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At GREAT BARDFIELD, in the County of Essex.


The Honourable Mr. Justice LAWRENCE :

At CheLMSFORD Assizes, in the Month of May, 1791.

For Rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not

be afraid of the Power ? Do that which is good, and thou fhalt have praise of
the fame : For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that
which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain : for he is the
minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.


L 0 C D 0 N:


Adda Essex s. 42.

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P R E F A C E.

THE following Trials were taken down

at the time, by a Gentleman, in Short Hand. But as he had no previous intention of writing, he was not so well prepared as could be wilhed ; and as he had no knowledge of the parties, he never expected to be called upon for a Copy; neither did he begin to write till Mr. Garrow had proceeded some length in his address; and even then, for a considerable time, he was in a disadvantageous filua. tion. The Reader will therefore perceive a desficiency in the beginning of Mr. Garrow's address. And there may likewise be some other inconsiderable defects in various parts of the Trials. But we can boldly affirm, that the Substance of all wbich Mr. Garrow faid, touching the Merits of the Case, will be found in the following pages. Nevertheless we are sorry that we cannot give our readers an additional speciinen, to those which have al. ready appeared in the World, of the abilities of that great Orator, by presenting them with his address unmuulated.

In the Examination of the Evidence, there may be a deficiency or a redundancy of a word or two here and there. But we pledge ourselves that there is nothing material, one way or the other, so as to alter in any degree the complexion of the Case from what it appeared before the Court.

The Notes we make no apology for, as they are perfeëtly dif. tin&t from the Trials, and throw light upon the different parts of them.

These Trials are made public, 1. in order to expose, and thereby erradicate, if possible, that pernicious spirit of Persecution, which rages, not only in some of the inhabitants of Great Barda field, but in other places of these kingdoms, to the no small difgrace of the nation in this enlightened age. · The spirit of Perse. cution is a spirit of darkness; only drag the execrable monster to the light, and an important step is then taken towards its destruction.

2. To prevent those persons who are unacquainted with the Laws of their Country, from being the dupes and tools of wicked, designing men. Many who corpored the Mob at Great Barda field, were persuaded by others that there were no Laws existing to protect the Methodists! One of the Church-wardens, (Smith, the farrier) said to J. Blake, in the hearing of Mr. Jenkins, “ No Justice will undertake your Cause." Whether he was authorised to refer to any of the neighbouring Justices, or had caught the idea from his liberal-minded Maiter and his associates, or when ther he only spoke as he wished, we will not pretend to say. But


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