Imatges de pÓgina

« Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow, « Amid the verdant landskip flow.

« Tho' in the paths of Death I tread, " With gloomy horrors overspread, « My stedfast heart shall fear no ill, “ For thou, O Lord, art with me still ; “ Thy friendly crook shall give me aid, " And guide me through the dreadful shades

« Tho' in a bare and rugged way, " Through devious lonely wilds I stray, « Thy bounty shall my pains beguile : * The barren wilderness shall smile, " With sudden greens and herbage crown'd, " And streams shall murmur all around.“


The relation of an adventure, from which may be derived much of interesting amusement, but more of important instruction.

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“ The wintry west extends his blast,

" And hail and rain does blow;
“ Or the stormy north sends driving forth

« The blinding sleet and snow:
“ While tumbling brown, the burne comes downe,

" And roars frae bank to brae;
" And bird and beast in covert rest

“ And pass the heartless day."

The storm grew more and more impetuous, and I now began, for the first time, seriously to repent my having valued the old woman's wholesome advice so slightingly. She had earnestly re. quested that I would not attempt to cross the stu. pendous mountains, upon whose barren heaths I now wandered in doubt and painful uncertainty, at least until I could have the light of day to assist me in my toilsome route.

But I was now too far on my way to think of returning, and, indeed, had I been so inclined, I was not able to trace back


footsteps through the darksome night.

The moon's pale lustre faintly streamed

that thickened from the north, and rolled over the heaving billows of the ocean, which undulated its black expanse into the deep gloom upon my right, through which, ever and anon, glared the quivering flame of far distant lightning, while the hoarse rumbling of remote thunder, growled in triumph over trembling nature.

The storm rolled onward, and the furious whirlwind raved amongst the forest oaks, and hurled aloft their mighty arms.

The black pines that crowned the mountains towering height with sable plumes, nodded o'er the rocks below, and frowned terrific on the gloomy scene.

Alone, and surrounded by contending ele. ments, that seemed to convulse heaven and carth, I urged my steed to his utmost speed, and soon found myself upon the summit of a very lofty mountain, around which the nor. thern blast blew fiercely keen, and whistled o'er the barren heath.

I was now upon one of the loftiest mountains of the Highlands of Scotland, and so gradual had been my ascent, that I was astonished to find myself suddenly elevated high above

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