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Hyde, . mile, a consi-1024 Newton St.

7) suburb of Ashton, the derable place, devoted al

people of which are enmost entirely to the cot

vaged in various branches ton manufacture. Pop.

of the cotton manufac1851, 10,051.

1001 Hyde Hall, E. H.

Mottram St. 10 ture. (See Ashton, p. 344.)

Mottram in LongdenClarke, Esq.

cr. river Etherow dale, 1 mile; 4 mile beGlossop, Duke of Norand enter Derbyshire.

yond, Thorncliffe Hall. folk, 1} mile.

Melandra Castle, the Branch railway to 981 Dinting Junction St. 12 site of a Roman camp. Glossop, 1 mile. 971 Hadfield St. 121

The elevated valley Mouslow Castle, an an

Through Longdendale, through which the line

the valley in which the river here runs is enclosed on cient site.

Etherow runs.

either hand by the monnThis tunnel is near the point of junction of the

cr. river Etherow, tains of the Pennine counties of Chester, York, and re-enter Cheshire,

range. and Derby, one end be- 901) Woodhead St. 191 Woodhead, 14 mile. ing in Cheshire, and the

Through tunnel,

2 miles distant is other in Yorkshire: it 5192 yards (nearly 3 miles) Holme Moss, over which passes under a bleak hilly


the Huddersfield turumoor, covered with dark heath odbog. It was six 878 Dunford Bridge St.

pike road passes, at an

222 elevation of 1859 'feet. years in progress of formation, and 3485 barrels Along valley of river of gunpowder were con

Don, Yorkshire, zutaed in blasting the which the line follows the rosks through which it whole way to Sheffield. passes.

851 Hazlehead Bridge St. 25 Penistone is a small market town the 821 Penistone Junction and 28 Silkstone, 24 m. and banks of the Don; it is

Thurlston St.

beyond Cannon Hall, G. situated in a wild and

cr. river Don. Spencer Stanhope, Esq. dreary district, and the

Thurgoland. moors to the westward 771 Wortley St.


Wortley Hall, Lord hare a bleak and barren

Wharncliffe :-24 miles aspect. Pop. of parish,

beyond, Wentworth Cas5907.

tle, F. W. T. V. Went

worth, Esq. Bolsterstone.

Deep Car St.

33} Wharncliffe Wood.

Wharncliffe Park, Lord 734 Oughty Bridge St.

Wharncliffe. 363 Ecclesfield, 3 miles,

and beyond, the Grange

(Earl of Effingham.) Hillsborough Hall. 71: Wadsley Bridge St. 389

64 miles, Wentworth House and Park, Ear) Fitzwilliam.

Wards End.
69 SHEFFIELD (see p. 376.) | 411 Railway to Rotherham

6 miles.
4 cr. river Don and
Sheffield and Tinsley

6611 Darnal St. 434)



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903 Craven.)

From London, by North

Western Railway, to 1221) Rugby (pp. 199, 203.) 83 Leave main line of

North Western Railway. Ragby Lodge, T. Cal. Leaving Rugby, pasg Holbrook Grange. decott, Esq. through Gilcorner tunnel,

Newbold, Sir T. G 300 feet long.

Skipwith, Bart., and beCotton House.

yond Combe Abbey (Earl Ashby Parva. 1141 ULLESTHORPE St.

Newnham-Paddox, Earl (Leicestershire.)

of Denbigh. (From London, 91 miles;

Claybrooke Hall. from Nottingham, 891 m.) Dunton Bassett.

Frowlesworth. 1117 Broughton-Astley St. 94

1077 Countesthorpe St. 971 Cosby. Countesthorpe.


Wigston St. 993
Knighton Tunnel,

100 yards in length. To Uppingham, 21 m.;

Brannston Hall, C. to Melton Mowbray, 14

Winstanley, Esq. | 102) LEICESTER (p. 354.) 1021 To Hirkley, 12 m.; to

Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 17 m.

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by Hall.




Wanlip Hali, Sir G. J.

Palmer, Bart. At a distance, Brookes 94% Sileby St. 1101 Mount Sorrel, famous

for its castie, which was besieged in the reign of Henry IIL, and totally

demolished Pop. 1536 Barrow St. 113

Quorndon Hall, E. B. Prestwould Hall, c. 894 LOUGHBOROUGH. (115Parnham, Esq. W. Packe, Esq. (From London, 116 miles ; To Ashbs-de-la-Zouch,

12 miles, Burton Hall, C. J. H. from Nottingham, 14 m.)

The Elms.
This town carries on an
Mundy, Esq.

extensive hosiery and lace
trade, and has derived great
benefit from its canal, which Garendon Park, C. M.
communicates with the Phillipps, Esq.
Trent and Soar. Pop. 1851,

Sutton Bennington. Stanford Hall. 10,900.

Kegworth village. 85 Kegworth St.

1201 Lockington; and, at a

distance, Donnington, Here a branch turns off to Nottingham (p.

Marquis of Hastings 443), Thrumpton Hall. 80 Sawley St.

1251 Draycott St. 126 77 Borrowash St. 1287| Elvaston Castle, Ear)

of Harrington Spondon Hall.

Spondon St.

A church existed at
About 3 miles from the

Spondon before the Corstation are some remains

quest. The present edi. of Dale Abbey.

fice is an interesting spe Chaddesden Hall, Sir

cimen of the style of the H. S. Wilmot, Bart.

DERBY (p. 355.)

fourteenth century.

1327 671

Duffield St. 1374 Markeaton, W. Mundy, Milford Tunnel,

Esq. At a distance, Locko 830 yards in length.

Darley, R. Holden, Esq. Park.

Allestree Hall, W Breadsall Priory, where

Evans, Esq.; and beyond, Dr. Darwin lived, and

Kedleston, Lord Scarswhere he died in 1802.

dale. In the church of Breadsall there is a monument

Duffield, C. R. Calvile, to his memory. Holbrook Hall.

Fardagh Hall. 654 BELPER (p. 355). 1351 623 Ambergate St. 1423 Railway to Matlock

Visitors to the Derbyshire and Rowsley, branches Peak will here quit the rail- off at Ambergatestation. way for Wirksworth, 6

At a distance Aldermiles distant

wasley Hall, F. E. Hurt, Lodge Hill Tunnel, Esg 260 yards long. The rail.

Ruins of Wingfield way is now carried along manor house, occupying the beautiful valley of the a commanding situation. Ansa, which stream it seve

It was dismantled by ral times crosses.

order of the Parliament

in 1646. Alfreton Hall. 59 Wingfield St.

Ogston III, G Tur5571 Stretton St 150 butt, Esq.




At a distance Hardwicke Hall, (Duke of Devonshire), an interesting old mansion, erected by the celebrated Countess of Shrewsbury (see page 375).

524 Clay Cross St. 1521

Tunnel, one mile long.
Sutton, G. Arkwright, North Wingfield.
Esq., 4 m.
To Mansfield, 12 miles;

CHESTERFIELD, 1567, Wingerworth Hall. The Worksop, 18 miles. a town of considerable anti

old hall was garrisoned Iquity on the west bank of the

for the Parliament in Rother. Its principal manu

[1643. factures are cotton and wor

sted stockings; and in the To Buxton, 24 miles; 6 miles to the east is vicinity are iron works and Chapel-en-le-Firth,24 m.; Bolsover Castle (the pro

potteries. The old church, Bakewell, 12 m.; Chatsperty of the Duke of

was erected during the 13th worth, 10 m.; Sheffield, Portland), an unfinished century. The spire has a sin- 12 miles. mansion, erected in the gular appearance and is much 21 m. distant, at Whit

bent towards the west. There early part of the 17th

ington, is the evolution is a canal which communi- House, where the Recentury on the site of an ancient castle built soon

cates with the Trent and the volution of 1688 war after the Conquest by the Humber. Chesterfield pos

planned. Peveril family. The pre

sesses several charities. Pop. sent mansion, which 1851, 7101. stands on the brow of During the civil wars the an eminence, was begun

Parliamentary forces were deby Sir C. Cavendish.

feated at Chesterfield by the

Earl of Newcastle. The Hill.

Tapton Grove, G. Mey. nell, Esq.

Tapton House.
Staveley village.


Staveley St. 160 Staveley iron-works. Barlborough Hall, the

Reinshaw, Sir S. SitRev. C. H. R. Rodes. 421 Eckington St.

1623 well, Bart. Kcr. the river Rother, Wales - Todwick, As- and enter Yorkshire. ton,

371 Woodhouse Mill St. 1678 To Sheffield, 6 m. To Doncaster, 12 m. 33 MASBOROUGH or 1721 To Penistone, 14 m. Clifton House. ROTHERHAM St.

In the distance, the Eastwood House.

From this station a railroad Grange (Earl of EffingAldwarke Hall, G. S. turns off to Sheffield.

ham), and beyond WentFoljambe, Esq.

worth House (Earl FitzThrybergh Hall, J. Ful

william). lerton, Esq.

To Doncaster, 9 miles. 28 Swinton St. 1777
Fly-boats take the pas- Cat-hill Tunnel,
sengers upon the river
Don to Doncaster for one

140 yards long. shilling. 26 Wath St. 1792 At a distance, Went

worth Castle, F. W.T. 24 Darfield St. 1917 v. Wentworth, Esq.

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