Calendar of the Close Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office: A.D. 1327-1330.-[vol. II] A.D. 1330-1333.-[vol. III] A.D. 1333-1337.-[vol. IV] A.D. 1337-1339.-[vol. V] A.D. 1339-1341.-vol. VI. A.D. 1341-1343.-vol. VII. A.D. 1343-1346.-vol. VIII. A.D. 1346-1349.-vol. IX. A.D. 1349-1354.-vol. X. A.D. 1354-1360.-vol. XI. A.D. 1360-1364.-vol. XII. A.D. 1364-1368.-vol. XIII. A.D. 1368-1374.-vol. XIV. A.D. 1374-1377, &c


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Pàgina 731 - Documents in his charge constitute the most complete and perfect series of their kind in the civilized world," and although they are of the greatest value in a historical and constitutional point of view, yet they are comparatively useless to the public, from the want of proper Calendars and Indexes.
Pàgina 346 - Chester, who, having a certain leprous knight in his household, gave in pure alms for the health of his soul and the souls of his ancestors...

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