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We see them marching through the murky night,

We hear the clashing of the fearful strife,
We see the ending of the bloody fight

And thousands mangled and bereft of life.

How dream-like now such memories o'er us creep,

How sadly sweet this dreaming seems to me—
Awhile to linger with the past, then sleep,

To wake no more—no more to dream—to be.

The shadow forms that lead the way before,

Whose loyal hearts ne'er knew a craven fear,
And who the brunt of Union's battles bore,

Are absent not, we feel tneir presence here.

Their names are written, and our heart's the scroll—

Our own, our loved, our patriotic comrades true,
Undim'd the luster of that mighty roll,

That tells of thousands dead who wore the blue.

Perhaps to-day, where missing comrades sleep

Beneath the sunny skies of southern lands,
Some loving hearts are gathered there to weep,

A nd tiowers are strewn by tender, loving hands.

So we may plant a lily fair and white

Upon the grave of him who wore the gray.
For he, mistaken, deemed that he was right—

Hate enters not the mounds of clay.

Comrades, you have seen the terrors of the fray,

And heard the shriek and dying prayer to God—
You've seen the blue lay down beside the gray,

Their hearts-blood mingling on the trampled sod.

O, may cemented friendship, from that tide

Of crimson life, make discords cease-
May North and South stand ever side by side.

Hands clasped in love and everlasting peace.

The recitation, "The Drummer Boy of Mission Ridge," by Miss Belle Castleman, snowed careful preparation and culture of voice. The meeting was closed as the ritual provides, viz.:

Commander Seaks—Senior Vice Commander, how should all men live?
Senior Com. Arnold—With trust in God and in love for one another.

/i Com. — Junior Vice Commander, how should comrades of the Grand
rmy live?
Junior Vice Com. Davison—Having on the whole armor of God, that they
may be able to withstand in the evil day.

* Com.—The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.
Comrades—We thank God who giveth us the victory, through Jesus
Christ, our Lord.

Commander—May the Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, keep us by
His gracious presence amid the conflicts of our mortal life, and at last receive
us into everlasting peace.
Commander—I now declare this Post closed.

At a subsequent meeting of the Decoration Day Joint Committee, held at Comrade Caukin's office, on Stark street, Wednesday evening, June 7th, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the thanks of the committee are hereby gratefully tendered to the following persons:

To Rev. T. L. Eliot, for his eloquent sermon on Memorial Sunday.
To Rev. J. H. Acton, for his services as chaplain, Decoration Day.

To Hon. H. Y. Thompson, for his patriotic oration.

To Misses Belle Catleman, Katie Pierce, Laura Watkins, Josie Buchanan. Cora Braden, Mary Morse and Lavina Jones, for recitations on evening of Decoration Day, which added much to the attractiveness of the occasion.

To Comrade K. C. White, for composition and rendition of his original poem, "In Memoriam."

To Messrs Harris & Salmon, for free and abundant supply of ice.

To Geo. W. Whiting, for sprinkling the streets on the line of march, free of charge.

To Knott Brothers, for free ferriage to the procession on the route to and from the cemetery.

To the following named for bountiful supply of flowers, wreathes, bouquets, etc.

Prof. R. K. Warren and pupils of the high school, Prof. I. W. Pratt and pupils of the Harrison street school, Miss E. C. Sabin and pupils of North school, Mrs. J. C. Olds, Mrs. 0. Summers, Mrs. A. C. Gibbs, Mrs. A. E. Borthwick, Mrs. John R. Foster, Mrs. P. J. Mann, Mrs. Fleischner, Mrs. Ben Haines, Mrs. Albert Allen, Miss Hattie Phillips, Master James Phillips, Mrs. Theo. Barker, Mrs. Rathburn, Mrs. E. C. Smith, Mrs. Geo. Sharp, Mrs. Wm. Murray; also, to Thos. A. Linn and Edward Smith, for assistance m decorating at theater; and last but not least, to a generous public who so generally contributed their money and presence in furtherance of the ceremonies of the day.



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