A Midsummer Madness

J.R. Osgood, 1884 - 395 pàgines

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Pàgina 48 - And not a moonbeam enters here. But they without its light can see The chamber carved so curiously, Carved with figures strange and sweet, All made out of the carver's brain, For a lady's chamber meet : The lamp with twofold silver chain Is fastened to an angel's feet.
Pàgina 50 - What's banished, but set free From daily contact with the things I loathe ? " Tried and convicted traitor ! " Who says this ? Who'll prove it, at his peril, on my head ? Banish'd ! I thank you for't.
Pàgina 18 - Cecile with a little patronising woman-of-the-world air stooped and kissed him first on one cheek and then on the other.
Pàgina 203 - ... So I understood. She is very pretty, but you are not going to marry her, are you ? ' ' No ; I am not.' ' And who is Miss Temple ? ' ' She is going to be married to Lord Montfort.' ' Diable ! But what a fortunate man ! What do you think of Miss Temple ? ' ' I think of her as all, I suppose, must.
Pàgina 377 - She did not answer his question — she could not answer it : she stayed silent for a moment or two, and then she only said in a strange voice — "Tell me what he said to you. If I am to hear it, let me hear it at once.
Pàgina 311 - I WANT You TO LOVE ME I want you to love me like I love you.
Pàgina 388 - Did you never see a group of half-adozen women, arch, brilliant, mutinous, discussing some subject in secret conclave with such avidity that you long to know what it is, believing the topic to be something racy, wicked, delicious?
Pàgina 33 - It is always too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold, never just right.
Pàgina 264 - He made an effort to speak, but no sound came from his lips. His hat had fallen to the floor, and he stooped and picked it up, then rose to his feet. " You are not going," said Fanny ;
Pàgina 123 - Ah, well ! it is so difficult to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove ! — to...

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