Das englische Indefinitum: Ein beitrag zur Sprachgeschichte

Niemeyer, 1903 - 314 pągines

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Pągina 302 - Shall thereby be the sweeter. Reason thus with life : If I do lose thee, I do lose a thing That none but fools would keep.
Pągina 267 - Ah me! for aught that ever I could read. Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth: But, either it was different in blood; Her.
Pągina 99 - For indeed he was sick nigh unto death : but God had mercy on him ; and not on him only, but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.
Pągina 280 - Truly, shepherd, in respect of itself, it is a good life; but in respect that it is a shepherd's life, it is naught. In respect that it is solitary, I like it very well; but in respect that it is private, it is a very vile life. Now in respect it is in the fields, it pleaseth me well; but in respect it is not in the court, it is tedious.
Pągina 267 - If you be not too much cloyed with fat meat, our humble author will continue the story, with Sir John in it, and make you merry with fair Katharine of France : where, for anything I know, Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already a' be killed with your hard opinions ; for Oldcastle died a martyr, and this is not the man.
Pągina 147 - N'il n'en retourne arriere goute; Li tens vers qui noient ne dure, Ne fer ne chose tant soit dure, Car il gaste tout et menjue; Li tens qui tote chose mue, Qui tout fait croistre et tout norist, Et qui tout use et tout porrist.
Pągina 22 - Nevertheless, a danger, in its ultimate results scarcely less disastrous than pestilence and famine, and which now engages your Excellency's anxious attention, distracts that country. A portion of its population is attempting to sever the constitutional tie which unites it to Great Britain in that bond which has favoured the power and prosperity of both.
Pągina 260 - Enclosed her in his arms and kissed her too. And every kiss to her was as a charm, And to Leander as a fresh alarm, So that the truce was broke, and she, alas! Poor silly maiden, at his mercy was. Love is not full of pity, as men say, But deaf and cruel where he means to prey.
Pągina 256 - O yonge, fresshe folkes, he or she, In which that love up groweth with youre age, Repeyreth horn fro worldly vanyte, And of youre herte up casteth the visage To thilke God that after his ymage Yow made, and thynketh al nys but a faire This world, that passeth soone as floures faire.
Pągina 272 - Lemnos the /Egean isle : thus they relate, Erring ; for he with this rebellious rout Fell long before ; nor aught availed him now To have built in heaven high towers...

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