Annals of Aberdeen, from the reign of king William the lion, Volum 1

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Pàgina 365 - July, 1812 ; present, his royal highness the Prince Regent in . Council : — It is this day ordered, by his royal highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, and by and with the advice of his majesty's privy council, that no ships or vessels belonging...
Pàgina 400 - ... during the season, from the first day of April to the first day of July...
Pàgina 395 - Fourth may have been and may be made and incurred before any general sewers rate can be recovered ; be it therefore enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the courts of sewers from time to time to borrow and take up at interest any sum or sums of money for the...
Pàgina 452 - Act, shall refuse to accept the same, or shall not be able to make a good Title to the Premises, to the Satisfaction of the said...
Pàgina 96 - ... serious part of these motley scenes; at least they were persuaded that the solemnity of the subject covered or excused all incongruities. They had no just idea of decorum, consequently but little sense of the ridiculous: what appears to -us to be the highest burlesque, on them would have made no sort of impression. We must not wonder at this, in an age when courage, devotion, and ignorance, comgosed the character of European manners...
Pàgina 89 - Devil with his wooden dagger, and to make him roar for the entertainment of the populace. As the Mysteries or Miracle-plays " frequently required the introduction of allegorical characters, such as Charity, Sin, Death, Hope, Faith, or the like, and as the common poetry of the times, especially among the French, began to deal much in allegory, at length plays were formed entirely consisting of such personifications. These were called MORALITIES.
Pàgina 21 - Register is be the forcited act Ordained to be respected as the true and unrepealable rule of all armes and bearings in Scotland, To remaine with the Lyon's office as a publict Register of the kingdome.
Pàgina 175 - Funerals of a right reverend Father in God Patrick Forbes of Corse, bishop of Aberdeen?
Pàgina 21 - Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
Pàgina 269 - In 1674 Mr. Gregory was called to Edinburgh, to fill the chair of mathematics in that university. This place he had held but little more than a year, when, in October 1675, being employed in shewing the satellites of Jupiter through a telescope to some of his pupils, he was suddenly struck with total blindness, and died a few days after, to the great loss of the mathematical world, at only thirty-seven years of age.

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