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Embertidistant is Wolston

and, on the other sington the river Dove,

yn House; and, 2 ndon Durther, on the right,

Dr Abbey, a seat of watak raven. The present mansion stands on

Ryton House. vite of a Cistercian S tery. Several of the


Ryton. 86% 1 mile beyond Ryton to Cuents are very fine,

Snutham, 9j miles. Ro ntain many valuable

cr. river Aron. Whitley Bridge.

Whitley Abbey, Viscount Hood. Here Charles I. is supposed to have fixed his station when he unsuccessfully summoned the city of Chester in 1642.

Styvichall, A. F. Gre To inley House.

S cr. river Sow.

gory, Esq. ***he Charter House. fawkesbury Hall. Lutterworth, 15m. 1811. COVENTRY

To Kenilworth 5 miles, patago Nuneaton, 87 miles. is a city of great antiquity,

thence to Warwick 67 m. 20 Tamworth, 181 m. with very narrow streets.

To Stopeleigh Abbey,
The churches, St Mary's

Lord Leigh, 5 m.
Hall, and several private
houses, present interesting
subjects for the study of the
antiquarian. By means of
canals, Coventry carries on
a considerable trade, and
there is an extensive manu-
facture of watches and rib-
bons. Two M. P. Pop.

1851, 36,812.
154 Allesley. 94 | Allesley Park, E. V.

Neale, Esq.
Meriden Hall

| 12 Meriden.
Berkswell Hall, Sir J.
1. Eardley Wilmot, Bart.
To Warwick, 14 miles.

Stone Bridge. | 993 Packington Hall, Earl

of Aylesford. Elmdon Hall, A. Spooner

To Coleshill and ColegLillingston, Esc 54 Wells Green. 104 hill Park, Lord Digby, al

1oo miles. BIRMINGHAM, p. 203. 11094


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To Dunstable, 11 miles.

In Great Berkhampstead,
Three miles distant is
Bishop Ken and Cowper

Ashlyn's Hall, A. Ashridge Park, the seat the poet were born. Here

Smith, Esq. of the late Duke of

are the remains of a castle, Bridgewater, and after

formerly the residence of wards of the late Earl of

the kings of Mercia. The Bridgewater, occupies church contains numerous the site of an ancient

brasses and other monubuilding, formerly a mo

ments. Pop. 1851, 2943. nastery, which, after the Reformation, became the seat of royalty, and was the frequent residence

North Church Tunnel, of Queen Elizabeth when Princess. In 1602, it

360 yards in length. passed to the Lord Chan-804 TRING STATION. cellor EUesmere, an an- From Tring, an elevated cestor of the Bridgewater ridge of ground, called the

To Aylesbury, 9 miles. family. This fine estate Chiltern Hills, extends to is now held by the Earl of Oxfordshire. To suppress

To Wendover, 6 miles. Brownlow.

the banditti who formerly
infested this place, an offi-

Tring Park, a beautiful cer, called the Steward of To Ivinghoe, 22 miles; the Chiltern Hundreds, was

seat, adorned with pleas

ing scenery. Danstable, 9 miles.

appointed by the Crown. Tring is 14 miles dis- The duties have long since tant from the station.

ceased; but the office is reIt is a very ancient place,

tained to enable any mernand is supposed to be of

ber of Parliament to resign Roman origin. It has a

his seat. fine church with carved 767 Cheddington Junction 367 Here is the junction roof, and several monu


of the Aylesbury with the ments. Pop. 1851, 3218. 72 Leighton Junction St. 401 Birmingham Railway. Ivinghoe.

Mentmore, the Baron LEIGHTON BUZZARD. Meyer de Rothschild. To Dunstable, 9 miles.

To Wing, 6} miles. To Dunstable, 7 miles.

Liscombe Park, H. W. To Ampthill, 18 miles.

Lovett, Esq. To Bedford, 26 miles.

Leighton Buzzard is half a mile from the station, and is situated in the northeastern extremity of the county of Bedford, on the banks of the Ouzel. Here is a pentagonal cross of curious architecture. The church is a very old building, containing a font, stone-stalls, &c. The Grand Junction Canal passes close to the town. Pop. of township, 1851, 4465. Seven miles from the station is Woburn, a small but neat town. It is a place of some antiquity, and has been twice destroyed by fire. The church is a venerable building, entirely covered with ivy. It contains several monuments, and an altar-piece by Carlo Maratti. The inhabitants of Woburn are chiefly employed in lace-making. Woburn Abbey, the seat of the Duke of Bedford, is a magnificent quadrangular building, and contains a splendid collection of paintings, statues, busts, &c. The park is 12 miles in circumference, and is well stocked with deer. Battlesden Park. Sir Linslade Tunnel,

Stoke Hamr
E. H. Page Turner, Bart. 290 yards in 'ength. Enter

Great Brickl

P. D. P. Dupcr


Weedon has bandsome
To Northampton, 74 m.

To Daventry, 4 miles,
and extensive barracks, near which are the very
Brockhall, T. R. Thorn-
garrisoned by a regiment of

perfect remains of Roton, Esq. the line, and a demi-field

man field works on WatAt a distance Althorp

battery of artillery. It has ling Street; Southam, (Earl Spencer). There also an extensive powder 14 miles; Leamington, is a fine picture gallery, and a still finer library

magazine, and is a depot 21 miles; Warwick, 23 m. of arms.

1} mile distant is Stowe here.

Nine Churches, containing a beautiful monument to the memory of

Elizabeth, daughter of cross Birmingham

Lord Latimer. The sculpand Holyhead road.

tor of this exquisite work

being unknown.
Crick Station.


Norton Hall, B BotCrick is the choice field, Esq. 14 mile distant is the " meet” of the Pytchley Ashby St Leger, in the llage of Crick. hunt.

church of which is a mohe hill through which

nument to Sir W.Catesby, tunnel is carried

Kilsby Tunnel, beheaded at Leicester ile distant is tha portion of the 1 mile 640 yards in length, after the battle of Bos. of Crick. round which sepa- 24 feet wide, and 22 feet in worth Field (see p. 198). hill through which BDHE I ESIL&ations.

e males are also iu attendance at the London, Watford, Rugby, Coventry, and Birming. VIJI PLOாரோ OL CLICK ! !afsuf ļa

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