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Such Change of the Deity not voluntary.

p. 23 Nor necessary.

ib. Such a Changeableness contrary to the Attributes of God.

25 Answer to Argument 5.

26 No Conftat of the Sphericalness of the Univerfe.

27 That no Argument of a perpetual Motion.

ib, Motion of Bodies in Contiguity, with Bodies not infinite.

28 Sphericalness does not infer Infinity of Duration. 29 Arguments against the Eternity of the World.

30 Arg. 1. From the Nature of Putrification.

ib. Arg. 2. From the sinking of Hills.

32 No new-Hills raised which are considerable.

Phyfico-Theol. Discourses on the Chaos, &c.
Arg. 3. From the Increase of Mankind.
The World never depopulated by Plagues.
Remarks upon the most remarkable Pefkålences.

39 The probable Number of Men in the World.

41 The World increafed more formerly than now. 43 I his proved by Scripture and Reafon.

44 Arg. 4. From History and the late Invention of Arts. 45 No confiderable Arts loft, and revived again. Mankind could not, as the Theists pretend, bave been without Writing from all Eternity.

ib. Tbe Progress in the Art of Writing, and the no extraor

dinary Difficulty in its Invention. Excessive Computations, no Argument of the Eternity of tbe World.

52 Answer to the Argument from the late Communication of the Divine Goodness.

54 The fixed Stars probably no Part of the Mofaick Crea tion.

55 Gen. iii. 16. explained.

ib Obje&ions against this Interpretation answered.

58 This Interpretation not prejudicial to Religion.

59 Ligts!




Light before the Sun is the clearing up of the Chaos. p. 65
Waters above the Firmament, the Waters of the Planets. 63
The Seas easily formed in one Day.

Trees and Plants might easily grow before the Sun was

How the Planets are said to be made the fourth Day. 68
Why Moses relates the diftin&t Formation of the Earth

This Relation agrees with the foresaid Hypothesis 71
God acted by other Methods in the Creation than now.

He then took an immediate Care of the Species. 75
Americans of the same Stock, tbo Black, with the rest of

the World.
How Inhabitants got into America.

How the Blacks might descend from a white Parentage. 79
This Blackness caused by the Heat of the Sun. ib.
By the Curse of Cham.

No Absurdity that Eve should be made of a Rib. 91
No Race of Men before Adam.

The Arguments for the Preadamites answered. ib,
No confused Huddle in the Relation of the sixth Day's Work.

The Lapse of Man, not the first Day of his Creation. ib.
The Ridiculousness of other Nations Account of the Creation,

compared with the Mosaical.
Thé Ægyptian and Græcian.

Tbe Mahometan.

The American.

The Wickedness and Folly of drolling upon Scripture. 104
Not unreasonable that the Devil should tempt Mankind in
the Form of a Serpent.

The Devil much pleased with Serpent Worship. 108
T bis Serpent not the common viperous Kind.

God not obliged to keep Man from finning by an irresi,lible

This would bave destroyed Free-will,







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Man had sufficient Asistance.

p. 113 This Miscarriage was repaired by God's Mercy afterwards.

114 The Relation of the two Trees not ridiculous. IS Difficulties about the Rivers of Eden removed. 117 Moses did not give Account of the Rivers to find out Paradise by.

118 The Reasonableness of the probative Precept.

119 The Prohibition of an Apple more proper than any thing elfe.

ib. The Tranfgreffion of our first Parents no grifling Ofence.

122 The Difficulties of original Sin removed.

124 The curfing the Ground no Reflection upon the Deity. 127 Nor the Cirse of the Serpent.

128 The Meaning of their Eyes were opened.

129 No Absurdity in the Relation of the Fig-leaves and the Skins,

131 The Difficulties of the Cherubim, and the flaming Sword, removed,

133 The Histort of the Fall not Allegorical.

135 Such a Supposition would defroy all History,

ib, Mofes a plain Writer.

136 Had no Design like the Heathen Philofopbers to serve by an Allegory.

Nor the same Design with the allegorical Fathers. ib.
Moses gives the best Account of the Depravation of Man's

The Miscarriages of the Philofophers in this.
His Account the best of the Pudor circa res Veneris. 141
Of the Pain of Child-birth.

142 Of the Barrenness of the Earth,




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