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Alder-liefet, preferred to all things; from A.

leve or lefe, dear, and alder, of all. ABJECTS, the most servile and lowest A life, at life. of subjects.

Amazonian chin, a chin without a beard. Aby, to pay dear for, to suffer.

Ames-ace, the lowest chance of the dice. Abysm, abyss, from the French abysme, Amort, funk, dispirited. now abíme.

Ancient, an enfign, or standard-bearer. Accite, to call or fummons.

Angle, a fishing-rod. Wint. Tale. Aconitum, woolfsbane.

Antres, caves and dens. Adam, the name of an outlaw, noted for Appeach, to impeach.

his skill in archery. Much ADO. Apple-John, species of apple that will Adam Cupid, an allusion to the same per keep for two years; in French, deux-ans. son, RoM. AND JUL.

Approof, approbation, or sometimes proof, Addrest, ready, prepared.

confirmation. Advertising, attentive,

Aqua vitæ, probably, usquebaugh. Mer. Aery, or Aiery, a nest.

Affed the letter, to practise alliteration. Arabian bird, the phenix.
Love's LAB.

Argentine goddess, regent of the filver
Affe&ts, affections or paffions,
Affeered, a law-term for confirmed. Argier, Algiers.
Afried, betrothed.

Argofies, ships of great burthen.
Afined, joined by affinity.

Aroint, avaunt, or be gone.
Affront, sometimes to face, or confront. Ascapart, a giant.
Affy, to betroth in marriage.

Ascaunt, askew, afide, fideways.
Aglet-baby, a diminutive being, not ex- Afperfion, sprinkling. Temp.

ceeding in size the tag of a point; from Ajay, to take the affay, applied to those aiguillettes.

who tasted wine for princes. Ham. Agnize, acknowledge, confess, avow. -Teft. Oth. Hiery, a hawk's or eagle's nest. Rich. Affinego, an ass driver, a foolish fellow. III.

Aftringer, a gentleman falconer; from Airy fame, verbal eulogium.

auftercus, a goshawk.


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As point, completely armed.

Bawcock, perhaps from beau and cog, a Atomies, minute particles discernible jolly cock, or cock of the game. when the sun breaks into a darkened Bay curtal, a bay docked horse.

Bay windows, bow-windows. Attasked, taken to talk, censured. Beadsmen, chaplains, or persons mainAttent, attentive.

tained by charity to pray for their be

nefactor. B.

Bear a brain, to have a perfect rememBaccare, a proverbial word, of doubtful brance.

meaning; perhaps from baccalare, arro. Beck, a salutation made with the head ; in gant.

the North, it means curtsying. Bail, bane, ruin, misfortune. Hen. VI. Becomed, becoming. ROM. AND Jul. 2d Part.

Behests, commands. Baldrick, a belt.

Bebowl, to howl at. Balker, either bathed, or piled up. Hen. Beldame, ancient mother. Hen. IV. ift IV. ift Part.

Part. Bandog, i. e. band-dog, a village dog, or Be-lee’d, becalmed. mastiff.

Belongings, endowments. Bandy, a metaphor from tennis-playing, Be-mete, bemeasure. to exchange smartly.

Bemoiled, bedraggled, bemired. Banning, curfing, commonly used in Belmirch, to foul or dirty. Scotland.

"Bestraught, distracted. Bans, curses.

Beteem, to give or heftow, or to permit, Barbafon, the name of a dæmon.

deign, or suffer. Ham. Barbe, a kind of veil.

Bevy, a company or number, originally Barber-monger, one who conforts with

applied to larks. barbers, a low fellow.

Bewray, betray, discover. Barm, yeast, used in the midland counties, Bezonian, a term of reproach ; from bisog. and in Ireland arrd Scotland.

noso, a needy person. Barnacles, a kind of shell-fith, growing Bias cheek, swelling out like the bias of a on the bottom of ships.

bowl. Barne, a child.

Bid the base, to challenge in a contest. Barrful, full of impediments.

Two Gent. Bases, a kind of loose breeches. Per. Biggin, a kind of cap, worn now only Bafta, 'tis enough. ITAL. AND SPAN. by children. Bate, strife or contention. Mer. Wiv. Bilberry, the whurtle-berry. Batlet, the instrument with which washers Bilbo, a Spanish blade, flexible and elasbeat their coarse cloaths.

tic, the best of which are made at Batten, to grow fat.

Bilboa. Bavin, brushwood, whiclı, fired, burns Bilboes, a bar of iron, with fetters annex fiercely, but is foon out.

ed to it, by which mutinous failors

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