Imatges de pÓgina

Shakspeare, query of, 30-medico-chi-
rurgical commentary on, 234-on the
virtues of music, 286
Sherwell, Captain, 389
Ships, additional remarks on the stowage
of, 96

Silica, sulphuret of, 195
Silicaria, animal of the, 438

Silliman's Journal, quoted, 192, 200,


Simeon, M., 421

Simpson, Mr., engineer, 354

Singer, Mr., on the fictile vases of the
ancients, 384

Skinker, Miss, Tannakin, 37

Smart, Mr., on the audible qualities of
speech, 380

Smoke disperser of M. Millet, 398
Snow, red, examination of, 208
Sodium, remarks on, 412
Soil, influence of woods on its fertility,


Soklen, Count De, 430

South, Dr., poem by, 288

South Sea Islands, articles from, 378
Sparmann, Dr., his observations on the
hyæna, 213

Speech, audible qualities of, 380
Spicula, microscopic, 201
Spider, gossamer, 205
Spiders, instinct of, 206
Spiricella, description of, 440
Starch, experiments on, 415-prepara-
tion of sugar from, 418

Stars, fixed, lunar occultations of the,


Statistics, medical, elements of, 243
Steam-engine, French claim to its dis-
covery, 156

on the early history of, 322
Storms and earthquakes, 436
Street names, enamelled, 399
Stroef, M., 186

Sugar, solutions of, their specific gravity,



preparation of, from starch, 418
Sulphur, cyanide of, 189

method of detecting arsenic in,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Weber, Professor, 206

Weevils, destruction of, in granaries,


Weinrich, M., 418

Wells, Dr., 245

Welter, experiments of, 64
Weston, C.H., Esq. his geological notices
of St. Helena, 101-on the manufac-
ture of indigo, 296
Westphalia, fulgorites in, 202
Wheat flour, detection of potatoe starch
in, 399-adulteration of, ibid.
Wheatstone, Mr., on phonics, 379
Wind, influence of woods on the, 95.
Windsor Forest, mineral springs in, ana-
lyzed, 89

Wine must, preservation of, 418
Wire, ignition of, by voltaic electricity,


Wirgmann, M., jun. 437

[blocks in formation]


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