British Synonymy: Or, An Attempt at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conversation, Volum 2

G. G. and J. Robinson, 1794

Què en diuen els usuaris - Escriviu una ressenya

No hem trobat cap ressenya als llocs habituals.

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Pàgina 95 - When Nature underneath a heap Of jarring atoms lay, And could not heave her head ; The tuneful voice was heard on high,
Pàgina 379 - That fhows more coft than art; Jewels at nofe and lips but ill appear: Rather than all things wit, let none be there -, Several lights will not be feen, If there
Pàgina 202 - Such things we know are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there ! And I
Pàgina 2 - in whofe mind airy notions do not fometimes tyrannize, and force him to hope or fear beyond the limits of fober probability. -All power of fancy over reafon is a degree of
Pàgina 150 - perquifite too, To do what his duty directed: Or would you the frowns of a lady prevent, She too has this palpable failing ; The perquifite foftens her into confent— That reafon with all is prevailing.
Pàgina 87 - Well tried through many a varying year, See Levett to the grave defcend; Officious, innocent, fincere, Of every friendlefs name the friend.