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The Sea


Beal St. 1451), Haggerston Castle, Sir

E. Blount, Bart.

Ancroft, 2 miles. 3

Cheswick House, J. S.
Scremerston St. 150+ Donaldson Selby, Esq.
11 Tweedmouth Junction St. 1521 Line to Kelso, &c.,

branches off.
cr. river Tweed.
BERWICK, (see p. 899). 1531
Thence to Edinburgh, by

railway, 58 miles.




Thence, by Midland

Railway, to Kingston-upon-Soar. 874 Kegworth St. (p. 352). 120Ratcliffe-upon-Soar. Thrumpton Hall.

cr. river Trent. and enter Derbyshire.

83) Long Eaton Junction. 1247 Line to Derby, 9 miles. Barton.

Chilwell Hall Attenborough.

Bramcote and BramClifton Hall, Sir R. J. Enter Nottinghamshire. cote Park, 1} mile. Clifton, Bart.

80} Beeston St. 1273 Wilford.

Lenton Hall.
Lenton Firs; beyond,

Wollaton Hall, Lord Colwick Hall; and be

Middleton. rond, Holme Pierrepoint 774 NOTTINGHAM. 1303 Branch to Mansfield, Earl Manvers).

17 miles,

NOTTINGHAM is situated on the north bank of the river Lene, about a mile orth of the Trent. Its early history is involved in obscurity. It at one time longed to the Danes, and was one of their Mercian burghs which connected eir Northumbrian and East Anglian dominions. William the Conqueror uilt a castle here, the government of which he conferred upon his natural son, William Peveril. This strong fortress was the object of contest during the reigns of Stephen, Richard I., John, Henry III., &c. In 1330, Roger Mortimer, the paramour of Queen Isabella, was seized here by her son, Edward III. In the civil wars of his time, Charles I. set up his standard at Nottingham, but the place was taken next year by the Parliament, who garrisoned the castle, of which the famous Colonel Hutchinson was governor. It was dismantled during the Commonwealth, and upon the Restoration the ancient fortress was replaced by the present edifice, which belongs to the Duke of Newcastle. It was burnt during the Reform Bill riots, and remains in ruins. The castle stands-on a rock perpendicular on three sides, at the south-west corner of the town.

The principal public buildings of this town are, the exchange, the county hall and gaol, the town hall, the mechanics' hall, the new corn exchange, the house of correction, the infirmary, the lunatic asylum, St. Mary's Church, on & striking elevation (recently restored at great expense, and containing some fine monuments), St. Peter's, and several other churches belonging to the Estabqishment. Nottingham has also several handsome meeting-houses, a large Roman Catholic Chapel, and numerous alms houses ; a spacious market place, containing 5} acres, considered the largest in the kingdom; a small theatre, a race-course, extensive cavalry barracks, free schools, and several banks. About a mile south of the town is the Trent Bridge, of nineteen arches, an ancient structure, and eshibiting, from frequent repairs, great architectural variety,

The principal manufactures of Nottingham are, bobbin-net and lace, and cotton and silk hosiery, shoes, and gloves. There are several mills for spinning cotton and woollen yarn, and for throwing silk; also dye-houses and iron-foundries. Nottingham ale has a high reputation. The Nottingham Canal joins the Trent a mile from the town. The Midland Railway Company have a commodious first-class station in the meadows adjacent to the town. The environs of Nottingham are very pleasant, and abound with gardens belonging to the inhabitants. Nottingham returns two members to Parliament. The population of the Parliamentary Borough in 1851 was 57,407. The outlying suburbs, viz., the villages of Sneinton, Lenton, and Radford, have a population of more than 20,000. A considerable part of the land round the town was, until recently, commonable to the burgesses during a third of every year, and, consequently could not be used for building purposes. But an act has been obtained for its enclosure-numerous new streets, public walks, and places of recreation have been laid out; public baths and wash-houses, and numerous private edifices have been built and are in course of erection on the land which has thus been brought into the market. Gilbert Wakefield, Dr. Kippis, and Henry Kirke White were natives of Nottingham. Seven miles distant is Hucknall Church where Lord Byron was interred in 1824






Gedling, and Gedling Colwick Hall.

Carleton St. 1337

House, Rev.P. Williams.

1 mile beyond Fisker.

ton Station is a branch to 721 Burton Joyce St. 1354 Southwell, pleasantly si. 70 Lowdham St. 188 tuated in a well wooded

667 Thurgarton St. 1417 country, on the banks of Bleasby Hall, R. K. A fine old church here.

the little river Greet. Kelham, Esq.

Southwell is a place of Morton. 637 Fiskerton St. 144 great antiquity, and was

formerly more extensive than at present.

It possesses & collegiate church, supposed to be the oldest ecclesiastical structure in England,

except St Augustine's cr. riv. Greet (a Monastery at Canter

bury.* The Archbishops noted trout stream) and

of York formerly had a branch of river Trent.

palace here, now in

ruins. Pop. 1851, 3516. 601 NEWARK (see p. 388.)


Kelham Hall, J. H. Winthorpe Hall.

Manners Sutton, Esq. Langford.

Cross line of Great Nor- On opposite side of thern Railway

Trent, Muskham Grange

and Muskham House, J. 55 Collingham St. 153

Handley, Esq.

South Scarle.
Cross boundary, and en-

ter Lincolnshire.
Thurlby Hall, Sir E. 521 Swinderby St. 1554 Eagle.
G. Bromhead, Bt., 3 m. 50 Thorpe St. 158

S. Hyckham
N. Hyckham.

Hykeham St.

1603 Bracebridge.

cr. river Witham. Boultham.

Line to Boston branch- 447 LINCOLN (p. 421). 1631 Line from Gaing. Canwick Hall, Major

borough joins. G. W. T. Sibthorp, 1 mile.

cr. river Witham Greetwell.

again. Cherry Willingham. 391 Reepham St.

1681 Fiskerton.

Sudbrooke Holme, R. Wragby, 5 m. distant, 377 Langworth St. is a small market-town,

1707 Ellison, Esq. with a church of con

cr. Langworth riv. siderable architectural 341 Snelland St. 1731 beauty. Pop. 610.

Holton Hall, 2 miles.

3311 Wickenby St. 1747 Lissington.

Friesthorpe. Linwood.

Faldingworth. Willingham House 21

Buslingthorpe. m.; and beyond Bayon's Manor, Right Hon. C.237 MARKET RASEN, 1787 T. D'Eyncourt. a small market-town, 181

Middle Rasen. Walesby. miles N.E. of Lincoln.

Kirkby cum Osgodby. • It is 264 feet long, and has three towers. The stone carving of the chapter house is most elaborate.

es off.

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