Imatges de pàgina

Painters : Gandy, 69-Fuseli, Daniel, 70

-Mulready, Jackson, 71-Lawrence,
Phillips, Allan, Thomson, Stothard, 72
-Hilton, Lawrence, 73–Stothard, Les.
lie, 74_Martin, Stephanoff, 75– Pous-
sin, 176—Andrea del Sarto, 287–Cor-
reggio, Reynolds, Fuseli, 288–Tinto-
retto, 289 Polidoro da Caravaggio, 291
-Giulio Romano, 418_Michael An.
gelo, 661-Giorgione, 661-Watteau,

662-Da Vinci, 663_Correggio, 663.
Painting, remarks on, 177.
Parafoudres, 325.
Paralysis cured by a thunder storm, 676.
Parties in Poetry, 476.
Party spirit, 620.
Patents, New, 108, 223, 344, 460, 578,

Patriot, definition of a trae one, 621.
Patronage of the Fine Arts, when judi.

cious, 292.

Peake, Mr. 200.

Philips' Cyder, Italian Translation, 160.

Pictures, remarks on, 179.

Plymouth in 17th Century, 157.

Poetry: Old Ballads, 18.

Sonnet from Costanzo, 16.

Sonnet (Milton visits Galileo in prison),


The Heroes of Naples, 17.

Oh! Preston, proud Preston, 21.

Kenmure's on and awa, Willie, 24.

Lament for Walter Selby, 28.

Thoughts and Images, by Montgo-

Death of Sivard Snarensvend (do.), 415,

Child Bonved (do.), 416.

The Poet, 417.

The Hermit, 425.

Song: There may be some who loved

like me, 439.
Ode to Dr. Kitchiner, 463.
Lai, by Thibaut of Navarre, 474.
Sonnet : Daughters of England, 484.
The Departure of Summer, 493.
Verses written in an Album, 507.
Sonnet; a Dream, by Keats, 526.
The Last of March, by John Clare,

Childish Recollections, (do.), 542.
Ballad ; Winter's gone, (do.), 543.
Ballad ; I Love thee, Sweet Mary, (do.),

Pleasures, Past, ditto, 544.
Translations from Marot, 590.
O Mariner, O Mariner, 596.
Hymn to Bacchus, 641.
Translation from Ovid's Metamorphoses,

A Boiled Pig, 643.
Psalms, XLII. and XLIII., 664.

Sonnet; We wrestle with our Fate, 665.
Poetry, remarks on, 58—different parties

in, 476—legitimacy in, 478_Revolu.
tionary School, 480 — early French,


Portable Houses, 96.

Poussin, on a Landscape of, 176.

Prints, collections of, 459.

Prophecies, 94.

Pseudo-scholarship, 47.

Public Events, Monthly Register of; Iri-

surrection of the Greeks ; Spain, 97–

Domestic News, Parliament, 98~Mr.

Hume; Commitments for Libels, 99–

Death of Napoleon, 209—Insurrection

in Turkey ; Return of the King of Por..

tugal; Coronation, 211-Ireland ; Mrs.

Carlisle's Trial ; Local Bank Notes at

Manchester, 212–Affairs in Turkey,

326 Portugal ; Death of the Queen,

327-Her Will, 328_Her Funeral,

329—King's Visit to Ireland, 330_Loss

of the Moira Packet, 331–Conspiracy

detected at Saragossa ; Resignation of

Morillo; Addresses of the King of

Spain, 444-Affairs between Russia and

the Porte; United States; Interment of

Her Majesty's Remains, 445–His Ma-

jesty's Departure from Ireland; Bank

Affairs; Inquest on Honey; Sir Robert

Wilson, 446—Affairs in Turkey, 560-

In Spain and at Lisbon, 561_Trials at

Paris ; Ireland, 562–King's Arrival at

Hanover; Sir Robert Wilson, 563—

Revenue, &c. 564–State of Affairs in

Greece ; Mexico, 679_Disturbances in

Ireland; the King, 680_Executions ;

Agricultural Distresses, &c. 681.

Quakers, 155.

Spenser, his supposed acquaintance with

Shakspeare, 265.

Rain of Silk, 93.

Statue, anecdote of one discovered, 145.

Reading aloud, a rare accomplishment, 370.

of Washington, 442.
Recollections in a Country Churchyard, Steam Vessels, 559.

Sterne, Gray's opinion of, 14—Tomb of,

Resemblance between old Danish and Eng. Straw used as a conductor to lightning,

276-inferior to Richter, 609.

lish Ballads, 42.

Retrospect of the Progress of Philosophy


and Science, 674_Geology, 674_M. Street-walker, 305.
neralogy ; Botany ; Zoology, 675—Me. Style, Second-hand, 544.
teorology ; Electricity and Magnetism ;

Sun-dials, reflections on, 279.

Optics; Astronomy, 676-Mechanics; Sweden, Happy Life of a Parish Priest

Chemistry; Metaphysics and Ethics,

in, 613.

677-Education, 678.

Sydney's, Sir P. opinion of Gorbuduc, 267.

Rhodomontades Espagnoles, 35.

Ricardo (Mr.), his profoundness as a Poli. Table Talk, No. XI. On a Landscape of

tical Economist, 371.

Poussin, 176_No. XII. On Consistency

Richter, J. P. F. 606-his style not parti. of Opinion, 485—No. XIII. On the

cularly difficult, 610—his “ Æsthetik," Spirit of Partisanship, 620.

610-projected Translations from, 612 Terpodion, a new Musical Instrument, 92.

happy Life of a Parish Priest in Swe- Teutonizans (Grasmariensis) on Richter

den, 613_ Last Will and Testament, the German writer, 606.

and House of Weeping, 615.

Theatre, New, Haymarket, 201.

Rogers' “ Human Life," Italian Trans-

- a squeeze at, described, 670.

lation of, 23.

Thomson, the Poet. 479.

Rossini's defects as a Composer, 317, Thorvaldsen, 71.

Russian Literature, 205, 441,

Thurma; the Antiquary, 253. Westmin.

ster Abbey, 651.

Tintoretto, observations on, 289.

Sackville, Lord Buckhurst, 267.

Tooke's, J. H. Epitaph, 276.

Sadoleti's Dialogue on Education, 180. Torre del Greco, 33.
Sagas of the Scandinavians, 44.

Traditional Literature, No. VII. The
Saint Amand, Memoir of, 123.

Death of Walter Selby, 19-No. VIII.

Saint Evremond's Opinion on the French The Ghost with the Golden Casket,

Drama, 319.

129_No. IX. Judith Macrone the

San Carlo Borromeo, festival of, 145. Prophetess, 237–No. X. Placing a

Santuari, Memoir of, 172.

Scottish Minister, 401--No. XI. The

Saturday-night, Pleasures of, 360.

Haunted Ships, 499_No. XII. Miles

Schiller, 607, 612.

Colvine, the Cumberland Mariner, 594.

Scotchmen, 152.

Travels of Cosmo III. review of, 156.

Sculpture, by Canova, 93, 442.

Travelling, 508.

Sentimental Journey from Islington to Trial of Barginet, 501-Flocon, 562.

Waterloo Bridge, 508.

Tyrol Wanderer, 172.

Sermons, Mock Manuscript, 516.

Skeleton, 516.

Undine, Illustrations of, 420.

Shakspeare, new edition of, 265—conjec Van der Kabel's Will, 616.
tured to be the Ætion of Spenser, 266—

Van Vinkbooms on the Exhibition, 65

argument against that hypothesis, 266– Dogmas for Dilettanti, No. I, 285-No.

excellence of, 608.

II. Giulio Romano, 418_-No. III. The

Shelley, Mr. 57.

Amateur's Boudoir, or a Visit to Janus,
Shiel, Mr. 83.

655_Letter to, on the Exeter Exhibi.

Sketches on the Road, No. II. Visit to tion, 538.

Vesuvius, 31No. III. The Lago Varese, 144.

Maggiore and Milan, 140.—No. Iỹ. Verbal Imagination, 57.

495-No. V. 644.

Vesuvius, 31, 34.

Singers, English, 318.

Villa d'Este, 144.
Songs of the People of the Gothic Race, Visconti, 326.

Vocal Science in England, No. III. Mr.

Southey, Dr. 487.

Braham, 61.

Spanish Carniral, 313.

Voluptuous Songs, miscalled Religious, 325.
Spanish Literature, 96, 208, 413.
Spanish Melodies, 319.

Warner's Church of England Theology,
Spearing, Captain, 538.


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