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S I considered the study of History one of the leading steps in the education of youth, I have endeavoured to'r pose and compile a work, which, at an early age, may render historical subjects familiar, and by a faint outline, impress the memory sufficiently, to awaken a desire, as they advance in years, to peruse at large the annals of their country.

Of the virtues of our British mo

narchs, I have spoken as I felt them : of their errors I have done the same,

for as great qualities accompanied by virtue dignify a king far more than his crown, so doth vice degrade him even below the meanest of his subjects, who not possessing the same advantages, cannot receive so heavy a condemnation.

Every situation in life has its peculiar duties; the great to be worthy stewards of th xalth entrusted to their care, and to set their inferiors examples of both those public and domestic virtues which are the bonds of society in a well regulated state; the poor to be content with the situation allotted them, or by a praiseworthy industry to endeavour to amend it; in their domestic circle, to fulfil their respective claims; and in their public duties to be loyal subjects, and honest and just men.

The Discovery of America, as written in the German by Campe, furnished me with the plan of this work, as I considered that casual interruptions rendered the subjects lighter, and the domestic conversations more interesting to children.

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