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a Senator from that State, to serve for six years from the

4th of March last; MAINE-Ether Shepley, John Ruggles.

Mr. SOUTHARD presented the credentials of the NEW HAMPSHIRE-Isaac Hill, Henry Hubbard. MASSACHUSETTS-Daniel Webster, John Davis.

Hon. GARRET D. Wall, elected by the Legislature of RHODE ISLAND-Nehemiah R. Knight, Asher Rob. New Jersey a Senator from that state, to serve for six bins.

years from the 4th of March last; and CONNECTICUT-Nathan Smith, Gideon Tomlinson.

Mr. EWING presented the credentials of the Hon. VERMONT-Samuel Prentiss, Benjamin Swift.

John Davis, elected by the Legislature of Massachu. NEW YORK --Nath'l P. Tallmadge, Silas Wright, jun. from the 4th of March last; all of which were read.

setts a Senator from that State, to serve for six years NEW JERSEY—Samuel L. Southard, Garret D. Wall.

Mr. WHITE said that at the last session of the Le. PENNSYLVANIA-James Buchanan, Samuel McKean. DELAWARE-John M. Clayton, Arnold Naudain.

gislature of the State of Tennessee he had been re

elected to the Senate of the United States for six years MARYLAND-Robert H. Goldsborough, Joseph Kent.

from the 4th of March last, but that the official informaVIRGINIA—Benjamin Watkins Leigh, John Tyler. NORTH CAROLINA-Bedford Brown, Willie P. Man- heretofore been the practice in the state of Tennessee

tion of his election was not in bis possession. It had SOUTH CAROLINA-John C. Calhoun, William C.

to transmit to the presiding officer of the Senate the

credentials of its Senators. But as this had not yet been GEORGIA-Alfred Cuthbert, John P. King.

done, he submitted to the Chair whether he should take KENTUCKY-Henry Clay, John J. Crittenden.

his seat. During his attendance in the Senate he had TENNESSEE-Felix Grundy, Hugh Lawson White.

frequently known such cases to occur, and that members OHIO– Thomas Ewing, Thomas Morris.

known to be elected were suffered to take their seats LOUISIANA - Alexander Porter, Robert C. Nicholas.

before the arrival of their credentials. If any additional INDIANA-William Hendricks, John Tipton.

testimony was necessary in corroboration of his stateMISSISSIPPI—Jobn Black, Robert J. Walker.

ment, there were some of bis colleagues in the other ILLINOIS-Elias K. Kane, John M. Robinson.

House who were present when his election took place,

and could vouch for the fact. ALABAMA-William R. King, Gabriel P. Moore. MISSOURI-Lewis F. Linn, Thomas H. Benton.

The CHAIR said that, if no objection was made, the gentleman could take his oath with the other Senators to

be qualified. Monday, DECEMBER 7, 1835.

The usual oath was then administered by the VICE

PRESIDENT to Messrs. White, HUBBARD, King, The first session of the 24th Congress commenced this Clayton, Robinson, and RUGGLES, whose credentials day at the Capitol. At twelve o'clock the Senate was were presented at the last session; and to Messrs. Wall, called to order by the VICE PRESIDENT, when it Knigot, and Davis, whose credentials were just read. appeared that a quorum of the Senators were in at Mr. PORTER reminded the Senate that at the close

of the last session a committee was appointed on the The CHAIR communicated the credentials of the subject of certain alterations in the arrangements of the Hon. Jour C. Caluous, elected by the Legislature of Senate chamber. A report had been made by that the State of South Carolina a Senator from that State, committee, of which he held a copy in his hand; but as to serve for six years from the 4th of March last; it had not been then acted on for want of time, and the

Also the credentials of the Hon. NEHEMIAH R. Knight, officers of the Senate had, during the summer, made elected by the Legislature of the State of

Rhode Island I certain alterations in conformity with the resolution of Vol. XII.--1



Regulation in Relation to the Senate Chamber, &c.

(Dec. 8, 1835.

the committee, it was necessary that the report should JAMIN Watkins Leigu, of Virginia, elected a Senator be at once considered. He accordingly moved that the from that State for six years from the 4th of Marcb last. Senate proceed to the consideration of the report.

WILLIAM R. KING suggested that his credentials The report was then taken up, considered, and also had been issued. agreed to, as follows:

These three Senators were then qualified. REGULATION IN RELATION TO THE SENATE

Mr. WHITE, from the joint committee appointed to CHAMBER, THE GALLERIES, AND THE RE

wait on the President of the United States, and to inPORTERS.

form him that a quorum bad assembled, and was ready

to receive any communication he may be pleased to The circular gallery shall be appropriated for the make, reported that the joint committee had performed accommodation of ladies, and gentlemen accompanying that duty, and had received for answer that ihe Presithem.

dent would make a communication to the two Houses The reporters shall be removed from the east gallery, | this day at 12 o'clock. and placed on the floor of the Senate, under the direc A message was then received from the President of tion of the Secretary.

the United States, by Mr. DONELSON, his secretary, No person, except members of the House of Repre. which was read; and, on motion of Mr. GRUNDY, sentatives, their Clerk, heads of Departments, Treasurer, 5,000 extra copies of the message, and 1,500 copies of Comptroller, Register, Auditors, Postmaster General, the accompanying documents, were ordered to be printPresident's secretary, Chaplains to Congress, Judges ed for the use of the Senate. (See Appendix.) of the United States, Foreign Ministers and their Secre. Mr. CLAY presented the credentials of the honorable taries, officers who by name have received, or shall John J. CRITTENDEN, elected by the Legislature of Kenhereafter receive, the tbanks of Congress for their gal tucky from that State, to serve for six years from the 4th lantry and good conduct displayed in the service of their of March last; which were read; and the usual oath to country, the Commissioners of the Navy Board, Gov. support the constitution of the United States was then adernor for the time being of any State or Territory of the ministered to Mr. CRITTENDEN by the Vice President. Union, such gentlemen as have been heads of Depart. The VICE PRESIDENT presented the annual rements or members of either branch of the Legislature, port of the Secretary of the Treasury on the finances, and, at the discretion of the President of the Senate, pero ibe reading of which was dispensed with, and the usual sons who belong to Legislatures of such foreign Goy. number of copies were ordered to be printed for the ernments as are in amity with the United States, shall use of the Senate. (See Appendix.) be admitted on the floor of the Senate. Mr. WHITE offered the following resolutions; which

DEATH OF MR. SMITH. were considered and agreed to.

Mr. TOMLINSON then rose and addressed the SenOrdered, That the Secretary acquaint the House of ate as follows: Representatives that a quorum of the Senate is assem Mr. President: It has become my painful duty to bled and ready to proceed to business.

announce to the Senate the death of the bonorable Resolved, That a committee be appointed on the part | Nathan Smith, late a Senator from the State of Conof the Senate, to join such committee as may be appoint. necticut. ed by the House of Representatives, to wait on the Pres Arriving in this city, apparently in the full possession ident of the United States, and inform him that Con- and exercise of all his powers, my colleague and friend gress is assembled, and ready to receive any communi- intercbanged the kind salutations appropriate to the oc. cation he may be pleased to make.

casion, with the cordiality, and frankness, and vivacity, On motion of Mr. GRUNDY, the Senate ordered that which characterized his social intercourse, and secured the Chair appoint the committee.

the attachment and confidence of those with whom he And Mr. White and Mr. Knight were appointed a was intimately associated. He retired to rest on Saturcommittee to wait on the President.

day evening, as far as was observed, in the enjoyment of Mr. EWING rose and stated that he had, at the close his accustomed health and spirits. Feeling indisposed, of the last session, given notice that he should, early in be rose from his bed, and obtained the advice of a medithe present session, ask leave to introduce a bill to settle cal friend, who subsequently left his apartment without and define the northern boundary of the State of Ohio. the slightest apprehension of a fatal result. In a short He gave notice that he should ask leave to introduce time his altered appearance caused alarm, and his friend this bill on Monday next.

was again called. On his return, the heart had ceased A message was received from the House of Repre to beat, and he expired in his chair on Sunday morning, sentatives by Mr. Franklin, their Clerk, in the following about half past one o'clock, without a struggle or a

groan. Thus unexpectedly and awfully was our late Mr. President: I am directed to inform the Senate associate and friend summoned from a state of probation that a quorum of the House of Representatives has as and trial into the presence of the Divine Redeemer and sembled; that James K. Polk, of Tennessee, has been Judge, in whom he devoutly professed to believe and elected Speaker thereof; and that it is now ready to trust. May this renewed demonstration of the solemn proceed to business.

truth, that in the midst of life we are in death, proThe Senate then adjourned.

duce its proper effect on our hearts and lives, and be instrumental in preparing us for the judgment to come

and the retributions of eternity. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8.

The afflictive event which has cast such a gloom over BENJAMIN WATKINS Leigh, a Senator from Virginia; this body cannot fail to excite profound sensibility and Bedford Brown, a Senator from North Carolina; WIL regret throughout the Union, as well as in the native LIAM R. King, a Senator from Alabama; HENRY CLAY State of the deceased, where he has long been ranked and John J. CRITTENDEN, Senators from Kentucky, ap- among her most able and distinguished lawyers and peared.

statesmen. While we lament the inscrutable ProviMr. MANGUM presented the credentials of BEDFORD dence with humble submission, it becomes us to be still, Brown, of North Carolina, elected a Senator from that knowing that the destinies of men and nations are in the State for six years from the 4th of March last.

hands of an omnipotent and holy God, whose dispensaMr. SOUTHARD presented the credentials of BEN. tions are merciful and right.


Dec. 9, 10, 1835.]

State of Michigan-Michigan Senators.


With the Senate, sir, I leave the adoption of the meas with the original States in all respects whatever, and ures requisite to manifest its high respect for the char. shall be at liberty to form a permanent constitution and acter and memory of the deceased.

State Government, provided the constitution and GovMr. SWIFT then moved the following resolutions, ernment so to be formed shall be republican, and in which were adopted unanimously:

conformity to the principles contained in these artiResolved, That a committee be appointed to take or cles,” the inhabitants thereof have, during the present der for superintending the funeral of the honorable Na year, in pursuance of the right secured by the ordiTHAN SMITH, which will take place to-morrow at 12 nance, formed a constitution and State Government. o'clock; that the Senate will attend the same; and that That instrument, together with various other docunotice of the event be given to the House of Represent ments connected therewith, has been transmitted to me atives.

for the purpose of being laid before Congress, to whom (The committee under this resolution consists of the power and duty of admitting new States into the Messrs. SWIFT, KNIGHT, TALLMADGE, SOUTHARD, and Union exclusively appertains; and the whole are here. SIEPLEY.]

with communicated for your early decision. Resolred, That the members of the Senatę, from a

ANDREW JACKSON. sincere desire of showing every mark of respect due to The message having been read, the memory of the honorable NATAAN SMITH, deceased, Mr. BENTON moved that it be printed, together late a member thereof, will go into mourning for him with the accompanying documents, and that the whole one month, by the usual mode of wearing crape round subject be referred to a select committee, consisting of the left arm.

five members; which motion was carried; and, Resolved, That, as an additional mark of respect for On motion of Mr. MANGUM, the appointment of the the memory of the honorable Nathan Smith, the Sen

committee was postponed to Monday next. ate do now adjourn.

A message was also received from the President, by The Senate then adjourned.

Mr. Donelson, his secretary, transmitting a report from

the Secretary of War, showing the progress of the WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9.

astronomical observations made for ascertaining the

northern boundary line of the State of Ohio; which, At 12 o clock the Senate assembled. On motion of Mr. KING, of Alabama, the reading of ed, and referred to the same committee.

On motion of Mr. BENTON, was ordered to be printthe journal was dispensed with; and the Senate ad. journed, for the purpose of performing the obsequies of the United States, transmitting a report from the

A message was also received from the President of the late honorable Nathan Smith, of Connecticut, Secretary of State, made in compliance with the reso. deceased, in conformity with the resolutions of the Sen

lution of the Senate of the 24th February last. ate adopted yesterday. The President of the United States, with the heads from heads of Departments, all of which were ordered

The CHAIR communicated sundry other documents of the executive Departments, the Postmaster General,

to be laid on the table and printed. and the Attorney General, and the members of the

Mr. GRUNDY offered the following resolution, and House of Representatives, with their Speaker and asked for its immediate consideration: Clerk, having been received into the Senate Chamber

Resolved, That the Senate will, on Monday next, proand taken the seats assigned them, the corpse was

ceed to the appointment of the standing committees. brought in, in charge of the committee of arrange

At the suggestion of Mr. EWING, the resolution was ments and pall-bearers, attended by the Sergeant-at-modified by the substitution of “Tuesday" instead of arms of the Senate.

“ Monday." Divine service was then performed by the Rev. Mr. The motion to consider the resolution to-day being Higbee; after which, The funeral procession moved to the place of inter- objected to, the resolution, of course, lies over until

Monday. ment.

On motion of Mr. MANGUM, it was ordered, that,

when the Senate adjourns, it adjourn to meet on MonTHURSDAY, DECEMBER 10.


Mr. TOMLINSON offered the following resolution, STATE OF MICHIGAN.

and asked for its consideration. The motion being The following message was received from the Presi. agreed to, the resolution was considered and agreed to. dent of the United States, by Mr. DonElson, his Secre. Resolved, That the President of the Senate be retary:

quested to notify the Executive of the State of ConWASHINGTON, December 9, 1835. necticut of the death of the honorable Nathan Smith,

late a Senator of the United States from that State. To the Senate and House of Representatives:

MICHIGAN SENATORS. GENTLEMEN: By the act of the 11th of January, 1805, all that part of the Indiana Territory lying north Mr. BENTON presented the credentials of Jour of a line drawn due “east from the southerly bend or Norvell and Lucius Lyon, elected Senators for the extreme of Lake Michigan until it sball intersect Lake term of six years from the 4th of March last, from the Erie, and east of a line drawn from the said southerly Territory of Michigan, and moved that the courtesy of bend, through the middle of said lake, to its northern the Senate be extended to them by assigning seats to extremity, and thence, due north, to the northern the new Senators, in the customary mode under similar boundary of the United States," was erected into a sep-circumstances, on the floor of the Senate. arate Territory, by the name of Michigan.

Mr. EWING stated that this was a new matter, The Territory comprised within these limits being brought before the Senate for the first time this mornpart of the district of country described in the ordi-ing, and required, perhaps, some consideration. In or. nance of the 13th of July, 1787, which provides that, der to afford a little time for consideration, and to exwhenever any of the States into which the same should amine the course of the Senate in similar circumbe divided should have sixty thousand free inhabitants, stances, he moved, for the present, to lay the subject such State should be admitted by its delegates“ into on the table. the Congress of the United States, on an equal footing The motion was agreed to.


Death of Mr. Kane and Mr. Wildman--Michigan Senators.

(Dec. 14, 15, 1835.

On motion of Mr. WRIGHT, the Senate proceeded [The President of the United States and the heads of to the consideration of executive business; and, after a the Departments, the Vice President and members of short time spent therein,

the Senate, the Speaker and members of the House of The Senate adjourned.

Representatives, then assembled in the Senate chamber, the corpse of the deceased was brought in, in charge of

the committee of arrangements, attended by the SerMONDAY, DECEMBER 14.

geant-at-arms of the Senate; and divine service was perMr. GOLDSBOROUGH, of Maryland, appeared and took formed by the Rev. Mr. Post; after which the funeral his seat.

procession moved to the place of interment.]
On motion of Mr. GRUNDY, the reading of the jour-
nal was dispensed with.


Mr. WEBSTER appeared to-day, and took his seat. Mr. ROBINSON rose and addressed the Senate to

ELECTION OF OFFICERS. the following effect: Mr. President: It is true, "in the midst of life we are

The CHAIR announced that the election of the offin death;" and another inscrutable dispensation of Prov

cers of the Senate was now in order; and the Senate idence has given us renewed cause of painful sorrow

proceeded to ballot for Secretary. and grief. ELIAS Kent Kane is no more! He, with

The ballots being given in, it appeared that WALTER whom many in this chamber bave been here associated LOWRIE was unanimously re-elected, having received for the last ten years, has left this for “another and a

the whole 36 votes given in. better world.” No eulogy is necessary to remind his

Mr. LOWRIE was sworn accordingly. associates of his many virtues and amiable traits of char The Senate proceeded to ballot for Sergeant-at-arms acter; their rehearsal would but add poignancy to our

and Doorkeeper, when it appeared John SHACKFORD loss. As his colleague, I must be indulged in saying was re-elected. death has taken from me a most valued friend; from his

Mr. SHACKFORD was sworn accordingly. State and country an able Senator and an honest man;

The Senate proceeded to ballot for Assistant Doorfrom his bereared wife and orphan children the kindest keeper, when it appeared that STEPHEN Hangat was of husbands, the most indulgent of parents. He died at

re-elected. half past one o'clock last Friday night, of a relapse of

Mr. Haight was accordingly sworn. fever with which he had been afflicted previous to leay.

The CHAIR laid before the Senate several communiing home.

cations from the Treasury Department, which were orI offer for adoption these melancholy resolutions: dered to be laid on the table and printed. Resolved, Thai a committee be appointed to take or.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEES. der for superintending the funeral of the Hon. Elias K. KANE, which will take place this day at half past 12

The CHAIR having taken up the resolution offered o'clock; that the Senate will attend the same; and that by Mr. Grundy, on Thursday, providing for the elecnotice of the event be given to the House of Represent tion of the committees on Tuesday, atives.

Mr. GRUNDY moved to insert “this day,” in the This resolution was unanimously adopted.

room of “ Tuesday;" but expressed bis readiness to in(The committee appointed under this resolution are

sert "to-morrow," if more agreeable to any gentleman. Messrs. BENTON, CLAYTON, HENDRICKS, CRITTENDEN,

Mr. EWING suggested that the change should be and WRIGHT.)

made, as there were some Senators yet to come in, who Resolved, That the members of the Senate, from a

might arrive before to-morrow. sincere desire of showing every mark of respect due to

Mr. GRUNDY modified his resolution accordingly, the memory of the Hon. Elias K. Kane, deceased, late and it was then adopted. a member thereof, will go into mourning for him one

Mr. BENTON called up his resolution, offered on month, by the usual mode of wearing crape around the Thursday, providing for the furnishing of certain offileft arm.

cers, therein specified, with copies of the bills and resoThis resolution was unanimously adopted.

lutions; but, at the suggestion of Mr. KING, of Alabama,

it was again laid on the table. DEATH OF MR. WILDMAN.

Mr. ROBINSON offered the following resolution; A message was received from the House of Represent which was considered and agreed to: atives, by their Clerk, announcing to the Senate the

Resolved, That the President of the Senate be requestadoption of certain resolutions, in consequence of the

ed to notify the Executive of Illinois of the vacancy death of the Hon. 2. WILDMAN, a member of that

which has occurred in the Senate in consequence of the House.

death of the Hon. Elias K. Kane, late a Senator from Mr. TOMLINSON then rose and stated that, in con

that State.

MICHIGAN. sequence of the melancholy information contained in this message, he would offer the following resolution: The CHAIR called up the motion to ballot for a se

Resolved, unanimously, That'the members of the Sen- lect committee on the subject of the Michigan claims; ate, as a further testimony of respect for the memory of but, on motion of Mr. MANGUM, it was ordered that the Hon. Zalmon WILDMAN, late a member of the House the balloting be postponed until the day after to-mor. of Representatives from the State of Connecticut, will go into mourning, by wearing crape around the left arm

MICHIGAN SENATORS. for thirty days. The resolution was adopted.

On motion of Mr. BENTON, his motion of Thursday Mr. ROBINSON then offered the following resolu- last, that the courtesy of the Senate be extended to the tion, which was adopted:

Senators from Michigan, by assigning to them seats on Resolved, That, as an additional mark of respect for the floor, was taken up for consideration. the memory of the Hon. Elias K. Kane, the Senate The question being about to be put, now adjourn.

Mr. CLAY rose and said that he was not prepared to The Senate then adjourned.

vote for this motion. For what purpose were these gen


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