Waverly Novels: Kenilworth

A. and C. Black, 1879

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Pàgina 16 - Perfume for a lady's chamber ; Golden quoifs and stomachers, For my lads to give their dears: Pins and poking-sticks of steel. What maids lack from head to heel: Come buy of me, come; come buy, come buy; Buy, lads, or else your lasses cry : Come buy.
Pàgina 289 - And overcome us like a summer's cloud, Without our special wonder? You make me strange Even to the disposition that I owe...
Pàgina 260 - Sincerity ! Thou first of virtues, let no mortal leave Thy onward path! although the earth should gape, And from the gulf of hell destruction cry To take dissimulation's winding way.
Pàgina 243 - As she advanced, she became doubtful whether she beheld a statue, or a form of flesh and blood. The unfortunate Amy, indeed, remained motionless, betwixt the desire which she had to make her condition known to one of her own sex, and her awe for the stately form which approached her, and which, though her eyes had never before beheld, her fears instantly suspected to be the personage she really was. Amy had arisen from her...
Pàgina 114 - ... names attached to each portion of the magnificent mass, and in the armorial bearings which were there blazoned, the emblems of mighty chiefs who had long passed away, and whose history, could Ambition have...
Pàgina 243 - It was like one of those ancient druidical monuments called rocking-stones. The finger of Cupid, boy as he is painted, could put her feelings in motion; but the power of Hercules could not have destroyed their equilibrium.
Pàgina 31 - Her mind was ofttime like the gentle air that cometh from the westerly point in a summer's morn, — 'twas sweet and refreshing to all around her. Her speech did win all affections, and her subjects did try to show all love to her commands, for she would say, ' her state did require her to command what she knew her people would willingly do, from their own love to her.
Pàgina 113 - I were once rid of this peril," thought he, " and if any man shall find me playing squire of the body to a damoselerrant, he shall have leave to beat my brains out with my own sledge-hammer !" At length the princely Castle appeared, upon improving which, and the domains around, the Earl of Leicester had, it is said, expended sixty thousand pounds sterling, a sum equal to half a million of our present money. The outer wall of this splendid and gigantic structure enclosed seven acres, a part of which...

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