Imatges de pÓgina

Both plain and spangled velvets are continually used for hats.

Furs, which are of as old a date as any thing in the catalogue of fashionable necessities, may be considered as valuable additions to a fashionable equipment as any thing that can be cited. Muffs, now so ornamental as well as serviceable, are indispensable for the promenade or the carriage airing. The boa and the muff may have enjoyed greater favour that they do at present. Pelisses are very commonly bordered with martin fur. Swandown is used with children's dresses, as well as on some occasions for ball costume.

Blond fichus present every possible variety of which they are susceptible, in ribbon nœuds, tulle ruches, and gathered; they are frequently placed on dented corsages, instead of mantillas.

The serpentine lines, formed by borders of flowers, or ribbons, at the hem, are now much admired, and may be extensively varied. To accommodate the hot

tom of the dress to this undulating line, so as to form a parallel, has a very elegant effect.

Gloves for the ball-room are trimmed with satin ribbon, gathered in round folds.

For shoes, white satin predominates greatly over the coloured kinds.



FIGURE 1. & BACK VIEW.-BALL DRESS.-Organdi dress, lined with gauze, low cut at the shoulders, the pelerine bordered with a double ruche crossing in front, and terminating under the ceinture; short sleeves, with double bouffans; the skirt ornamented with a similar double ruche to the one above mentioned, and figuring tablier; a gauze scarf round the neck; the hair ornamented with nœuds.

FIGURE 11,-EVENING DRESS.-Gauze dress, worked all over in the form of diamonds; the corsage en pointe draped at the top, and fringed at the bottom; a goifferred muslin pelerine, ornamented with nœuds; the skirt is gathered up at the bottom by a ribbon bow; the hair ornamented with a garland of flowers.

FIGURE 111. & BACK VIEW.-EVENING DRESS.-Dress of tissu de Memphis; corsage en pointe draped, cut low at the shoulders, on each side of which a nœud is placed, as well as in front of the bust; ribbon nœuds, figuring tablier ornament the skirt; a gauze turban, ornamented with a feather.

FIRST HAT AND BACK VIEW.-Velvet hat, adorned with a single long feather hanging very low over the side of the head.

CENTRE HAT AND BACK VIEW.-Velvet hat a l'espagnole, very much turned up at the side where a nœud is seen, as well as at the back of the rim; it is ornamented with marabouts,.

CAP.-Rich lace cap, ornamented with roses and blond barbes.


FIGURE 1.-EVENING DRESS.-Tulle dress, deep cut at the shoulders; corsage en point edged with blond; satin ornaments, retained by a precions stone set in gold, on the shoulders and in the middle of the bust: the sides of the skirt figuring tablier similarly fastened, and exhibiting the under dress, which is embroidered

across, and ornamented with bijouterie; the head-dress decorated with feathers, flowers, and a golden arrow.

FIGURE 11.-FANCY BALL DRESS.-Crimson satin dress in the Saxon style: high mounting, corsage en pointe, with a row of black crape and white lace; large satin ornument in the middle of the bust; the sleeves narrow at the top and wide at the elbow, lined with muslin, terminating in a bouffan and blond sabot; crape forming tablier, with a double row a slight distance apart at the bottom of the dress.

Figure 111.—Opera Dress.—Worked satin dress, à la Pompadour draped and painted; figuring epaulette, edged with blonde; wide sleeves, narrowing at the wrist; the skirt ornamented with two large nœuds, rather more than half way down, exhibiting an under-dress with three rich blond flowers; small velvet hat, ornamented with feathers.

HAT. Satin hat, ornamented with a black heron; embroidered muslin turban, ornamented with lace.


FIGURE 1.-EVENING DRESSs.-Tulle dress, with embroidered satin pelerine, edged with blond, terminating under the ceinture, richly worked, and caught up at the hem by a bouquet; the hair ornamented with flowers in a similar style to the dress.

FIGURE 11.-FANCY BALL DRESS.--Satin robe, corsage tight fitting en cœur noeuds at the shoulders; sleeves tight fitting to the wrist; broad sash round the waist; the under-dress ornamented with bars of satin placed diagonally, with nœuds at each intersection; double rows of piping adorn the hem, similar to those round the border of the robe.

FIGURE 111.-WALKING DRESS.-Velvet redingote, corsage tight fitting, with large satin ornaments down the whole length of the dress, which is united by silk ties, terminated by acorns: sleeves wide to the wrist; considerably elevated in front, and turned up behind, ornamented with a single ostrich feather.

BLOND CAPS, ornamented with ribbon nœuds and flowers.


FIGURE 1.-EVENING DRESS.-India muslin dress, embroidered in gold; corsage low, edged round the bust with a deep lace; satin pelerine, trimmed with swans down; small round collar; the cape in large dents, and terminating in two long ends in front, narrowed at the commencement, and square at the ends; turban of gauze satin to correspond with the dress.

FIGURE 11--EVENING DRESS.-Tulle dress, draped corsage en pointe, low cut at the shoulders, short sleeves, with double bouffans, the corsage edged round with lace, deeper at the shoulders than the front; the skirt is ornamented with the same material in large gathers, retained by nœuds, and figuring tablier, bars proceed from each nœud, which intersect each other in the middle. The hair is ornamented with arrows; clasplets of precious stones and bandeau with a bird formed of diamonds.

FIGURE 111-OPERA DRESS.--A dress of Chamberry gauze, half high mounting, close fitting corsage with embroidered lace mantilla crossed in front, a satin ornament retained by noeuds, surrounds the top of the bust, and draping over the chest, is terminated close to the ceinture by a nœud. The skirt is ornamented in like manner by satin figuring apron in double rows on each side, edged with blond, within which is a ser

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