The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature: Enlightenment, Britain and Empire (1707-1918)

Ian Brown, Thomas Owen Clancy, Susan Manning, Murray Pittock
Edinburgh University Press, 2007 - 390 pàgines
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The Edinburgh History of Scottish LiteratureGeneral Editor: Ian BrownCo-editors: Thomas Owen Clancy, Susan Manning and Murray PittockThe Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature offers a major reinterpretation, re-evaluation and repositioning of the scope, nature and importance of Scottish Literature, arguably Scotland's most important and influential contribution to world culture. Drawing on the very best of recent scholarship, the History contributes a wide range of new and exciting insights. It takes full account of modern theory, but refuses to be in thrall to critical fashion. It is important not only for literary scholars, but because it changes the very way we think about what Scottishness is.The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, Volume 2: Enlightenment, Britain and Empire (1707-1918)Period Editor: Susan Manning General Editor: Ian BrownCo-editors: Thomas Owen Clancy and Murray PittockBetween 1707 and 1918, Scotland underwent arguably the most dramatic upheavals in its political, economic and social history. The Union with England, industrialisation and Scotland's subsequent defining contributions throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the culture of Britain and Empire are reflected in the transformative energies of Scottish literature and literary institutions in the period. New genres, new concerns and whole new areas of interest opened under the creative scrutiny of sceptical minds. This second volume of the History reveals the major contribution made by Scottish writers and Scottish writing to the shape of modernity in Britain, Europe and the world.The other volumes in the History are: The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, Volume 1: From Columba to the Union (until 1707)The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, Volume 3: Modern Transformations: New Identities (from 1918)Key Features* Original - presents new approaches to what is literature and wha

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Scotlands Geography 17071918
Languages in Scotland 17071918
The International Reception and Literary Impact of Scottish Literature

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

Ian Brown is Emeritus Professor in Drama at Kingston University and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Scottish Literature at Glasgow University. He is the General Editor of The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature (EUP: 2007) and widely published on aspects of theatre and literature. He is also a playwright and poet.

Thomas Clancy is Lecturer in the Department of Celtic at the University of Glasgow.

The late Susan Manning was Grierson Professor of English Literature, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh.

Murray Pittock MAE FRSE is Bradley Professor and Pro Vice-Principal at the University of Glasgow, and Scotland's leading cultural historian. A prizewinner of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the British Academy, he has held visiting appointments or spoken at the universities of UC Berkeley, Boston, Cambridge, Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, UCL, New York University, Notre Dame, Oslo, Oxford, the Sorbonne, Virginia, Yale, Gresham College, the British Academy, The British Museum, Hampton Court, the Smithsonian, the House of Commons and many other locations. He is the General Editor of the Collected Works of Allan Ramsay.Select Publications include Scotland: The Global History (2022), Enlightenment in a Smart City (2019), Robert Burns and James Johnson: The Scots Musical Museum (2 vols, 2018); Culloden (2016, 2017, 2022; Folio Edition, 2021).

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