The Tutor's Guide: Being a Complete System of Arithmetic; with Various Branches in the Mathematics. To which is Added an Appendix, Containing Different Forms of Acquittances, Bills of Exchange, &c. &c

Joseph Crukshank, 1806 - 320 pàgines

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Pàgina 77 - ... dollars. How many days did he work, and how many days was he idle ? Ans.
Pàgina 126 - There is a fish whose head is 6 inches long, and the tail is as long as the head and half the body, and the body is as long as the head and tail ; what is the length of the whole fish?
Pàgina 165 - Opposite to each dividend, on the left hand, place such a number for a divisor, as will bring it to the next superior denomination, and draw a line between them.
Pàgina 141 - Now .} of f- is a compound fraction, whose value is found by multiplying the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators for a new denominator.
Pàgina 248 - Multiply the circumference of the base by the slant height or length of the side, and half the product 'will be the surface.
Pàgina 172 - Reduce the fraction to its lowest terms, then extract the square root of the numerator for a new numerator, and the square root of the denominator for a new denominator.
Pàgina 95 - A» the Amount of 100/ at the Rate and Time given : is to 100/ : : so is the Amount given : to the Principal required.
Pàgina 137 - Hence, when the extremes and the number of terms are given, to find the sum of all the terms,- — Multiply £ the sum of the extremes by the number of terms, and the product will be the answer.
Pàgina 142 - To reduce a mixed number to an improper fraction, Multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction, and to the product add the numerator; under this sum write the denominator.
Pàgina 227 - To fold the area of a Parallelogram, whether it be a Square, a Rectangle, a Rhombus, or a Rhomboides. RULE. Multiply the length by the height or perpendicular breadth, and the product will be the area.* * *DEMONSTSATION.

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