The Life and Times of Prince Charles Stuart, Count of Albany, Commonly Called the Young Pretender, Volum 2

Chapman & Hall, 1875 - 342 pàgines

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Pàgina 37 - MOURN, hapless Caledonia, mourn Thy banish'd peace, thy laurels torn ! Thy sons, for valour long renown'd, Lie slaughter'd on their native ground ; Thy hospitable roofs no more Invite the stranger to the door; In smoky ruins sunk they lie. The monuments of cruelty.
Pàgina 60 - Tower from whence you came ; from thence you must be drawn to the place of execution ; when you come there, you must be hanged by the neck, but not till you are dead ; for you must be cut down alive ; then your bowels must be taken out, and burnt before your faces ; then your heads must be severed from your bodies, and your 'bodies must be divided, each into four quarters, and these must be at the King's disposal. And God Almighty be merciful to your souls...
Pàgina 246 - Louis-d'ors in his strong box pretend he was in great distress, and borrow money from a lady in Paris, who was not in affluent circumstances. His most faithful servants, who had closely attended him in all his difficulties, were ill rewarded.
Pàgina 60 - The judgment of the law is, and this high court doth award, that you William Earl of Kilmarnock, George Earl of Cromarty, and Arthur Lord Balmerino, and every of you, return to the prison of the Tower, from whence you came ; from thence you must be drawn to the place of execution ; when you come there, you must be hanged by the neck ; but not till you are dead ; for you must be cut down alive...
Pàgina 53 - I AM this moment come from the conclusion of the greatest and most melancholy scene I ever yet saw ! you will easily guess it was the trials of the rebel Lords. As it was the most interesting sight, it was the most solemn and fine : a coronation is a puppet-show, and all the splendour of it idle ; but this sight at once feasted one's eyes and engaged all one's passions.
Pàgina 45 - Yet, when the rage of battle ceased, The victor's soul was not appeased; The naked and forlorn must feel Devouring flames, and murdering steel ! The pious mother, doom'd to death, Forsaken, wanders o'er the heath; The bleak wind whistles round her head, Her helpless orphans cry for bread; Bereft of shelter, food, and friend, She views the shades of night descend, And...
Pàgina 71 - But sic a day o' wind and rain ! Oh ! wae's me for Prince Charlie ! " " On hills that are by right his ain, He roams a lonely stranger ; On ilka hand he's press'd by want, On ilka side by danger. Yestreen I met him in a glen, My heart near bursted fairly, For sadly changed indeed was he, Oh ! wae's me for Prince Charlie ! Dark night...
Pàgina 93 - O'Sullivan remaining with the boatmen. At nightfall, we marched towards Benbecula, being informed Scott had ordered the militia to come and join him. At midnight we came to a hut, where, by good fortune, we met with Miss Flora MacDonald, whom I formerly knew. I quitted the Prince at some distance from the hut, and went with a design to inform myself if the independent companies were to pass that way next day, as we had been informed.
Pàgina 41 - The moor was covered with blood ; and our men, what with killing the enemy, dabbling their feet in the blood, and splashing it about one another, looked like so many butchers.
Pàgina 136 - The cockade in his hat, and the buckles of his shoes were diamonds. The George which he wore at his bosom, and the order of St. Andrew, which he wore also, tied by a piece of green ribbon to one of the buttons of his waistcoat, were prodigiously illustrated with large brilliants — in short, he glittered all over like the star which they tell you appeared at his nativity...