtal, a docked horse.
Collection, cc sequence, or corollary. Corpornl, corporeal.

Curtle-axe, a cutlass, broad-sword.
Collied, black, smutted,
Corrigible, corrected.

Customer, a strumpet.
Colt, to trick
Costard, a head,

Cul, a horse.

Clear, pure.

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Cut and longtail, poor and rich. Disnatured, wanting natural affection. Empery, sovereign power.
Cuttle, a knife uned by sarpers. Dispark, to destroy a park or inclosure. Emulous, envious, jalous.
Cyprus, a transparent stuff." Disperge, lo sprinkle.

Emulation, envy.
Disponge, to discharge as a sponge. Encave, to hide.
Dispose, disposal, cornmund.

Endart, to dart forth.
Dall, or dorr, to put off.
Dispose, to make terms.

Enfeorf, to invest with possession
Dally, to trifle.
Disposition, frame.

Engross, to falten.
Damn, lo condemn.
Disseat, displace, depose.

Engaged, delivered 29 an hostage. Danger, control.

Dissemble, to gloss over, disguise. Engrossments, accumulation. Dank, wet, rollen.

Dissernbling, pulung dissimilar things Enkindle, to stimulate. Danskers, natives of Denmark.


Enmesh, to inclose, as in meshes. Darkling, in the dark. Distained, unstained.

Ennew, (in falconry) to force to a Darraigu, to arrange.

Distaste, to corrupt.
Darb, to disguise.
Distemper, intoxication

Enridged, bordered.
Daubery, falschood, counterfeit. Distemperature, perturbation. Ensconce, to secure in a safe place,
Day-bed, a couch
Distempered, ont l'humour.

to fortify. Day-light, broad day. Distraught, distracted.

Enseamed, greasy. Day-woman, dairyingid.

Distractions, detachments, separate Enseer, to dry up. Dealt, fought by proxy.


Enshield, concealed. Dear, immedinte, consequential. Divert, to turn aside.

Ensteeped, immersed, Dearn, direful, lonely, solitary. Division, a terin in music.

Entertainment, pay; also, being te Death-tokens, spots on those infected voll, lo put off.

ceived into service. with the plague. Lole, alms, distribntion, lot.

Entreatments, favows; also, object Death's-inan, executioner. Dolphill, the Dauphin.

of entreaty.
Debitor, deblor.
Don, to put on, to do on.

Envy, aversion, malice.
Deboshed, debauched.
Done to death, killed.

Enviously, angrily.
Decay, poverty, misfortunes.
Done, expended, consumed.

Eplesian, a cant term.
Deck of cards, a pack.
Done upon the gad, suddenly.

Erring, trrant, wandering.
Decked, sprinkků.
Dotnnt, dotard.

Escape, illcgitimate child.
Decline, to run through (as in gram. Double, full of duplicity.

Escoted, paid. mar) from first to last,

Double vouchers, a law term Esil, or Eisel, a river.
Declined, the fallen.
Doubt, to fear.

Esperance, mouw of the Percy famig
Deeni, opinion, suripise.
Dout, to do out, extinguish.

Espials, spics.
Deer, aniinals in general.
Dowle, a feather.

Essential, existent, real.
Default, (in the) at a need

Down-kyved, lianging down, like what Estimate, price. Defeat, to free, to disembarrass,

contines the sellers round ihe ancles. Estamation, conjecture. Deftature, alteration of features. Draught, the jak s.,

Estridges, ostriches.
Defence, &rt of fencing.
Draw, to withdraw.

Eterne, eternal.
Defend, to forbid.
Drawn, embowelled.

Even, to make even, or evident. Delily, adroitly, dexterously.

Drawn fox, one which is trailed over Even christian, fellow-clirisinn. Defy, to reject.

the ground, to deceive the hounds. Evils, jakes. Degrees, sleps. Draclımı, a Greek coin.

Exaniined, doubted. Delay, to let slip.

Dressings, appearances of virtue. Excellent 4 (Turcaces, distinguishes Demerits, merits. Drew, assembled.

cellencits. Deinurely, solemnly.

Drive, to tly with impetiiosity. Excrement, the beard.
Denay, denial.
Drollery, a puppet-shew.

Execute, to itse, or enrplos.
Denayed, denied.
Drugs, drudzes.

Executors, executioners.
Denier, a coin.
Drumble, to act lazily.

Exercise, exhortation.
Denude, to strip, direst.

Ducdarne, (quc ad me) bring him 10 Exhale, to breathe one's last. Deny, to refuse.

ine, the burt'ten of a song,

Exhaust, to draw forth,
Depart, to part.

Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger Exhibition, allowance.
Departing, separation.
Due, lo endue, to deck,

Exigent, end, exigenes.
Depend, to be in service
Duke, a leader.

Exorcisin, the ruising of spirits.
Deprive, to disinherit.
Dull, gentie sooling.

Expect, expectation,
Deracinate, to root up.
Duilard, a stupid person.

Expedience, expedition.
Derogate, degruled.
Dump, it mournful elegy.

Expedient, expeditious.
Descant, to brangue upon; also, a Duj, 10 do up, lo litt up.

Expediently, expeditiously. term in inusic. Dunb), to make silent.

Expostulate, to discuss. Descrved, dezerving.

Durance, some lasting kind of stuff. Exsufllicate, bubble-like. Design, to mark out.

Extend, to seize. Despatchai, berdi.


Extent, violence, seizure.
Detected, suspected.

Fager, (from aigre, Fr.) sour, harsh. Extern, external,
Dich, do it.
Canlinge, laints.

Extremity, calamity.
Dichon, Richard,
Eur, lo plough.

Expiate, to end.
Die, gaming.
Ear-kissing, whispering.

Exposture, exposure.
Diet, to compel to fast.
Eusy, slight, inconsiderable.

Express, to reveal.
Diffused, wild, irregular.
Eche, to eke out.

Expulsed, expelled.
Digress, to deviate from what is right. Eesusy, madness.

Extracting, distracting. Digression, transgression.

Effects, afiictions; also, actions, deeds Extravagunt, wundering, Dildo3, the burthen of u song.


Eyas musket, a young hawk
Dint, impression.
Eftest, readiest.

Cyases, nestlings.
Disable, io undervalue.
Esyrt, a gipsy.

Eylinds, eyes.
Disappointed, unprepared.

Eld, old time; also, aged persons. Erne, eyes.
Discandy, to disselve.
Element, initiation.

Eyry, a nest of hawks.
Disclose, to hatch.

Ell, done by elves, or fuiries. Eysel, vinegar,
Discontents, malcontents.

Elvish-Inarked, marked by elves.
Discourse, reason,
Emballing, distinguished by the ball,

Disense, uneasiness, discontent.

the emblem of royalty.

Face, to carry a foolish appearanca Diseases, sayings. Embare, to expose.

Face-royal, a privileged lace. Disgrace, hardship, injury.

Embarquemenis, impediments, Facinorous, wicked.
Dishabited, dislodged.

Embossed, inclosed, swollen, puffy. Fact, guilt.
Dislike, displease.
Embowelled, exhausted.

Factious, active,
Dislima, to unpaint, obliterate. Embraced, indulged in.

Faculty, exercise of power
Pisme, tenth, or tithe,
Empericutick, elapirical,

Fadge, to suit,

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Fadings, a dance.
Flibbertigibbet, a flend.

Generous, nobly bort.
Flickering, fluttering.

Gennets, Spanish horses,
Faithfully, fervently
Flight, a sort of shooting.

Genue, noble, high-bora.
Fain, fond.
Flote, wave.

Gentry, complaisance.
Fair, for fairness.

Flourish, to ornament ; also, to sanc- German, akin. Faltors, traitors.


Germins, seeds begun to sprout
Falsing, falsifying.
Flout, to wave in mockery

Gest, a stage or journey.
Falsely, illegally, dishonesty. Flush, mature.

Gib, a cat.
Familiar, a demon.
Foeman, an enemy in war

Giglot, a wanton.
Tancies and good-nights, little poems Foin, to thrust in fencing.

Gilder, a coin, value 2s.
so called
Foizon, plenty.

Gilt, gold money.
Fancy, love.
Folly, depravity.

Gimmal, a ring or engine.
Fancy-free, clear of love.

: Fond, foolish.

Ging, a gang. Fang, to seize.

Fools' zanies, baubles surmounted with Gird, a sarcasm. Fans, ancient

a fool's head.

Glaire, a sword.
Fantastical, imaginative.
Foot-cloth, horse-covering

Gleek, to joko.
Fantasticoes, affected persons. For, because.

Glib, to geld.
Fap, beaten, drunk.
Force, to stuff.

Glooming, gloomy.
Farced, stuffed.
Forced, false.

Gloze, to expound.
Fardel or Farthel, a burthen. Forbid, accursed.

Glut, to swallow. Fashions, the forcens, a disease of Fordid, destroyed.

Gnarled, knotty.
Fordo, to undo.

God 'ield you, God yield you.
Fat, dull.
Foredone, overcome.

Gongarian, Hungarian.
Favour, countenance:
Forfended, forbidden.

Good-deed, indeed.
Favours, fentures.
Forepast, already had.

Good-den, good evening.
Fear, to intimidate, danger.
Fore-slow, to loiter.

Good-jer, the venereal disease
Feared, afraid.
Forgetive, inventive.

Gorbellied, corpulent.
Fearful, timorous; also, formidable. Forked, horned.

Gospelled, puritanic.
Feat, dexterous.
Formal, in form.

Goss, furze.
Feated, made neat.
Former, foremost.

Gossamer, atoms that float in the sun
Feature, beauty,
Forspent, exhausted.

Federacy, confederate.
Forspokie, contradicted

Gourds, dice.
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow.
Forslow, delay,

Gouts, drops.
Feeder, a dependant.
Forwearied, worn out.

Go your gait, go away.
Feeding, maintenance.
Fox, a sword.

Grained, furrowed, like the grain of
Feere, or pheere, a companion. Foxship, mean, cunning

wood; also, died ingrain.
Feet, footing
Frampold, peevish,

Gramercy, great thanks.
Fell, skin.
Frank, a sty.

Grange, a lone farm house
Fell of hair, capilitium, any part cover. Franklin, a small freeholder Gratillity, gratuity.
ed with hair.
Frayed, frightened.

Grats, pleases.
Fell-leats, savage actions.
Free, artless.

Gratulate, to be rejoiced in.
Fence, the art of self-defence. Fret, the stop or a musical instrument. Grave, to entomb,
Feodary, a confederale.
Friend, a lover.

Grave-man, a man in his grave.
Festinately, hastily.

Friend, for friendship, to befriend. Graves or Greaves, leg-armour
Festival terms, elegant phrase. Frippery, an old clothes shop. Greasily, grossly.
Fet, fetched.
Frize, a Welch cloth,

Greek, a bawd.
Few, in brief.
From, in opposition to.

Greenly, unskilfully.
Fic , a terın of contempt.
Fronted, opposed.

Green-sleeves, an old song.
in the field of battle.
Frontier, forehead.

Grise or Grize, a step.
Fights, clothes hung round a ship to Frontlet, a forehead cloth

Grossly, palpably. conceal the men from the enemy. Frush, to break or bruise

Groundlings, those who sat or stood
File, a list.
Fulham, false dice.

on the ground in the old theatres ;
Filed, defiled.
Fulsome, obscene.

the common people.
Filed, gone an equal pace with. Furnishings, colours, pretences Guard, to fringe.
Fills, the shafts.
Fustilarian, fusty fellow.

Guarded, ornamented,
Filths, common sewery,

Fulfilling, filling to the brim Guerdon, a reward,
Finch egg, a gaudy fellow.
Full, complete.

Gules, (in heraldry) red.
Fine, the conclusion, to make shewy, Fumiter, fumitory,

Gull, the swallow, the throat artful. Furnished, dressed.

Guiled, treacherous. Fine issues, great consequences.

Guinea-hen, a prosutute. Fineless, boundless, endless.


Gun-stones, cannon balls.
Finer, final.
Gabardine, a loose coak

Gurnet, a fish.
Firago, for Virgo.

Gad, a sharp-pointed instrument. Gust, to taste. Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a fire. Gain-giving, miegiving

Gyve, to shackle. work. Gamester, a wanton.

Gyves, shackles.
Fire-new, quite new.

Gait, passage.
Firk, to chastise.
Galliard, a dance.

First-house, chier branch of the family. Galliasses, ships.

Hack, to become cheap.
Firstlings, first produce.
Gallimaufry, a medle.

Haggard, wild; also, wild hawk.
Fit, a division of a song.
Gallow, to scare.

Hair, complexion, or character.
Fitchew, a polecat.
Gallow-glasses, Irish tho soiliers,

Hall ! make room.
Fit of the face, a grimace.
Garboils, commotious

Happily, accidentally.
Fits of the season,
disorders of the sea- Gaping, shouting.

Happy, accomplished
Garish, gaudy.

Hardiment, bravery.
Fives, a distemper in horses. Garnered, treasured up

Harlocks, wild mustard.
Fixure, position.
Gasted, frighted.

Harlot, a male cheat.
Flap-dragon, inflammable stuff swal. Gaduy, a festival.

Harness, arinour.
lowed by topers.
Gaunt, meagre.

Harrows, subdues.
Flap-jack, a pancake.
Gawd, a bauble.

Harry, tó harrass.
Flaw, a sudden gust of wind. Gaze, attention,

Having, possessione.
Flecked, spotted, streaked.
Gear, things or matters.

Haviour, behaviour.
Fleet, for float.
Geck, a fool.

Haught, haughty.
Fleshment, performance.
General, generality.

Haughty, elevated
Flowed, deep-mouthed,
Generosity, high birthy

Halcyon, a birde


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