A new theoretical and practical grammar of the French tongue

Weed and Rider, 1818 - 468 pàgines

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Passatges populars

Pàgina 455 - ... after having bathed, he sat down to supper with great cheerfulness, or at least (what is equally heroic) with all the appearance of it. In the meanwhile the eruption from Mount Vesuvius flamed out in several places with much violence, which the darkness of the night contributed to render still more visible and dreadful.
Pàgina 455 - But my uncle in order to soothe the apprehensions of his friend assured him it was only the burning of the villages, which the country people had abandoned to the flames; after this he retired to rest, and it is most certain he was so little discomposed as to fall into a deep sleep, for being pretty fat and breathing hard, those who attended without actually heard him snore.
Pàgina 453 - ... immediately arose and went out upon an eminence, from whence he might more distinctly view this very uncommon appearance. It was not...
Pàgina 453 - He was, at that time, with the fleet under his command, at Misenum. On the 24th of August, about one in the afternoon, my mother desired him to observe a cloud, which appeared of a very unusual size and shape. He had 324 just returned from taking the benefit of the sun, and, after bathing himself in cold water, and taking a slight repast, was retired to his study.
Pàgina 453 - Providence has distinguished with the abilities either of doing such actions as are worthy of being related, or of relating them in a manner worthy of being read ; but doubly happy are they who are blessed with both these uncommon talents...
Pàgina 455 - The court which led to his apartment being now almost filled with stones and ashes, if he had continued there any time longer, it would have been impossible for him to have made his way out ; it was thought proper, therefore, to awaken him. He got up, and went to Pomponianus and the rest of his company, who were unconcerned enough to think of going to bed.
Pàgina 453 - I cannot give you a more exact description of its figure than by resembling it to that of a pine-tree ; for it shot up a great height in the form of a trunk, which extended itself at the top into a sort of branches...
Pàgina 452 - YOUR request that I would send you an account of my uncle's death, in order to transmit a more exact relation of it to posterity, deserves my acknowledgments ; for, if this accident shall be celebrated by your pen, the glory of it, I am well assured, will be rendered forever illustrious.
Pàgina 453 - ... at the top into a sort of branches ; occasioned, I imagine, either by a sudden gust of air that impelled it, the force of which decreased as it advanced upwards, or the cloud itself, being pressed back again by its own weight, expanded in this manner; it appeared sometimes bright and sometimes dark and spotted, as it was either more or less impregnated with earth and cinders.
Pàgina 460 - ... can be more agreeable than travelling in Holland. The •whole country appears' a large garden ; the roads are well paved, shaded on each side with rows of trees, and bordered with large canals, full of boats passing and repassing. (Every twenty paces gives you)f the prospect of some villa, and every four hours that of a large town, so surprisingly-' neat, I am sure you would be charmed with them.

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