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“ will march, with the detachment under your “ command, to Mandwa, the capital of the Gra“ cians, and there endeavour to secure the per" son of Gomang Singh, the Gracian chief.

tain, together with his Vizier, and the prin

cipal persons of his court, who have lately " committed the most insolent outrages, and " wanton cruelties, throughout the districts

belonging to the Honourable Company, and “ which are placed under my care.

“ If you succeed in your attempt of seizing " the Gracian chief, or any of his principal

people, you will please to send them under a

proper guard to Dhuboy, that I may oblige " them to give ample security for their future

good behaviour, and settle such other pre“ liminaries as are requisite, previous (to their


“ You will, in the mean while, with the re" mainder of the detachment, continue at “ Mandwa, 'till you receive further notice from me, or the chief and council of Baroche.

If you should not have the good fortune to * succeed in the principal object of the expedi“ tion, by seizing the Gracias chief, you are to " make yourself master of the town, and remain

" there with the whole detachment until you " receive further orders. So soon as you are “ possessed of the town and citadel, you will

immediately issue out strict orders, that the “ inhabitants are, upon no account, to be plun“ dered or otherwise ill-treated; but on the

contrary, provided they submit, you are to
assure them, in the fullest manner, of the
Company's protection.
· Wishing you success,

“ I am, &c. &c. The following letter will also show, in the most satisfactory manner, that the British autho. rity is not always abused in the East Indies. To Kessoor Khaun, Chief of the Vazeria

Gracias. After the Oriental Compliments. During three years that I have resided in a public character at the city of Dhuboy, I have

too frequently had occasion to complain of " the numerous robberies, insults, and cruelties “ which have been committed by your subjects “ in the districts under my care ; but I am sorry

to observe that all my expostulatory letters “ have been written in vain.

“ Some months ago you sent your Vizier to me, to apologize for your conduct, and to assure me of

your anxious desire to live on terms of friendship with the English; notwithstanding which, your troops are perpetu.

ally making incursions into our territories, " and plundering the harmless villagers of their


“ The whole of my conduct, since I have “ resided here, must have convinced you of the

lenity of the English laws and inhabitants, and

must also have assured you of my ardent v desire to live in bonds of amity with all the

surrounding nations, however opposite their “ mode and forms of government might be; but " the various tribes of Gracias will not permit

Either the one or the other of their Rajahs (as you are pleased to style yourselves)

are continually sending out parties to rob and v murder.

“ I have too long submitted to this injurious

treatment from all your monarchs. But the “ behaviour of the Mandwa Prince, who is the

most powerful of ail your chiefs, having “ exceeded all the bounds of humanity, has " at length brought down that terrible


vengeance which has been so long with. * held.

I have been compelled to send a powerful “ army and take his capital town. The surprise

was so complete, that he narrowly escaped “ from his bed, and instantly fled into the depth “ of his mountains; but his wives, his daughters, " and all his family, are now captives in Dhu

boy, where they shall be honourably treated ;

nor need they have determined on self de “ struction if brought into my presence, for I “ have two much feeling for the delicacy of " their sex, and two great a respect for their “ rank, and sympathy for their unhappy situa" tion, than to add to their misfortunes, by oblig.

ing them to any action unbecoming their peculiar cast or religion.

" I assure you, I have neither seen them nor " shall I attempt it, since they have affirmea,

by being brought into my presence they shall • lose their cast, and will in consequence in- . stantly destroy themselves.

They are kept as prisoners, only the more " effectually to oblige the lawless chief to offer

proper terms of peace, which I shall be ready " at all times to attend to, provided the most

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“ respectable security is given; and no other

security than Bhauts of the very first cha“racter will I accept from any Gracias.

I once more offer


and friend. ship, before I command the very same army " to march against your capital towns of Vaes zeria, and Valeria. Send a proper ambassador "' to treat with me; for all I want is the ** Bhaut's security for your future peaceable " behaviour. “ I now assure you, that the person


your envoy shall be perfectly safe, and whatever

may be the result of our negociation - he • shall come in and go out of Dhuboy un" molested. 14 It is not the custom of the British to “ be guilty of treachery; nor to break their " word. Judge not of us by yourselves.“ But if, in the space of two days, you do

not comply with the terms contained in this “ letter, I will order our troops 'to march

against you without any further delay.
I have this morning sent out another field-

piece, and more European artillery, together " with two hundred Sepoy grenadiers, and seve“ ral British officers, to join the Dhuboy forces,

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