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were anciently linked together; deriv. Bombard, a barrel. Hen. IV. Part. I. ed from Bilboa, which was famous for ..Temp. the manufacture of instruments of Bona-robas, ladies of pleasure. steel. The bilboes may be seen in Bores, ftabs, or wounds. the Tower of London, among the Borne in band, deceived, imposed upon.

spoils of the Spanish armada. Bosky, woody; bolky acres, are fields diBill, articles of accusation. Hen. VI. vided by hedge-rows; from bofcus and

ift Part. Bill, the old weapon of Englisa infantry, Bots, worms in the stomach of a horse. still used by the watchmen in some A bots light upon, an imprecation.

Bottled spider, a large, bloated, glossy Bin, is. CYMB.

spider. Bird-bolt, a short thick arrow without a Boulted, sifted, or refined.

point, used to kill rooks, and fhot Bourn, boundary, or rivulet dividing from a cross-bow.

land. Bilon, blind.

Bow, yoke. As YOU LIKE IT. Black cornered night, night which is as Bower, chamber. CORIOL. obscure as a dark corner.

Bowlins, or Bowlines, ropes by which the Blacks, mourning made of stuffs of diffe sails of a ship are governed when the rent colours dyed black.

wind is unfavourable. Blaze, i. e. of youth, the spring of early Bowling, or the smoothness of a bowlinglife. All's WELL.

green. Win'r. TALE. Blank, i. e. of the eye, the white, or the Bowstrings, i. e, hold or cut, at all events.

white mark at which arrows are dis M. Night's DREAM. charged.

Brace, the armour for the arm :- warlike Blank and level, mark and aim, terms of brace, state of defence. gunnery.

Brach, a kind of hound; or used as a Blench, to start off, to fly off.

term of contempt.

Flent, blended, mixed together,

Blind-worms, the Cæcilia, or Now-worm. Brack, to falt.
Block, the thing on which a hat is formed. Braid, crafty or deceitful.
Blurted, or Blurt, an expression of con Brain's-flow, tears.

Brake, an instrument of torture, or a Bobbed, fooled out of, cheated.

thicket 'or furze-bush. Bodge, to botch, or to budge. Hen. VI. Brands, a part of the andirons, on which 3d Part.

the wood for the fire was supported. Boitier, a box to hold falve, or simples. Brafier, a manufacturer in brass, or a reBolds, emboldens.

servoir for charcoal. HEN. VIII. Boltered, bedaubed, begrimed.

Brave, to make fine; bravery was the Bolting-butch, a wooden receptacle into old term for elegance of dress. which the meat is bolted.

Bravely, fplendidly, or gallantly.


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Bravery, finery.

Brown bill, a kind of battle-ax affixed to Brawl, a kind of dance. Love's La a stick.

Brownift, a follower of Brown, a sectaBraying, an epithet applied to the found rian.

of the trumpet, harsh, grating, K. Bruifing irons, an allusion to the ancient John.

mace. Rich. III. Break, to begin. TIT. ANDRON.

Bruit, noise, or report. , Break up, to carve.

Brush, i. e. of time, decay by time. Hen. Break with, to break the matter to.

VI. 2d Part. Breast, voice. Twelfth Night. Buckle, to bend, or yield to pressure. Breath, speech. K. JOHN. TIMON.- Bug, bugbear.

Exercise, TroiL. AND Cress.-A Bugle, hunting-horn. slight exercise of arms, ibid.

Bulk, body.
Breatbing-courtsy, verbal compliment. Bumbard, a large vessel for holding
Breeched, foully sheathed, or mired. drink.

Bung, a cut-purse.
Breeching, liable to school discipline. Bunting, the name of a bird.
TAM. Of The Shrew.

Burgonet, a belmet.
Bribe-buck, a buck sent for a bribe. Burst, to break, or broken
Bridal, a nuptial feast; a word yet used in Busky, woody,
the North.

Butt-haft, an arrow to shoot at butts Brief, a short account, a contract hastily with.

performed.-Now-born brief, is 'the Buxom, under good command, obedient.
breve originale of the feudal times Hen. V.
All's WELL.

Bring, attend or accompany. Hen. V.
Bring out, bring forth. Tim.

Caddis-garter, a kind of worsted garter. Brize, the gad, or horse-fly.

Caddises, worsted lacę.
Broach, to put on the spit, to transfix. Cade, a barrel.
Brock, the badger.

Cadent, falling
Brogues, a kind of shoes.

Cage, a prison. Hen. VI. 2d Part. Broken, communicated.

Cain-coloured, yellow; Cain was repreBroken mouth, a mouth that has lost part sented of that colour in old pictures. of its teeth.

Caitiff, a prisoner, slave, or scoundrel. Broken tears, tears which are interrupted. Calculate, to foretell or prophesy. Jul. Broker, a matchmaker, a procuress.

Cæs. Broker, deals as a broker.

Caliver, a light kind of musket. Brooch, a trinket with a pin fixed to it. Callet, a bad woman, or witch. Brooched, adorned.

Calling, appellation. As YOU LIKE. Brought, attended. Jul. CÆS.

Camelot, a place where king Arthur is Brow, i. e. of youth, the height of youth. supposed to have kept his court.

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Canaries, the name of a brisk, light dance. Casques, helmets.
Canker, the canker-rose, dog-rose, or hip, Cassock, a horseman's loose coat.
Much Ado.

Casi, to empty. Mea. For Mea, to Canfick, candlestick.

throw or reject. Cantle, a corner, or piece of any thing. Cast lips, left-off lips. Cantons, used for cantos. Twelfth Cast the water, to find out disorders by Night.

inspecting the urine. Mac. Canvas,climber, one who climbs the mast Cataian, a liar ; the first adventurers who to furl the canvas, a ship boy.

visited Cataia, or China, were noto Cappéd, saluted by taking off the cap. rious liars, as Paulo and MandeCapable impresure, hollow mark. As


Catling, a small lute-string made of cat. Capocchia, a fot, or dull, heavy gull, from gut. the Italian capocchio.

Cavalero-justice, a cant terui. Capricious, lascivious. As you.

Cavalero, an airy, sprightly, irregular Captious, for capacious. All's well.

fellow. Carack, a vessel of great bulk. .

Caviare, too good for, or foreign to. Caracts, characters.

Caviare, a luxurious Ruflian dish, made Carbonado, a piece of meat cut crossways

of the roe of the sturgeon. for the grid-iron.

Cautel, subtlety, or deceit. Card, sea-chart. Mac. Ham.

Cautelous, artful, or insidious. Carded, mixed.

Cauterizing, burning, or blistering. Carieres, i. e. to pass the carieres, a mili- Cearment, the wrapping of an embalmed

tary phrase. Mer. Wiv, Means that body.
the common bounds of good-beba- Cease, decease, die. All's WELL,
viour were overpassed.

Censer, brafiere.
Carkanet, a kind of necklace or chain.. Certes, certainly.
Carl, clown, husbandman.

Cess, measure, tax, or subsidy. Carlot, a peasant or churl, from carl. Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with cups, from Carnal, fanguinary. Rich. III. Ham. calix, Carowses, drinks.

Challenge, law-term, the right of refusing Carpet knight, a term of reproach, spoken a juryman. Hen. VIII.

of one knighted in time of peace, and Chamber, London was anciently called on a carpet, on some festive occasion. the king's chamber. Rich. III. TWELFTH Night.

Chamber, a piece of ordnance. Hen. IV. Carriage, import. Ham.

2d Part. Cafe, skin. Tw. Night. outside. Chamberers, men of intrigue. Case of lives, a set of lives, or pair of Changeling, a child substituted for one any thing.

stolen. Cased lion, a lion irritated by confine. Channel, kennel. Hen. VI. 3d Part. ment. K. John.

Chantry, little chapel in a cathedral.


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Clean kam, awry.


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Character, hand-writing. Much Ado. Cital, recital.

Clack-dish, a beggar's dish.
Characts, characters.

Clamour, when bells are at the height, in Charactery, the matter of which charac order to cease them, the repetition of ters are made.

the strokes becomes much quicker Chares, tash-wort.

than before, which is called clamour. Charge-house, free-school.

ing them. WINT. TAL. Charief, from chary, the most cautious. Clap in, fall to. Mex. for Mea. Chariness, caution.

Clapped i' the clout, hit the white mark. Charles-wain, vulgar name for the con- Claw, to flatter.

stellation called the bear. Charneco, a kind of sweet wine.

Clearest, purest. LEAR.
Chases, a term in tennis. Hen. V. Clepe, to call.
Chaudron, entrails.

Clerkly, like a scholar.
Cheater, for efcheatour, an officer in the Cling, to dry or shrink up. Mac.

Clinquant, glittering, shining.
Check, command, control. CYMB. Tro. Clip, twined around, embraced. Tem .
AND Cress.

Ant. AND CLEO. &c. Cheer, countenance. Mid. Night's, & Clout, the white mark at which archers al.

took their aim. Cherry-pit, pitching cherry-stones into a Clouted, strengthened with clout, or hoblittle hole.

nails. Cheveril, kid-skin, soft leather.

Clutch, to clasp, or grasp. Chewet, or chuet, a pie, a noisy, chatter- Coasting, conciliating, inviting. Troil.

ing bird, or a fat pudding. Hen. IV. AND Cress. I ist Part.

Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven, gibbous-loaf. Chide, resound, re-echo. Hen. V. Mid. Cock and pye, a popular adjuration. NIGHT'S.

Cockshut time, twilight. Child, sometimes applied to knights and Cockle, a weed which grows up with

heroes. LEAR. Childing, pregnant.

Cockled, like the fish called a cockle. Choppine, a high shoe or clog.

Cockle hat, cockle-shell hat, such as pilChopping, jabbering, talking glibly. grims wore. Chough, a bird of the jackdaw kind. Cockney, a well-known term of reproach, Christom, or chrisom, a christened child. Codding, amorous. Cbryftals, eyes.

Codpiece, a piece of dress. Chuck, chicken, a term of endearment. Coffin, ancient term for the raised crust of Chuffs, rich, avaricious people.

a pie. Tam. SHREW. TIT. ANDRO. Circummured, walled round.

Cóg, to falsify the dice, to lie. Circumstance, circumlocution. OTHEL. Cogging, lying. Circumstances, treated according to cir- Coigne of vantage, convenient corner. cumstances. Ibid.

Coignes, corners.


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Coil, bustle, stir.

Coragio, an exclamation of encourageColle&lion, consequence or corollary. Cym. ment. Ham.

Corky, dry, or withered. Collied, black, smutted with coal, disco- Corollary, surplus, one more than enough. loured.

Temp. Collier, a term of reproach, from the im- Corporal, corporeal. positions of coal-dealers.

Corrigible, corrected. ANT. AND Cleo. Comart, a bargain.

Costard, a head. Combrinate, betrothed.

Cofter-monger, a dealer in costers, or cofComforting, abetting. Wint. Tale. tards, a kind of apples. Commend, commit. Mac. &c.

Cote, to overtake. Ham. Committed, lain with. OTH.

Couch, to lie with. OTH. Commodity, self-interest. Hen. IV. 2d Counter-caster, one who reckons by counPart.

ters. Commonty, a comedy.

Countercheck, an old term in the game of Companies, companions. Hen. V.

chess. Compased, round. TAM. SHREW. Counterfeit, sometimes used for a pore Composture, composition.

trait. C’oncupy, a cant word from concupis. Counterpoints, counterpanes.

County, ancient term for a nobleman. Conduct, conductor. Temp. &c.

MUCH ADO. Rom. AND JUL. Coney-catched, deceived, cheated. Courser's-bair, alluding to the notion that Conject, conjecture.

the hair of a horse, dropt into corruptConfent, used sometimes for will. Mac. ed water, will turn to an animal. Continent, that which contains or in ANT. AND CLEO. closes.

Courses, the main fail and forefail. Temp. Contraction, marriage, contract.

Court-cupboard, fideboard. Control, confute. Temp.

Cowed, restrained, or made cowardly. Convents, agrees, is convenient.

Cower, to sink by bending the hams. Convented, summoned.

Cowlstaff, a staff for carrying a large tub Converitite, a convert.

or balket, with two handles. Convey, steal, conveyance, theft. MER. Coyed, condescended reluctantly. Wiv. and HeN. VI. ift Part.

Coystril, a coward cock, a paltry fellow. Conveyers, thieves. Ibid.

Cozier, a taylor, from cousu; or a cobler, Conveyed himself, derived his title.

or fowter. Convifted, overpowered, baffled, destroy- Crack, a child. Hen. IV. 2d Part. Coed.

RIOL. Convive, to feast.

Crack of doom, dissolution of Nature. Copatain bat, a hat with a conical Mac.

Cranking, crankling, applied to the run Copped, rifing to a top or head.

of a river.

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