Imatges de pÓgina

II. 2.

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II. 3.

Sudden the mantling cliff, the arching wood, Hears not the mourner's unavailing moan:
The broider'd mcad, the landíkip, and the grove. Heart-pierc'd he bleeds ; and, itung with sid
Hills, vales, and tkr-dipt seas, and torrents rude, despair,
Grots, rills, and thades, and bow'rs that breath'd Bares his time-blasted head, and tears his file
of lore,

All burft to right! while glancing on the view,
Titania's sporting train bruth'd lightly o'er the Where the rock totters o'er the hcadiong deep;

Lo! on yon long-resounding shore, dew,

What phantoms bath'd in infant gore

Stand inutt'ring on the dizzy steep!
The pale-eyed Genins of the shade

Their murmur shakes the zephyr's wing!
Led thy bold ftep to Prosper's magic bow'r ; The form obeys their pow'sful spell;
W'hose voice the howling winds obey'd, Sec, from his gloomy cell
Whose dark spell chain'd the rapid hour : Fierce Winter starts his scorvling eye
Then rose ferene the sca-girt ille;

Blots the fair mantle of the breathing Spring, Gay scenes, by Fancy's touch refin'd,

And lowers along the ruffled sky. Glow'd to the musing mind :

To the deep vault the yelling harpies runo; Such visions bless the hermit's circam,

Its yawning mouth receives th' infernal crew. When hovering angels prompt his placid smile, Dim thro' the black gloom winks the glimn.eng Or paint some high ccítatic theme.

fun, Then Aam'd Miranda on th' enraptur'd gaze, And the pale furnace gleams with brimstone blue. Then fail'd bright Ariel on the bat’s fleet wing: Hell howls; and fiends thac join the dire Or ttarts the list ning throng in ftill amaze, Dance on the bubbling tide, and point the di The wild note trembling on th' aŭrial fring!

flame. The form, in heaven's refpondent vesture gay, Floats on the mantling cloud, and pours the But, ah ! on Sorrow's cypress bough melting lay

Can Beauty breathe her genial blooms

On Death's cold check will passion glow? Oh lay me near yon limpid stream,

Or Music warble from the tomb? Whose murmur ths the ear woe!

There Meeps the Bard, whose tuneful tongue There in fome sweet poetic drcain

Pour'd the full stream of mazy song.
Let Fancy's bright Elysium glow !

Young Spring, with lip of ruby, here
'Tis done-o'er all the blushing mead Show'rs from her lap the blufhing year;
The dark wood shakes his cloudy head; While along the tarf reclin'd,
Below, the lily-fringed dale

The loose wing swimming on the wind,
Breathes its mild fragrance on the gale ; The Loves, with forward gesture bold,
While, in pastime all-unseen,

Sprinkle the fod with spangling gold; Titania rob’d in mantle green

And oft the blue-eyed Graces trim Sports on the mossy-bank : her train

Dance lightly round on downy limb; Skims light along the glearning plain;

Cft too, when eve demure and still Or to the flutt'ring breeze unfold

Chequers the green dale's purling rill, The blue wing streak'd with beamy geld; Sweet Fancy pours the plaintive fraio ; Its pinions op'ning to the light!-

Or, wrapt in joothing dream, Say, bursts the vision on my fight'

By Avon's ruffled ftrcam, Ah, no! by Shakespeare's pencil drawn, Hears the low-murmuring gale that dies alorges The beauteous shapes appear; While meek-eyed Cynthia near

$ 121. Ode 10 Time : occafioned 1, fering * Illumes with strcamy ray the silver-mantlcd lawnt. Ruins of an Old Castle. OGILVIE. III. I.

I. But, hark! the tempest bowls afar!

THOU who, mid the world-involving gloss Burits the loud whirlwind v'er the pathless waste! Sittit on yon solitary fpire ! What cherub blows the trump of war?

Or Nowly shak'rt the sounding dome, What demon rides the formy blast?

Or hear'ít the wildly-warbling iyre ; Red from the lightning's livid blaze,

jay, when thy musing soul The bleak heath rushes on the sight;

Bids difiant times.unroll, 'Then wrapt in sudden night

And marks the flight of each revolving year, Diffolves. -- But, ah! what kingly form Of years whose soit-consuming pow'r Roams the lone dcfert's dcfolated maze i Has clad with moss yon leaning tow's, Unaw'd, nor heeds the sweeping storm? That faw the race of Glory run, Ye palc-eyed lightnings, spare the check of age! i hat maik d Ambition's setting fun, Vain with tho'anguish heaves the bursting groan, That thonk old Empire's tow'ring pride, Evaf as the flint, the marble ear of rage That fivept them down the floating tide* Ariel: see the Tempeft.

+ See the Midsummer Night's Dream. $ The Witches in Macbeth.


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* Lez.

I. 2.

II. 3.


Say, when these long-unfolding scenes appcar, The vale where musing Quiet treads, Streams down thy hoary check the pity-darting The flow'r-clad lains, and bloomy meads, tear ?

Or strcams where zephyr loves to ftray

Beneath the pale eve's twinkling ray ;
Caft o'er yon trackless waste thy wand'ring eye: Or waving woods detain the figlit--
Yon hill, whose gold-illumin'd brow

When from the gloomy cave of night
Juft trembling thro' the bending iky,

Some cloud sweeps shadowy o'er the dusky skies,
O'erlooks the boundless wild below,

And wraps the flying scene, that fades, and livim.,
Once bore the branching wood

and dies.
That o'er yon murmuring food
Hung wildly waving to the ruftling gale ; Lo! rising from yon dreary tomb,
The naked heath with moss o'ergroin,

What spectres stalk across the gloom!
That hears the lone owl's nightly inoan, With haęgard eyes, and visage pale,
Once bloom'd with fummer's copious store, And voice that moans with tecbic wail!
Once rais'd the lawn-bespangling flow'r ; O'er yon long resounding plain
Or heard some lover's plaintive lay,

Slowly moves the folemn train;
When bv pale Cynthia's filver ray

Wailing wild with Bricks of woe
All wild he wander'd o'er the lonely dale, O'er the bones that reft below!
And taught the lift'ning moon the melancholy tale. While the dull night's startled car
1. 3.

Shrinks, aghast with thrilling fear!
Ye wilds where heaven-rapt Fancy roves !

Or stand with thin robes wasting soon,
Ye fk • crown'd hills, and folemn groves ! And eyes that blast the sick’ning moon!
Ye low-brow'd vaults, ye gloomy cells !

Yet there, ere Time had roll'd their years way,
Ye cases where night-bred Silence dwells ! Fre Death's fell arm had mark'd its aim,
Ghosts that in yon lonely hall

Ruld yon proud tow'rs with ample sway,
Lightly glance along the wall;

Beheld the trembling (wains obey,
Or beneath yon ivy'd tow'r,

And wrought the glorious deed that swell'd the
At the silent midnight hour,

trump of Fame.
Stand array'd in spotless white,

And stain the dulky robe of Night;

But why o'er these indulge the bursting ligh?
Or with low solemn pauses roam

Feels not cach Ihrub the tempest's pow'r?
O'er the long-founding hollow dome!

Rocks not the dome when whirlwinds fly?
Say, mid yon dcfert folitary round,

Nor shakes the hill when thunders roar
When darkness wraps the boundless spheres, Lo! mould'ring, wild, unknown,
Does ne'er some dilimal dying found

What fanes, what tow'rs o'crthrown,
On Night's dull terious car rebound, [years : What tumbling chaos marks the waste of Time?
That mourns the ceaseless lapte of life-consuming I see Palmyra's temples fall;

Old Ruin thakes the hanging wall!
O call th' inpiring glorious hour to view, Yon waste where roaming lions howl,
When Calezionia's martial train

Yon aiile where moans the grey-eyed owl,
From yon fteep rock's high-arching brow Shows the proud Persian's great abode* ;
Pour'd on the heart-struck flying Dane ! Where sceptred once, an earthly god !
When War's blood-tinctur'd spear

His pow'r-clad arin controul'd cach happier clime, Hung o'er the trembling rear; [flight : Where sports the warbling Muse, and Fancy luars When light-heelid Terror wing'd their headlong sublime. Yon tow'rs then rung with wild alarms!

Yon defert gleam'd with shining arms ! Hark! what dire found rolls murm’ring on the
While on the bleak hill's brightning spire Ah! what soul-thrilling scene appcars [gale :
Bold Viet'ry Ram'd, with eyes of fire ;

I see the column'd arches fail!
Her limbs celestial robes infold,

And structures hoar, the boast of years !
Her wings were ting d with spangling gold, What mould'ring piles decay'd
She spoke-her words infus'd refittlefs might, Gleam thro' the moon-ftreak'd shade,
And warm'd the bounding heart, and rous d the Where Rome's proud Genius riar'd her awful
foul of fight.

Sad monument !- ambition near [brow !

Rolls on the dust, and pours a tear ;
But, ah! what hand the smiling prospect brings ? Pale Honour drops the Autt'ring plume,
What voice recalls th’expiring day?

And Conquest weeps o'er Cæsar's tomb;
Sce, darting Twift on eagle-wings,

Slow Patience fics with eye depreit,
The glancing moment bursts away!

And Courage beats his lobbing breast;
So from some mountain's head,

Ev’n War's red check the gufhing streams o'crlow,
In mantling gold array'd,

And Fancy's litt’ning ear attends the plaint of
While bright-eyed Fancy stands in fiveet surprise : Woc.




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Rapt Contemplation stalks along, Lo, on yon pyramid sublime,

ind hears the flow clock's pealing tongue; Whence lies Old Egypt's desert clime,

Or, mid the dun discolour'd gloom,
Bleak, naked, wild ! where ruin low'rs, Sits on some hero's peaceful tomb,
Mid fanes, and a recks, and tumbling tow'rs : Chrows Life’s gay glittring robe aside,
On the steep height waste and bare,

And tramples on the neck of Pride.
Stends the Pow'r with hoary hair!

Oft shelter'd by the rambling sprays, O'er his fathe he bends; his hand

Lead! o'er the forelt's winding maze; Slvly flakes the flowing land,

Where, thro' the mandling boughs, afar While the hours, and airy ring,

Glimmers the filver-streaming star; Lightly fit with downy wing,

And, shower'd from ev'ry ruftling blade, And fap the works of man; and shade

The lonte light floats alo:g the shade: With Hilver'd locks his furrow'd head;

So hov'ring o'er the human scene Thence rolls the mighry pow'r his broad survey, Gay Pleasure Sports with brow ferene : And seals the nations' awful doom :

By Fancy beam'd, the glancing ray He fees proud grandeur's meteor ray;

Shoots, flutters, gleares, and fleets away: He yields to joy the festive day;

Unsettled, dubious, refless, blind, I hun sweeps the length 'ning Thade, and marks Floats all the busy buftling mind; them for the tomb,

While Mum'ry's unstain'd leaves retain
No trace from all th' idcal train.

But tee the landscape op’ning fair

Invites to breathe the purer aii! § 123. Ode to Evening OGILVIE.

Oh when the cou Nip-frented gale

Shakes the light dew-drop o'er the dale, MEEK Pow'r, whose balmy-sinicn'd sale When on her amber-dropping bed

Steals o'er the flow'r-ename!I'd dale ! Loofe Easc reclines her downy head; Whole voice in gentle whi'pers near

How blest! by fairy-haunted stream Oft sighs to Qilict's lift'ning ear;

To inelt in mild ecitatic dream! As on her downy couch at reft,

Die to the pictur'd with, or hear By Thought's inspiring visions blen

(Breath'd loft on Fancy's trembling ear) She fits, Fith white-rob'd Silence nigh,

Such lays by angel-harps refin'd, And muling heaves her serious eye,

As half unchain the futu'ring mind, To mark the flow fun's glimm'ring ray, When on life's edge it eyes the shore, To catch the last pale gleam of day;

And all its pinions stretch to foar. Or sunk in swect repole, unknown

Lo! where the fun's broad orb withdrawn Lies on the wild hill's van alone;

Skirts with pale gold the dusky lawn) ; And fees thy gradual pencil flow

While, led by ev'ry gentler pow'r, Along the heaven-illumin`d bow.

Steals the flow, folemn, muling hour.
Come, Nymph demure, with mantle blue, Now from the green hill's purple brow
Thy treffes bath'd in balmy dew,

Let me nark the feene below;
With liep smooth sliding o'er the grcen, Where feebly glancing thio' the gloom
The graces breathing in thy mich;

Yon myrtle shades the filent tomb:
And thy vesture's gather'd fold

Not far, beneath the evening beam Girt with a zone of circling gold ;

The dark lake rolls his azure ftram, And bring the harp, whole lolumn ftring Whole breast the swan's white plumes divide, Dies to the wild wind's murmring wing; Slow-sailing o'er the floating tide. And the Nymph, whose eye feiene

Groves, meads, and (pires, and forests bare, Marks the calm, breathing woodland scene ; Shont gliminuing thro' the misty air; Thought, mountain sage! who loves to climb, Dim as the vision-pictur'd bow'r And haunts the dark rock's timmit dimi Tha gilds thc loint's expiring hour, Let Fancy falec.n-wing'd be near:

When, sapt io ecstasy, his eye And through the cloud-envelop'd (phere,

1.o.oks thro' the blue ethereal sky, Where muling roams Retirement hoar, All heaven untolding to his fight! Lull'd by the torrent's diftane roar,

Gay forms that livini in Hoods of ligt! Ch bid with trembling light to glow

The fun-par'd fionr, the balmy clime, The raven-plume that crowns his brow. The ruby-l caming dome fublime,

Lo, where thy meek.eved train atiend! The tow'rs in glitt ring pomp Queen of the folemn thought, defiend!

The bright scene hoveis o'er his bed: O hide me in romantic bow'rs!

He starts- but from his eager gaze Cr lead my step to ruin'd toiv'rs !

Black ciouds obscure the letteoing rays; M'here gicaming thro’ the chinh y drop

On mem'ry still the scene is wroughi, The pile ray gilds the moulderid nuor: And lives in Facy's featur'd thouslic. bile beneath the hallow'd pile,

On the airy mount recun'd Truep in the deteni shricking ile,

What willes footh thic muling mind!




How soft the velvet lap of Spring!

“ Hail, Innocence! celestial maid! How sweet the Zephyr’s violet wing!

What joys thy bluthing charms reveal ! Goddess of the plaintive song,

“ Sweet as the arbour's cooling shade, That leads the melting heart along!

" And milder than the vernal gale. Oh bid thy voice of genial pow'r

“ On Thee attends a radiant choir, Reach Contemplation's lonely bow'r ;

“ Soft-liniling Peace, and downy Rest; And call the fage with tranced light

““ With Love, that prompts the warbling lyre; To climb the mountain's steepy height; " And Hope, that fooths the throbbing hreatt, To wing the kindling with, or spread

" Oh sent from heaven to haunt the grove,
O'er Thought's palc cheek enliv’ning red;
Come, hoary Pow'r with serious eye,

" Where squinting Envy ne'er can come ! Whose thought explores yon distant sky;

“ Nor pines the cheek with luckless love, Now when the busy world is still,

“ Nor Anguilh chills the living bloom. Nor pallion tempts the way’ring will,

“ But spotless Beauty, rob’d in white, When sweeter hopes each pow'r controul, “ Sits on yon inoss-grown hill reclin'd; And quiet whispers to the font,

“ Serene as heaven's unsullied light, Now tweep from life th' illusive train

“And pure as Delia's gentle mind. That dance in Folly's dizzy brain :

“ Grant, Hcavenly Pow'r! thy peaceful sway Be Reason's fimple draughe portray'd,

“ May still my ruder thoughis controul; Where blends alternate light and shade;

“ Thy hand to point my dubious way,
Bid dimpied Mirth, with thought belied,

“ Thy voice to footh the incltirg soul.
Sport on the bubble's glitt'ring fide;
Bid Hope pursue the distant boon,

“ Far in the shady sweet retreat
And Phrenly watch the fading moon;

“ Let Thought beguile the ling'ring hour; Paint Superstition's starting eye,

" Let Quiet court the mosły seat, And Wit that leers with gesture Ny ;

“And twining olives form the bow'r.
Let Cenfure whet her venom'd dart,

" Let dove-eyed Peace her wreath bestow,
And green eyed Envy gnaw the heart; " And oft sit lift’ning in the dale,
Let Pleasure lie op flow'rs reclin'd,

" While Night's liveet warbler from the bough While Anguilh aims her shaft behind.

• Tells to the grove her plaintive tale. Hail, Sive lublime, whose hallow'd cave

• Soft as in Delia's snowy breaft, Howls to the hoarse deep's dashing wave;

“ Let cach consenting pallion move ; Thee Solitude to Phobus bore,

" Let Angels watch its filcnt reli,
Far on the lone deserted shore,

5. And all its blissful dreams be Love !"
Where Orellano's rushing tide
Roars on the rock's projected fide.
Hence bursting o'er thy ripen'd mind,
Beams all the father's thought refind:

§ 124. Morning; or, Tbe Complaint. An Ame-
rican Eclogue.

Hence oft, in silent vales unteen,
Thy footsteps print the fairy green;


AR from the favage bandit's fierce alarms, Or thy soul melts to strains of woe,

Or distant din of horrid despot's arms,
That from the willow's quiv'ring bough Tho' Pennsylvania boasts her peaceful plain,
Siveet warbling breathe--the zephyrs round

Yet there in blood her petty tyrants reign.
O'er Dee's smooth current waft the found,

With waving pines tho' vocal woods he crown d,
When soft on bending ofiers laiu

And itream-fed vales with living wealth abound,
The broad sun trembling thro' the bed ; To golden fields tho' ripening rays defcend,
All wild thy heav'n-rapt Fancy strays,

With blushing fruit tho' loaded branches bend;
Led thro' the foul-diffolving maze;

To those who ne'er must freedom's blessings taste,
Till Slumber downy-pinion'd, near

'Tis barren all, 'tis all a worthless waste.
Plants her strong fetiocks on thy ear;
The foul unfetter'd burits away,

While hoarse the cataract murmur'd on the gale,
And balks enlarg'd in beamy day.

And chilling dew's swept thro' the murky dale;
Along the hills the dismal tempest howl'd,

And lightnings fath'd, and deepthe thunder rolld; § 123. Ode to Innocence. OGILVIE.

Beneath a leafless tree, ere morn arote,

Che llave Adala thus laments his wires :
'TWAS when the flow.declining ray
Had ting'd the cloud with evening gold;

Ye grilly spectres, gather round my feat,
No warbler pour'd the melting lay,

From caves unbleft, that wretches groans repeat!
No found disturb’d the sleeping fold:

Terrific forms, from mifty lakes arile!

And bloody mercors threaten thro' the skies !
When by a murm’ring rill reclin'd

Oh curs'd deftroyers of our hapless race,
Sat wrapt in thought a wand'ring fivain; Of human kind ehe terror and disgrace
Calm peace compos'd his muling mind; Lo! hosts of duiky captives, to my view,
And thus le rais'd the tiowing train:

Demand a deep revenge! demand their due!


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And frowning chiefs now dart athwart the gloom,, To till his glebe employs Arcona's care,
And o’er the falt tea wave pronounce your doom : Fo Naftai's God he nightly makes his pray'r;
But Gods are just, and of the stroke forbcar, His mind at ease, of Christian truths he'll boati-
To plunge the guilty in renfold despair. He has no wife, no lovely oifi pring loft.

Lift high the fcourge, my foulthe rack disdains; Gay his savannah blooms, while mine appears

for freedom and my nause plains ! Scorch'd up with hcat,or moist with blooland tears. With limbs benumb’d my poor companions lie; Chcerful his hearth in chilling winter burns, Oppreis d by pain and want the aged figh;

While to the storin the sad Adala mourns. Thro' reedy hits the driving tempest pours, Lift high the scourge, ins foul the rack difaias; Their fefturing wounds receive the sickly show'rs; I pant for freedom and my native plaias! In madd’ning draughts our lords their lenfos steep, And doom their flaves to stripes and death in sleep, And wait for justice on avether short?

Shall I his holy prophet's aid implore, Now, while the bitter blaft Turrounds my head, Or, rushing down yon mountain's craggy freego To times long past my reftlcfs foul is led, Far, far beyond the azure hills, to groves

£nd all my sorrows in the fullen deep:

A cliff there hangs in yon grey morning cloud, Of ruddy fruit, where beauty feariets rovesoblitsful fears! O feif-approving joys!

The dathing wave beneath roars harth and loud

But doubts and fears involve my anxious mind. Nature's plain dictatis! ignorance of vice! O guilters hours! Our cares and wants were few, Dubious, if sent beyond th' expanded inain,

The gulf of death once pass’d, what thore we ind No arts of luxury or deceit we knew.

This foul shall seek its native realms again : Our labour, sport--!0 fend our coitage care, Or from the palm the luscious juice prepare;

Or if in gloomy mists condemn'd to lie,

Beyond the limits of yon arching sky. To fit indulging love's delufive drcain,

A better prospect oft my spirit cheers, And Inare the filver tenants of the stream;

And in my dreams the vale of peace appears, Or (nobler toil!) to aim the deadly blow

And fleeting visions of my former life:
With dext'rous art against the spotted foe ;
O days with youthful daring marka! 't was then And oft í kifs my gentle babes in sleep,

Mly hoary fire I clasp, my long-loft wife,
I dragg'd the shaggy mouster from his den,

Till with the sounding whip I'm wak'd to weer And bridly down the rocky mountain's fide Hurld the grimm panther in the foaming tide.

Lift high the scourge, my soultherack disdain; Our healthful sports a daily feat afford,

I paut for freedom and my native plains ! And even still found us the social board.

Chiefs of the earth, and monarchs of the fea, Can I forget, ah me! the fatal day,

Who vaunt your hardy ancestors were free; When half the vale of peace was fivept away!

Whole teachers plead th' oppress'd and injurd's

cause, Th' affrighted maids in vain the gods implore, And weeping view from far the happy shore ;

And prove the wisdom of your prophet's laws; The frantic dames impatient ruíñans seize,

To force and fraud if justice must give place, And infauts fhriek, and claiptheir mothers' knees; 1 You're dragg'd to llavery by some rougher race.

Some With galling fetters foon their limbs are bound,

rougher race your flocks thall force away, And gioans throughout the noisome bark resound. Like A fric's sons your children muft obey;

The Why was I bouni! why did not Whydalı see

very Gods that view our constant toil, Adala gain or death or victory!

Shall see your offspring till a ruder foil, No storis arise, no waves revengeful roar,

The pain of thirit and pinching hunger know, To dash the montiers on our injur'd shore.

And all the torments that from bondage flow, Long o'er the foaming dep to worlds unknown, The Tweets of peace, the lasting joys of love.

When,farremov'd from Christian worlds, we prore By envious winds the bulky velfel's blown, While by disease and chains the weak expire,

But, hark! the whip’s harsh echo thro'the trees! Or parch'd endure the flow consuming fire.

On every trembling limb freih horrors seizeWho'd in this land of many sorrows live,

Alas! 'uis morn, and here I Git aloneWhere death 's the only comfort tyrants give?

Be strong, my foul, and part without a groan! Tyrants unbles! Each proud of itrict cominand, Ruffians, proceed ! Adala ne'er thall swerve, Nor age nor sickness holds the iron liand;

Prepare the rack, and strain each aching nerre! Whose hearts, in adamant involv'd, despise Lift high the scourge, my soulthcrack disdains; The drooping feinale's tears, the infant's cries, 1


for freedom and my native plains. From whose (tern browsno gratefullcok e'er beams, Thou God, who gild'st with light the rifing day! Whose blushless front nor rape nor murder shames. Who life difpenteft by thy genial ray!

Nor all I blame; for Nasial, friend to peace, Will thy Now vengeance never, never fall,
Thro' his wide pastures bids opprellion ceale **; But undistinguish'd favour shine on all ?
No drivers goad, no galling ferters bind, O hear a suppliant wretch's last, sad pray'r!
Nor stern compulsion damps th' cxalted mind. Dart fiercest rage! infect the ambient air!
There strong Arcona 's fated to enjoy

This pallid raci, whose hearts are bound in ftoch, Domestic sweets, and rear his progeny; By dint of suflering teach them how to feel. * The Quakers in America have set free all their Negroes, and allow them wages as other servants.


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