Imatges de pàgina

et seq.

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Life insurers, proposed extension of Navies, the French and English
franchise to, 512.

pared, 643 et seq.-at the operasi
Light, early worship of, in India, 316. close of the revolutionary ve,
Lodgers, proposed extension of franchise
to, 512.

Navy estimates, extracts from reper
Lombardy, the Austrian system in, 354. committee on, 649 et srą. pang
London, scheme for the drainage of, 228. New REFORM BILL, THE, 506.
Louis Philippe, French pavy under, 649. Newspaper press, advantages of isle
LUCK OF LADYSMEDE, TIE, Part I., 335 anonymous, 180—the charge ou

- Part II., 413—Part III., 546—Part ity against it, 190.
IV., 677.

Nice, sketches at, 410–expected as..
Lucknow, impression made by the de- of, to France, 619.
fence of, 462.

Ni-pon, island of, 62, 244.
Lyons, sketches at, 433 et seq.

Nizam, the, during the mutiay, 119.
MACAULAY, LORD,AND MARLBOROUGH,661. Noel, B, on Christianity in loda
Macaulay, the defeat of, in Edinburgh,632. NÜRNBERG, A CRIMINAL TRIAL IX,
M‘Kay, general, the grave of, 88.

Mackenzie, Sir G., on witchcraft, 575. OBJECTIONABLE Books, 164.
Madras, the first English church at, 468 Officers, the Turkish, character of, 45-
--constituted a bishopric, 477.

foreigo, in the Turkish service, $2.
Mahratta race, the, in India, 311,

Malabar, early Christian church in, 463. Orderly family, sketch of an, 18.
Mandelslo, John, account of early life in Orsini, influence of the conspina
India by, 468.

and of his letter to the emperor, 6l+
Manhood suffrage, probable results of,632. 615.
Manu, the code of, 313, 322 et seq. OUR RELATIONS WITH THE CONTINENT,
Marco Polo, account of Japan by, 62, Owen, professor, on reproduction byre
Maritime conscription, the decree for mation, 592 — on the discoveries I
the, in France, 657.

the microscope, 595.
Marlborough, examination of Lord Mac Oxenden, Sir George, 468.

aulay's attack on, 661 et seq.--and on Pacific ocean, gulf stream of the, 212
the duchess, 664 vote.

Pagan, ruins of city of, 39.
Marseilles, sketches at, 437.

Palmerston, lord, on the Italian que
Marshman, labours of, in India, 473. tion, 380-declaration of, in favoue
Martyn, the Rev. Henry, 473.

reform, 507—the party of, 627, 63
Master, Streynham, the first English Papal government, evils of the,

church built in India by, 468.
Maximilian, the archduke, 615.

Papal States, present state of, 350, 616
MEPHITIS AND THE ANTIDOTE, 222. Paper, variety of uses of, in Japan, 535
Metcalfe, lord, views of, as to the right Paris, a first sight of, 430_Congress o
of adoption in India, 117,

proceedings on Italian question at the
Miaco, city of, Japan, 242.

Middleton, bishop, on India, 474, 475, PARLIAMENT, THE NEW, AND ITS FORK.
Military equipage, the French, 259, 731-present state of oratory in, les
Monasteries, Burmese, 40.

- influence of the press on, 119-
Mons, the, in Pegu, 34.

opening of session of, 375-proce}
Montalembert on the press, 183.

ings in, on the threatened war, 317-
Murad Bey, a Turkish officer, 451.

the dissolution of, defence, &c. of
Nabba, the rajah of, during the mutiny,


Parochial libraries, on, 168.
Nais, the, and the Hydra, 586.

Nangasaki, a visit to, 49, 51.

Pegu, the empire of, 34, 35-cession de
Naples, present state of, 350.

province to England, 35.
NAPOLEON III. and EUROPE, 375. Penn, Macaulay's animosity to, 662.
Napoleon III., his policy toward Italy, PERIODICAL PRESS, THE, 96, 180.

350, 352—his address to the Austrian Periodicals, characteristics of, 101.
ambassador, 376—early direction of Persian invasion, importance of its
his views to Italy, 614-views of, in defeat by the Greeks, 199, 200.
the Italian question, 618-naval pro- Physicians, style of dress of, 280.
gress of France under, 644.

Pilgrimage, comparison of life to a, 71.
Vapoleon, prince, his marriage to the Pindar, Peter, bis pilgrim and peas, 70.

princess Clothilde, 376---political ob. Plutscho, missionary. to India, 169.
jects of his marriage, 619.

National literature, effects of a, 98. POLITICAL FRIEND, LINES TO A, 764.
Naval war, position occupied by science Polype, observations on the, 585 et **
regarding, 644.

Pond, interest of a, 581.

et seq.

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Popery, difficulties from, regarding edu- Salmon-fishing, sketches of, in Suther-
cation in Ireland, 166.

land, 84,
POPULAR LITERATURE—THE PERIODICAL Sanitary reformers, the first opera-
PRESS, 96, 180—TRACTS, 515.

tions of the, 224.
Portuguese, the, in Japan, 50, 63-pro. Sardinia, present state of, 350--the war-

pagandist efforts of, in India, 464. like policy and threats of, 376—treaty
Powell, judge, character of, and trial of between, and France, 377—views, &c.

the witch of Walkerne before, 577. of, at Congress of Paris, 612 et seq.--
està Precious metals, increased supplies of, growing coalition of, with France, 617
and its effects, 482.

- the warlike tendencies of, 639.
Sas2. Press, influence of the, on parliament, Satanomi-saki, cape, 240.
&c., 108.

Savings bank clause in the new reform
Fp Public servants, the popular idea of, bill, the, 512.

Savoy, expected cession of, to France,
Pulpit, decreasing influence of the, 109. 619.
- 17 Puppet shows, Burmese, 37, 38.

Scandinavia, picture of, 368.
Puranas, origin, &c. of the, in India, 331. Scarecrow, proposed history of a, 274.
Puseyism, reaction against, 167.

School libraries, on, 168.
Puteealab, Maharajah of, his conduct Schoumla, sketches at, 293 et seq.
during the mutiny, 118.

Schwartz, the missionary labours of, 470.
Rajpoots, the, in India, 312.

Science, position of, in the art of war, 643.
Rajpoot States, fidelity of the, during Scindiah during the mutiny, 119.
the mutiny, 119.

Scourie, angling at, 88.

Serampore,the Baptist missionaries at, 473.
Reed, Mr, on the French and English Serfs, the, in Japan, 407.
3" sਈ steam navies, 652.

Sewage water, employment of, at Edin-

burgh, 224.
Reform, character of Lord John Russell's Shakespeare, the witch-scene in Mac-
resolutions on, 627.

beth from, 567.
REFORM Bill, THE NEW, 506.

Shanars, the, an Indian race, 310.
Reform agitation, the, 375.

Shans, the, in Burmah, 34
Religion, early forms of, in India, 316. Shepherd, Rev. Mr, in India, 472.
Religious tracts, character &c. of, 515. Shipbuilding, former superiority of the
Religious Tract Society, the, and its French in, 648-and present of the
publications, 516.

English, 651.
Reproduction by the polype, 591, Shore, Sir John, in India, 471.
Review OF A REVIEW, 750.

Shrewsbury, lord, treachery of, to Wil-
Revolutionary war, the English and liam III., 671.

French navies at the opening and close Siberia, the gold-fields of, 486.
of the, 646.

Sidotti, the, Abbé, 241.
Riding, different styles of, 455.

Rivers, conducting of sewage into, 226. Sikok, island of, 62, 242.
Romish Church, evils from the, in Italy, Silver, exports of, to the East, 483—sub-

stitution of gold for it in France, 484.
Routine, importance of, 601.

Simbarra, city of, and its history, 61.
ROYAL PROCLAMATION TO INDIA, THE, Simoda, Japan, arrival at, 244-loss of

the Diana frigate in earthquake at,
Rukhings, race of the, 34.

245--sketches in, 246.
Russell, Lord John, on the Italian ques. Sinagawa, a suburb of Yedo, 397.

tion, 380—his proposed resolutions on SKYE, HOW WE WENT TO, 155.
the reform bill, 506—his former bill, Slovens, various classes of, 277 et seq.
ib.—factious character of his resolu- Social Science Association, the, 524.
tions, 627.

Soma festival, the, in India, 319.
Russia, policy of Louis Napoleon to Sourahs, the, an Indian race, 310.

ward, 384—her views regarding Aus- Spain, annibilation of the navy of, 647.
tria, 387.

Spanish galleon, destruction of a, at
Russian bazaar, the, at Nangasaki, 52. Nangasaki, 58.
Ryle, Mr, the tracts of, 516.

Spencer, bishop, 477.
Sailors, numbers, organisation, &c. of, in Spirit-rapping, modern belief in, 567.
France, 657 et seq.

Steam, change in naval war introduced
St Francis Xavier, conversions under,

by, 659.
in Japan, 63, 64—the missionary efforts Steam-ships, war, comparative pumbers
of, in India, 464.

of, France and England, 650.
St Thomas, traditional introduction of Stuart papers, the, 671.

Christianity into India by, 463. Sudra caste, the, 313.
Salar Jung during the mutiny, 119. Suffrage, proposed extension of the, 512.

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557 et seq.

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et seq.

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Sun, Indian hymn to the, 318.

Varda, a journey from, 902
Sin worship, early, in India, 316. Velas, account of tbe Argass to
Swift, the career of, 569-character of Vellore, the mutiny of, 472, 477.
Judge Powell by, 577.

Venality, the charge of. against the 12*
Table-turning. beiief in, 567.

paper press, 190 et sera
Taleins, the, in Burmah, 31.

Victor Emmanuel, policy ad view:
Talmash, Macaulas's charge against Marl. 396.
borough regarding, 665.

Wages, rates of, in Australia te. 4-11
Tamul race, the, in India, 311.

Walkerne, account of the witcz ::
Teignmouth, lord, in India, 471.
Telinga race, the, in India, 311.

Walpole, Mr, the resignation of, 5.9.
Tenasserin, district of, 31-its cession to WAB SPECT LATIONS, 695.
England, 35.

War, successive derelopments of
Tetstze, temple of, excursion to, 407. of, 613 — the English and Free
Thames, sanitary state of the, 222- navies at its opening and ciose, er
causes of this, 223.

Ward, missionary labours of. 173.
Theatre, a Burmese, 37-influence of the Wellesley, lord, religious state of Inca
press on the, 110.

under, 472.
Thomas Capa, an Armenian missionary in Wenham, Jane, the witch of Warse.
India, 464.

568 et seq.
Thomason, Rev. Mr, 477.

Wesley a believer in witchcraft. 567.
Thorne, Anne, and the witch of Wal- WHAT WILL HE DO WITH IT! Partias: 1
kerne, 568 et seq.

White Elephant of Burmah, tbe. 16.
Thucşdides, characteristics of, 195. Widdin and its fortifications, account
Tinnevelly, native Christians in, 470. 299, 300-sketches in, 449.
Total abstinence, the tracts in favour of, William III., Macaulay on. 661.
526 et seq.

Wilson, bishop, his principles and des

of Christianity, 172.
Tracts as a phase of popular literature, Wilson, Daniel, the episcopate of, a

515—the religious, ib.—their various India, 477 et seq.
kinds, purpose, &c., 516 et seq.-

:-their WINTER JOURNEY. A, 429.
influence, 517.

Travel, various inducements to, 31– Witchcraft, former belief in, 567.
characteristics of modern, ib.

Woman, position of, in Japan, 57
Trembley, his work on the Hydra, 585 Women, the dress of, in Japan, 410.
et seq. passim.

Working classes, want of bouses for the
Tudahs, the, in the Nilgherry hills, 310. 236_indifference of the, to reform,

TURKS IN KALAFAT, the, 1854, Part I., Yandabo, treaty of, with Burmah, 35
291- Part II., 449.

Yedo, the gulf of, 393—its scenery, $$4.
Turks, military degeneracy of the, 307. Yedo, city of, 395---description of it, sei
Turkish army, characteristics of the, 450. -landing of the British ambassalut,
Tynemouth, effect of sanitary regulations 400-sketches of it, ib. et seq.-depar
as shown at, 238.

ture from, 544.
United States, treaty between tbe, and Young's Angler's Guide, notice of, 81.

Japan, 69 et seq.—the newspaper press Yule's NARRATIVE OF MISSION TO B:1-
of the, 184, 186--treaty between, and MAH, review of, 31.
Japan, 249.

Ziegenbalg, Danish missionary to India.
Vaisyas, caste of the, in India, 313.

469, 470.

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