The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation: Made by Sea Or Over-land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compass of These 1600 Yeeres, Volum 4

J. MacLehose and sons, 1904

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Pāgina 225 - Sir Francis Drake's ship was pierced with shot above forty times, and his very cabin was twice shot through ; and, about the conclusion of the fight, the bed of a certain gentleman lying weary thereupon, was taken quite from under him with the force of a bullet.
Pāgina 224 - Greveling, most bravely and furiously encountered by the English, where they once again got the wind of the Spaniards, who suffered themselves to be deprived of the commodity of the place in...
Pāgina 202 - The bullets thereto belonging were 120,000. " Item of gun-poulder, 5600 quintals. Of matche, 1200 quintals. Of muskets and kaleivers, 7000. Of haleberts and partisans, 10,000. " Moreover, they had great stores of canons, double-canons, culverings and field-pieces for land services. " Likewise they were provided of all instruments necessary on land to conveigh and transport their furniture from place to place, as namely of carts, wheeles, wagons, &c.
Pāgina 416 - Also when any of the said women beareth a son or a daughter, she bestowes it upon any one that hath lien with her, whom she pleaseth. Likewise al the land of that region is possessed in common, so that there is not mine & thine, or any propriety of possession in the division of lands : howbeit every man hath his owne house peculiar unto himselfe. Mans flesh, if it be fat, is eaten as ordinarily there, as beefe in our country.
Pāgina 223 - Galliasses, Hugo de Moncada, stoutly opposed himself, fighting by so much the more valiantly, in that he hoped presently to be succoured by the Duke of Parma. In the...
Pāgina 202 - Moreover they had 12000. pipes of fresh-water, and all other necessary provision, as namely candles, lanternes, lampes, sailes, hempe, oxe-hides and lead to stop holes that should be made with the battery of gunshot. To be short, they brought all things expedient either for a Fleete by sea, or for an armie by land.
Pāgina xii - I pray you tell her Majesty from me that her money was well given for the Ark Ralegh1, for I think her the odd ship in the world for all conditions; and truly I think there can no great ship make me change and go out of her. We can see no sail, great nor small, but how far soever they be off, we fetch them and speak with them.
Pāgina 225 - The Spaniards that day sustained great loss and damage, having many of their shippes shot thorow and thorow, and they discharged likewise great store of ordinance against the English, who, indeed, sustained some hinderance, but not comparable to the Spaniard's loss ; for they lost not any one ship or person of account...
Pāgina 234 - Cross ; wherein none other argument was handled, but that praise, honour and glory might be rendered unto God, and that God's name might be extolled by thanksgiving. And with her own princely...
Pāgina 418 - ... of their children, while they are young, to be launced, putting one of the said stones into the wound, healing also, and closing up the said wound with the powder of a certain fish, (the name whereof I do not know) which powder doth immediately consolidate and cure the said wound. And by the vertue of these stones, the people aforesaid doe for the most part triumph both on sea and land.