The Bozeman Trail, Volum 1


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Pāgina 247 - The United States hereby agrees and stipulates that the country north of the North Platte River and east of the summits of the Big Horn Mountains shall be held and considered to be unceded Indian territory, and also stipulates and agrees that no white person or persons shall be permitted to settle upon or occupy any portion of the same; or without the consent of the Indians first had and obtained, to pass through the same...
Pāgina 219 - Whitman was called to perform some very important surgical operations. He extracted an iron arrow, three inches long, from the back of Capt. Bridger, which was received in a skirmish three years before, with the Blackfeet Indians. It was a difficult operation, because the arrow was hooked at the point by striking a large bone, and a cartilaginous substance had grown around it. The doctor pursued the operation with great self-possession...
Pāgina 247 - ... the interest of the nation and of humanity, to put an end to this inhuman farce. The Peace Commission, the Indian Department, the military and the Indian make a balky team.
Pāgina 9 - A dirge for the brave old pioneer ! The patriarch of his tribe! He sleeps — no pompous pile marks where, No lines his deeds describe. They raised no stone above him here, Nor carved his deathless name — An empire is his sepulchre, His epitaph is Fame.* •The last stanza of this ode was written before Daniel Boone's monument had been erected.
Pāgina 219 - It is like the country we have passed through, an almost entire prairie, with some woods skirting the streams of water. The American Fur Company have between two and three hundred men constantly in and about the mountains, engaged in trading, hunting, and trapping. These all assemble at rendezvous...
Pāgina 219 - Missions appointed an exploring mission to that country, to ascertain by personal observation, the condition and character of the Indian nations and tribes, and the facilities for introducing the gospel and civilization among them.
Pāgina 195 - Think of it! I, who used to own rich soil in a well-watered country so extensive that I could not ride through it in a week on my fastest pony, am put down here!
Pāgina 230 - I had ever seen. I could see the north end of the Big Horn range, and away beyond the faint outline of the mountains beyond the Yellowstone. Away to the northeast the Wolf Mountain range was distinctly visible. Immediately before us lay the valley of Peneau creek, now called Prairie Dog creek, and beyond the Little Goose, Big Goose and Tongue River valleys, and many other tributary streams. The morning was clear and bright, with not a breath of air stirring. The old Major, sitting upon his horse...
Pāgina 195 - I don't see why the Government changes our Agents. When one Agent gets rich at his trade of looking after us and has about all he wants, he may stop his stealing and leave us the property which belongs to us, if he keeps his place. But when one man grows fat at our expense, he is removed and a lean man sent to take his place, and we must fill his belly till he is fat also, and give way to another lean one!
Pāgina 222 - I have established a small fort with a blacksmith shop and a supply of iron in the road of the emigrants on Black's Fork of Green river which promises fairly. They, in coming out, are generally well supplied with money, but by the time they get there are in want of all kinds of supplies.

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