A History of the County of Inverness (Mainland)

W. Blackwood and sons, 1897 - 376 pÓgines

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PÓgina 400 - Nay, speak not comfortably to me of death, oh great Odysseus. Rather would I live on ground as the hireling of another, with a landless man who had no great livelihood, than bear sway among all the dead that be departed.
PÓgina 222 - An eye accustomed to flowery pastures and waving harvests is astonished and repelled by this wide extent of hopeless sterility. The appearance is that of matter incapable of form or usefulness, dismissed by nature from her care, and disinherited of her favours, left in its original elemental state, or quickened only with one sullen power of useless vegetation.
PÓgina 193 - It was situated in the face of a very rough, high and rocky mountain, called Letternilichk, still a part of Benalder, full of great stones and crevices, and some scattered wood interspersed. The habitation called the Cage, in the face of that mountain, was within a small thick bush of wood.
PÓgina 401 - Surely I take thought for all these things, my wife; but I have very sore shame of the Trojans and Trojan dames with trailing robes, if like a coward I shrink away from battle. Moreover mine own soul forbiddeth me, seeing I have learnt ever to be valiant and fight in the forefront of the Trojans, winning my father's great glory and mine own.
PÓgina 474 - HEROES OF ICELAND Adapted from Dasent's translation of "The Story of Burnt Njal," the great Icelandic Saga. With a new Preface, Introduction, and Notes by Allen French.
PÓgina 231 - I sought for merit wherever it was to be found. It is my boast, that I was the first minister who looked for it, and found it, in the mountains of the North.
PÓgina 392 - Thus spake he, and stirred within Achilles desire to make lament for his father. And he touched the old man's hand and gently moved him back. And as they both bethought them of their dead, so Priam for man-slaying Hector wept sore as he was fallen before Achilles...
PÓgina 203 - I have not, nor shall have, in my possession any gun, pistol or arm whatsoever, and never use tartan plaid, or any part of the Highland garb, and if I do so may I be cursed in my undertakings, family and property; may I never see my wife and children, father, mother...
PÓgina 193 - ... levelled with earth and gravel. There were betwixt the trees, growing naturally on their own roots, some stakes fixed in the earth, which, with the, trees, were interwoven with ropes, made of heath and birch twigs...
PÓgina 156 - Highlanders is far from being acceptable to the eye: with them a small part of the plaid, which is not so large as the former, is set in folds and girt round the waist, to make of it a short petticoat that reaches half way down the thigh, and the rest is brought over the shoulders, and then fastened before, below the .neck, often with a fork, and sometimes with a -bodkin or sharpened piece of stick...

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