The States of Central America: Their Geography, Topography, Climate, Population, Resources, Productions, Commerce, Political Organization, Aborigines, Etc., Etc., Comprising Chapters on Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, the Bay Islands, the Mosquito Shore, and the Honduras Inter-oceanic Railway

Harper & brothers, 1858 - 782 pÓgines
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PÓgina 758 - The present additional article shall have the same force and validity as if it were inserted, word for word, in the Treaty signed this day. it shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same time. In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto their seals.
PÓgina 198 - ... hour of midnight, makes it wear more the appearance of some theatrical exhibition than what it really is, the pursuit of industry which has fallen to the lot of the Honduras woodcutter. " About the end of May the periodical rains again commence. The torrents of water discharged from the clouds are so great as to render the roads impassable in the course of a few hours, when all tracking ceases ; the cattle are turned into the pasture, and the trucks, gear, and tools, &c., are housed.
PÓgina 466 - They shall not be disturbed, molested, or annoyed in any manner on account of their religious belief, nor in the proper exercise of their religion...
PÓgina 614 - Let us now refer to the last treaty of peace, of which the 17th article is as follows : " His Britannic Majesty shall cause to be demolished all the fortifications which his subjects shall have erected in the Bay of Honduras, and other places of the territory of Spain, in that part of the world, within four months after the ratification of the treaty,
PÓgina 576 - ... or logwood; and several English settlements having been formed and extended, under that pretence, upon the Spanish continent, it is expressly agreed that his Britannic Majesty's subjects shall have the right of cutting...
PÓgina 743 - I fell into one of them by mere accident last Monday, where I found Admiral Dilly and Colonel Morgan retailing my advice...
PÓgina 292 - Ana, in the State of San Salvador, are some rich mines of iron, which produce a purer and more malleable metal than any imported from Europe : the ore is close to the surface, and very abundant, and there are extensive forests in the immediate vicinity, which serve for making charcoal.
PÓgina 226 - In this place the women are kept during their confine^ ment, and, after a few days, they are again able to attend to their multifarious duties. On our entrance, the women were busily occupied, some pounding cassada and Indian corn together, boiling it, and making it into a beverage called oulung ; some preparing cassada for bread in the morning ; others making tournous ; others, again...
PÓgina 27 - ... uniform. It is modified somewhat by the shape and position of the shore, and by the proximity of the mountains, as well as by the prevailing winds. The heat on the...
PÓgina 198 - Each gang then separates its own cutting by the mark on the ends of the logs, and forms them into large rafts ; in which state they are brought down to the wharves of the proprietors, where they are taken out of the water, and undergo a second process of the axe, to make the surface smooth. The ends, which frequently get split and rent by the force of the current, are also sawed off, when they are ready for shipping.

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