Uruguayans of Today

William Belmont Parker
Hispanic society of America, 1921 - 575 pàgines

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Pàgina 421 - Cuentos de amor, de locura y de muerte (1917); Cuentos de la Selva (1918); El salvaje (1920); Anaconda (1921); El Desierto (1924); La Gallina Degollada y otros cuentos (1925); Los Desterrados (1926); y Más Allá (1935).
Pàgina 328 - Calicut, having been rendered necessary, in consequence of the shortness of time and for other reasons, it has been decided to await further decisions...
Pàgina 218 - I've ever been is the moment I became a full-fledged American citizen. America has done everything for me." Gene Pope, with his vast wealth, has done a good deal for Italians, both Italian Americans and the peasants back home, and in addition to giving him a banquet in Rome they made him Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown of Italy and Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. As I left him and thanked him he told me I should be sure and go to see Ercole Locatelli, the Gorgonzola cheese king....
Pàgina 528 - ... religión o de filosofía jurídica y social o de pedagogía — la más leve claudicación de su actitud mental para abordar, esclarecer y, en su caso, resolver ninguna cuestión. Su bibliografía es muy amplia. He aquí la lista de sus principales obras: Curso de Psicología elemental. (1897). Ideas y observaciones. (1905). Los problemas de la libertad. (1907). Conocimiento y acción. En los márgenes de la "Experiencia religiosa
Pàgina 484 - Mayo -1916. —Montevideo, 1916. El libro y sus Enemigos. — Estudio sobre los insectos que invaden las bibliotecas, museos y archivos.
Pàgina 513 - I have been a member of the House of Representatives, and was a member of our last Constitutional Convention. " I have enjoyed good health, and cannot complain of my personal prosperity.
Pàgina 146 - July of the same year was elected a Member of the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons, and was at the head of the poll.
Pàgina 500 - ... separated from Prussia by the peace of Tilsit in 1807. By the command of the French intendant general, he went to Paris in September, 1807, at the head of a delegation of the states of the province and the administrative authorities. After his return, in December of the same year, he was made a member of the council of state ; and in February, 1808, he was appointed by the king ambassador to the court of Dresden. A dangerous inflammation of the lungs forced him to retire in April, 1810. He was...
Pàgina 149 - Oracion pagana, Montevideo, 1904; Parisianas, Montevideo, 1904; Psalmo a Venus Cavalieri, Montevideo, 1905; La onda azul, Montevideo, 1905; El amor y el divorcio, Montevideo, 1905; Diadema funebre, Montevideo, 1906; Don Juan...
Pàgina 287 - ... democracy under the leadership of the working class, we can solve national problems with the spirit of utter democracy and national equality and build true cooperation among the nationalities in the country. We most firmly hold that all nationalities in the country must be enabled to take an active part in the political life of the country as a whole, and at the same time they must be masters of their own affairs in accordance with the principle of regional autonomy for the nationalities and...

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