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On tho Cultivation of Ranunculuses in John Lewis Russell, A. M. Prof. Bot, and

Pots. By S. Sweetser,

212 Veg. Phys. to the Mass. Hort. Soc.


Some Remarks on the cultivation of the

On the Repotting and Management of Chi.

Genus Calceolaria. By the Conductors, 214 nese Roses. By J. W. Russell,


A few Remarks on the Treatment of Cyc Some Remarks on the Tree Pæony, (Pæonia

lamens. By S. Sweetser.

251 Moutan), including its history, introduc-

Calendar of Plants and Shrubs in bloom from tion into England, the production of new

the month of May to October, inclusive. seedling Varieties, propagation, cultiva.

By the Conductors, 254, 290, 326, 364, 404 tion, &c. By the Conductors, 335, 367

On the Cultivation of Brompton and Ten On the Cultivation of Double China Asters

week Stocks, for producing Flowers in in Pots. By S. Sweetser,


Spring. By the Conductors,

287 Observations on the Treatment of severai

Some Hints on the Propagation and i'rear-

Genera of rhe Natural order Iridacea. By

ment of the Sweet-scented Verbena, the Conductors,


(Aloysia citriodora). By an Amateur, 292 Sonne Remarks on the Oʻxalis, as worthy of

On the Germination of the Nclúmbium spe General Cullivation, &c. By John Lewis

ciðsum. By J. L. R.

328 Russell, A. M., Prof. of Bot. and Veg.

On the Cultivation of the Pink (Diánihus), Physiol. to the Mass. Hort. Soc.

more particularly the Carnation, Picotee, Calls at Gardens and Nurseries

64, 107. 178

ard Pink. By $. Walker,


202. 316. 378. 418

Some Remarks on the Genus Phlox. By

Chemistry applied to Agriculture. By John losophical Annual: fitted for general use

Antony Chaptal, Count of Cantalonp, Peer in all parts of the United States. By Mar-

of France, Member of the Institute, &c. shall Conant. 1 vol. 12mo.


First American, translated from the sec Paxton's Horticultural Register. Edited by

ond French edition. 12mo.

26 James Main, A. L. S. In monthly num-

The New American Orchardist, or an Ac bers, 8vo.

185. 306

count of the most valuable Varieties of Boston Journal of Natural History, contain-

Fruit of all Climates, adapted to Cultiva ing Papers and Cominunications read to

tion in the United States, &c.; and the the Boston Society of Natural llistory, and

Culture of Silk. With an Appendix on published by their direction. Part 1.-

Vegetables, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs No. III.


and Flowers. By Wm. Kenrick. Second An Essay on Calcareolis Manures. Second

edition, enlarged and improved. 1 vol. edition, greatly enlarged. By Edinund


.30 Rutin. 1 voliune, 8vo.

A discourse delivered before ihe Massachu Elements of Botany. By Asa Gray, M. D.,

setts Horticultural Society, on the Cele Meinber of the Cæsar. Acad. Natura Curi-

bration of its seventh Anniversary, Sep osum, and of the Lyceum of Natural His.

tember 7th, 1835. By John Lewis Rus. tory, New York. 1 vol. 12mo.


sell. Pamphlet, 8vo.

33 Report of the Committee of Arrangements

The Gardener's 'Magazine and Register of of ihe Third Annual Exhibition of the Co.

Rural and Domestic Improvements. Con lumbian Horticultural Society, June 8th

ducted by J. C. Loudon, F. L. S., H. S., and 9th, 1836, with the reports of the

&c. In Monthly Numbers. 8vo. 67. 111. 145 Standing Committees upon the objects 4-X-

181. 225. 263. 297. 383. 424 hibited, and those entitled to premium.

Report of the Committee of Arrangements Pamphlet, 8vo..


of the Second Annual Exhibition of the New York Farmer and American Garden-

Columbian Horticultural Society, June er's Magazine. In Monthly Numbers.

10th and alth, 1835, with the Reports of



the Standing Cominittees upon the Ob-

An Address delivered before the Massachu-

jects exhibited, and those entitled to Pre setts Horticultural Society, at their Eighth

mium. Pamphlet, 8vo.

113 Anniversary, Sept. 17th, 1836. By Ezra

A Practical Treatise on the Culture of silk,

, .


adapted to the Soil and Climate of the Journal of the Essex County Natural History

United States. By F. G. Comstock. I vol. Society. Vol. I. No. I. Pamphlet, 8vo. 450


149 Literary Notices, .

The Year Book : an Astronomical and Phi-

GENERAL NOTICES.-To destroy insects by a morphoses of Plants, 232; The use and abuse

solution of chlorine, Mining insect on the rose of Hybridization, 269; Lobelia splendens and

tree, 74;

Insect plant, 113, Scientific fecun fulgens, 270; Cultivation of the Bamboo in

dation, The superiority of sets of potatocs to France ; Vitality of Seeds, 271; Method of
whole ones, 151 ; A mode of preserving the preserving Plants during a long Voyage, 309;
flowers of the Pansy, 190; Irregular meta The House Fly, Waterproof strands of Bast,

for tying trees, and waterproof Bast Mats, the Mimulus, 156; Noisette rose Lamarque.

Chenopodium Quinoa, 310; On the Origin of 157; Early Potatoes, New Variety of Pump-

Weeping trees, 347 ; Cultivation of Canna

kin, Bulby presented to the Massachusetts

Achiras or C. edulis as a substitute for the ar-

Horticultural Society, 191; Variation of Fo-

row root, Ornamental gardening in Syria, Tiage, Pentstemon campanulátum and atro-

348; Heating Stoves by Steam, not a new In purpureum, The New Zealand Flax, Phór.

vention, A stove for Vegetables good and mium tenax, Sanguinaria canadensis, 192;

cheap, Distribution of the order Rosacex in Extract of a letter from Cincinnati, March llih,

India, 319; Chinese method of dwarfing 1836, From my Spring Calendar, Clility of the

trees, 337; Chinese love of flowers, 388 ; Ma Prickly pear (Cactus Opuntia), 193 ; Vigor of

rie Louise and Napoleon pears, 453.

Annual growth in the Alder (Alnus serrulata),


Desideratum, 194 ; Quere, 194, 354, 455 ; En.

kianthuy quinquetóra, The power of the pre-

England. The Metropolitan Society of Florists vailing winds in directing trees from a perpen-

and Amateurs, The dwarf fan palm Chan dicular position, Bouquet tendre hyacinth,

ærops humilis, 74; Oncidium ciliatum, Royal Gardening in Algiers, 194: Schizanthus Hook-

Duke cherry, 75: Dahlia Exhibitions, 114; éri, On brights and their causes, 195 ; Taylor's

Trifolium incarnatum, 151, 190; Heaviest early forty-fold Potatoes, 197 ; Stray leaf from

gooseberries for 1835,151; Prize Dahlias, Nature's Calendar for May 18, 234; Five varie-

Scale for showing the comparative hardiness ties of the Dahlia, Perspiration of Plants, 235;

of trees, Hamamelis virginica, 152 ; The Ques New Seedling pansies, English Hawthorn

sion whether Potatoes ought to be planted (Crataegus oxyacantha). Nymphæ'a cærulea,

whole or in sets, New Variety of the Grape, Wistaria Consequena hardy, 236 ; Phytolacca

New Species or Variety of Omon, 190 ; Thun decandra, 236, 274 ; Microscopic beauty of some

bérgia alata rar. álba, Large Hydrangea, Male of the Graminer and Junceæ, Seedling Hibis-

Carle Apple, 191 ; New Species of the Dahlia, cus, 236; Cashmere Goats, Gardenia rádicans,

233; kibes glutinosum, 234 ; Turnip Fly, 271; 237; Gama Grass (Tripsacum dactyloides),

Strelitzia augusta, H. K., A large Plant of The Crape Myrtle nearly hardy, Some species

Brugmansia suaveolens, 272; Camellia show of the Sedges (Carices), 273; Cultivation of

at the London Horticultural Society's garden, the Tea Plint, 374; Juniperus virginianus,

310; Metropolitan Society of Florists, 31; Zephryanthes rosea, Microscopic beauty of the

London Horticultural Society's show, May 14, fruit of Aspidium marginale, 354 ; Rediscovery

1833, 353 ; Aorticultural Outrage in the Royal of Scolopendrium officinarum, Poinsellia pul-

Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, 388: Ipoma'a cherrima, 349; Campanula pyramidalis hardy,

rubro cærulea, 389 ; Cow Cabbage, 453.

Vanack Cabbage, Bolmar's Washington Plum,

Belgium.-Ghent, October 19th, 1835, 272; Lou Variation in the time of flowering of the Cere-

vain, Deceinher, 1835, 311.

us granditiorus, The Young Hyson Tea Plant,

Germany. - Botanic Garden of Berlin, 75; Notes 390 ; New York Horticultural Society, Accli-

on the Trees, Gardens, Gardeners, Garden

mization of the Chinese Mulberry, The Scar-

Artists, and Garden Authors of Germany,312. let-runner

Bean, Dahlia mots,

China.-Chinese style of Gardening, 231. Cultivation of the fig tree, 392; Gladio-

lug natalensis and lineatus, 435; Amaryl


Jacea, Cyclamen pérsicum, 436; Premature

Cultivation of the Pine-Apple, Ruinous effect of Flowering of several Azaleas and Rhododen-

the full influence of the sun, Singular anomaly

drons, 434; Cereus grandiflorus, Oʻxalis Bow-

in the Cherry Tree, 36; xalis crenata, 70, iei, Mewus multicaulis, Peonia Mvutan, Prolific

154; Passiflora edulis, Pennsylvania Hort. Soc. Lima Bean, 455.

ety, 76, 155; Cleome randillora, Astrapæ'a Retrospectire Criticism. The To Kalon Grape, 76;

Wallichii, 76; Maclùra aurantiaca, 77. 115; Ex-

Maclura aurantiaca, Exhibitions of Horticul-

hibitions of Horticultural Societies, 77, Green-

tural Societies, 77; Rural Affairs, 116; Scolo-

houses and forcing-houses, 116; Strawberries, pendrium officinarum not a rediscovery, Quere,

152; Forced Beans, Primula præ'nitens var.


37. 79. 117

alba fimbriata, Ranunculuses in pots, Zinc Massachusetts Horticultural Society,

Labels for marking Plants, White corrolad rar.

157. 197. 237. 275. 314. 355, 392, 437. 456

of Rhododendron, 153; Ribes sanguineum, For Exhibitions of Horticultural and Floricultural

ced Peaches, The Mexican Quinoa, (Cheno- Societies,

276, 357. 456

podium Quinoa), 154; The Bread-root of the Quincy Market, 38. 73. 118, 158. 198. 238. 278

Western Indians, (Psoralea esculenta), Mona-

316. 358. 398. 438. 462

39. 119. 159. 317

graph of the American Cyperacore, 155, Trans- Obituary Notice,

39. 80. 119. 159. 199

planting evergreen trees, 155, 191; Flowering Motevrological Notice,

of Cycas revoluta, The season in Georgia,

239, 279, 320, 359, 399. 439, 463

Rhododendron nudiflorum, var. Azalea nudi Calendar of Horticulture and Floriculture, 40. 80

flóra, Lemon Hill, New Seedling Variety of

120. 159, 199, 239, 280, 360, 400, 440, 464

INDEX to the Plants, 465.

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All the botanical names of plants enumerated in In p. 166, line 12 from the top, dele "plant."

this volume which are misspelt, wrongly In p. 178, line 12 from the top, after “ Amateur,"

accented, or the indication of the generic or add " garden."

specific names incorrectly given, are corrected In p. 231, line 14 from the bottom, for“ nearest,"

in the index: consequently those names which read “ newest ;" line 13 from the bottom, for

do not agree with those in the index, are er “ Sanicaria," read “Saxicaria."

rors. The others are as follows:

In p. 232, line 7 from the top, for « Le Leuer,"

In p. 8, line 7 from the bottom, for “50," read read " Le Seuer."


In p. 348, line 9 from the top, for “ arton," read

In p. 11, line 10 from the top, for “exhale," read " Arrow."

6 inhale."

In p. 397, line 28 from the bottom, for “ Harris-

in p. 36, line 15 from the top, for "fall,” read burgh,” read " Hamburgh."


In p. 399, line 7 from the bottom, for “below,"

In p. 41, line 4 from the bottom, for “ love," read read “ above,"

In p. 421, line from the top, for “Cosar." read

In p. 42, line 18 from the top, after “ that," “Cæsar,"

insert a period.

In p. 421, line 17 from the top, for “two hun-

In p. 46, lines 15 and 20 from the top, for “tubes," dred thousand,” read “ sixty-five thousand.”

read tubers."

In p. 424, lino 2 from the top, for " the," read

In p. 165, line 15 from the bottom, for “ Epipha "this."

gus," read “ Epiphégus ;" line 3 from the bot- In p. 434, line 12 from the bottom, for “ 102,"

tom, for“ unyod," read“ gryos;"line l from

read“ 202,"

the bottom, for“ gayod,” read" payis."

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