Garbo: The Spy who Saved D-Day

National Archives, 2004 - 410 pàgines
Now in paperback, GARBO: The spy who saved D-day tells the story of the greatest double-agent of World War II. Juan Pujol, a young Spanish anti-fascist, ultimately became Agent GARBO - a master of deception and intrigue. Initially recruited by German intelligence, GARBO, after a series of adventures, came to London to work for the British. The release of M.I.5 case files, kept secret for over fifty years, means that GARBO's tale can at last be told in full. GARBO's story contains all the hallmarks of a classic spy adventure - enciphered messages, secret inks, items concealed in cakes, exotic foreigners and fanatic nationalists. Through a ring of invented sub-agents GARBO and his M.I.5 controllers eventually succeeded in pulling off one of the greatest strategic deceptions in history. A part of Operation FORTITUDE, they convinced the Germans that the D-DAY landings were only a diversionary attack, thus safeguarding the Allied landings and hastening the end of the war in Europe. Mark Seaman's introduction and notes help explain and illustrate the M.I.5 document's historical importance.

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